Corvid-19 and US Event Photos

One thing about a crisis like COVID-19, it clarifies what’s important.  For Matthew and I, we learned the importance of faces in our lives.

Our thrill as faces turn toward our cameras as we practice social distancing (two words that were never together until this pandemic).  Keeping up with family and friends through a minimum six foot distance.  The look of determination on people’s faces as they shop for groceries while fearing getting too close to their neighbor down the aisle.  The bravery shown on the faces of  medical professionals that stare nervously at their web camera to update the world through the nightly news.  Faces hanging outside of windows at 7 pm in New York City to celebrate medical heroes.

New Yorkers cheer health care providers every night at 7 pm.

We’ve been event photographers for twenty years, and it’s faces we capture.  Whether it’s our green screen photo booths, our headshot photography, or our convention photo services; we tell stories by showing the emotion etched onto people’s faces.

As we venture into a post-pandemic world, event professionals wonder what the “new normal” will be.  One thing Matthew and I know: experiential photo marketing will always be a powerful tool to promote products.  The reason is simple.  People interacting with your brand thru creative images turns passive supporters into energized brand trumpeters.  In short, putting their face on your product promotes your brand.

Scrub! Scrub! Scrub! Experiential photo marketing events will be conducted a little differently after CORVID-19.

So, once we can venture from our homes, it’s not WHETHER to do experiential marketing it’s HOW to do it safely.  Here’s our initial thoughts on how to plan photo events moving forward:

  •       We believe providing attendees with VISIBLE
    signs that they are protected within the event space is important.
  •       While we have always used disinfectants within our photo experiences, we are increasing cleaning procedures within our photo
    setup.  We will meet or exceeding
    recommendations from the CDC to provide a clean and inviting environment.
  •        Limit our use of non-disposable equipment to
    ones that can be visibly disinfected after each use.
  •       As COVID-19 is contained we will be cognizant of
    booth and event flow and plan with our clients for “best practices.”

When planning events, be looking for solutions that don’t pack groups of people together.  For example, headshot photo booths might be a great option.  Each person is photographed individually.  There are no props.  Photographers can stay a safe distance from participants.

Green screen photo booths are still a great choice, and we are creating solutions to increase hygiene  in a post CORVID-19 world.  Our large, open booths are a better choice than confined, traditional photo experiences.  We’ll work with you to create background artwork that isn’t prop intensive.  Using a larger footprint will keep photographers and attendees at a safer distance than small booths.  Photographing individuals instead of large groups will keep people interacting with your brand without unnecessary risks.

How we move forward is important.  Creating environments where we clearly are concerned about the health of participants is vital.  Together, we can create experiential photo marketing events that are both amazingly fun and safe in a post CORVID-19 event world.  Now is the time to plan your event.  We’ve modified our cancellation policies to be extremely flexible — should this pandemic last longer than predicted, we’ll postpone or cancel at no charge.  Contact Matthew@USeventPhotos.com to discuss your needs.