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Mike Gatty

Co-Owner of US Event Photos, photographer Mike Gatty's passion for creativity is only stripped by his love of all things technology.

It all began in college, when he worked as the lifestyle's and photo editor for a local community newspaper. After graduating from the University of Maryland with a BA in Psychology, he turned toward human resources. But his love of photography kept gnawing, and on September 12, 2001 his dad called -- and asked Mike to go to Ground Zero to snap some pictures.

Mike's work at Ground Zero, however, reached national recognition when his photos were run on the cover of some major news publications. He quit his HR job, joined his mother's photography business.

A few years later, the team began to explore work in different cities, and US Event Photos was born.

Event Photography in Washington DC

Mike now acts as CEO, driving new innovation for the company, supervising training of new team members, and working with leading companies to develop experiential photo solutions for major events worldwide.

Mike lives with Matthew on the Gulf Coast in Palm Harbor, FL.

Matthew Frey

Matthew joined US Event Photos when he became Mike's life partner. A former US Air Force photographer, he's lived throughout the world, worked as a professional soccer player, and biked across the United States. He met Mike during a bike event with Lance Armstrong, and they've been together ever since.

In addition, he helped to found a school for special needs children and specializes in services for that community. He is still active in helping those with special requirements, and a few years ago convinced Mike to take US Event Photos to Honduras to provide photos for an orphanage on Christmas Day in the capitol city. Matt brings dynamic energy to every event, with passion that is unrivaled. He also is chief recruiter for those interested in working with our company.

Event Photographer in Washington DC

Mary Ann

Mary Ann's Profile (A feature story from AARP)

US Event Photos Owner and Founder

Mike's mom, Mary Ann founded the business when Mike was in middle school. Her event photography firm, Gatty Communications, became the foundation for US Event Photos, and some of the clients from the earliest days still hire us.

Her experience, passion, and vibrancy is unrivaled -- even our competitor's agree, she's the best.

Mary Ann started photography when Mike's Dad, Bob, shoved a camera in her hands and asked her to go to the Capitol to take photos of Senator John Kennedy. Sound familiar? Those photos became a hit, and everyone wondered how she captured such great images. It was easy -- she struck up a conversation with the reporter standing next to her, and the Senator came over to greet him.

The reporter she was talking with? Bob Woodward.

Melanie Rose

Melanie joined US Event Photos when she started working with Mike in Las Vegas. Now photography queen of the Las Vegas operations, she also works on events throughout the United States.

Mike met Melanie after she sent an email to him several years ago. "I just got done reading about you and your mom on your web site," the note said, "what a story! I'd love to work with you guys..."

It happened there was a shoot coming up in Las Vegas, and when Mike and Melanie worked together, everything clicked. They've been in close partnership ever since.

Melanie is often joined by her husband, Bob, on event shoots. She is passionate and hard working, with an "I can do that!" attitude.

Nevada Event Photos Owner and Founder

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