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HBO Special Event Photography

HBO originally paired with us in Bluefield, WVA, for a project with Dish Network. They brought the world-famous throne from Game of Thrones to Dish's local offices to promote sales of HBO premium services among a key sales team. Since then, our relationship has grown, reproducing, and improving on the Throne Experience by designing a 12' x 16' green screen set around the throne, and by designing a Choose Your Program and Live It photo set for other events around the county.

Arizona Office of Tourism

Arizona Office of Tourism

We met AOT in Chicago through our work with the Travel and Adventure Shows. They sponsored one of the local booths. When they understood we could reproduce that experience at large and small events nationwide, a collaboration was born. Since our original project, we've represented AOT at the Final Four in Houston, two PGA golf games, and in a National Park Services tour encompassing five cities from Minneapolis to Seattle.

Honda Racing

Honda Racing Event Photography

For three years, Honda asked us to produce photo fan experiences at all their Indycar races nationwide. That fan experience evolved into a green screen production: fans jump in Mario Andretti's two seat Indycar, they select a track background, decide if they want to drive or if they want driven by the famous driver, Mario himself.


AARP Convention Green Screen Image

We began work at the AARP convention (member events) six years ago, and have worked with the organization since. Not only do we provide green screen photo services, we also take the show on the road, partnering with Tanger Outlets, bringing the green screen experience nationwide as their top event photographer to call on. This year, it's been all about Life Reimagined, and incorporating their new marketing platform into green screen photo events nationwide. They even partnered with PBS, and we reproduced the American Masters television poster, The Boomers List, for participants at their national member events. Other events for AARP in 2014 included Washington, DC's Pride Festival, and Seattle, Washington, Takai's Take with George Takai. That's coast to coast!

Progressive Insurance

Event Photography with Progressive Insurance

"Flo-to" booth nationwide, Green screen photo experience where the participants pose in front of the green screen, and look as though they are meeting "Flo," Progressive's colorful character from their television commercials. The booth was such a hit when it launched in Las Vegas, Progressive asked us to take it to their conventions and executive conferences nationwide. It's now 2017, and we still produce a dozen or so Flo-to booths for Progressive each year. Every year, we update artwork and modernize the experience, and our Flo-to booth has become a favorite at Progressive events, nationwide.

Travel and Adventure Series

Travel and Adventure Green Screen Photographer

When Travel Channel decided to launch at 10 Travel and Adventure Shows nationwide (as the main sponsor), they asked us to work with their booth designer, David, to seamlessly integrate a green screen photo booth into their fan experience. The result? A green screen photo activation where participants upload photos live in unprecedented numbers to social media, utilizing a custom designed PURL email platform. In addition to live upload to social media, Travel Channel also displayed the photos in a live slideshow on both sides of the booth. When Travel Channel decided not to have a booth in 2016, The Travel and Adventure Series hired us directly. That photo experience now heads into it's third year.

Saks 5th Ave

Saks Firth Ave Green Screen Image

Originally, Saks 5th Ave Off 5th hired us to do the grand re-opening of their Nashville outlet. It was such a success they took the program nationwide, inviting us to recreate their New York Fashion Week Red Carpet at an outlet near you! We created a green screen red carpet on the way to the airport, after they lost their traditional step and repeat at the last minute. The green screen was so popular, we've been doing it ever since.

Yamaha Outboards

BassMaster Green Screen Image

Yamaha Outboards invited us to create a photo set in their flagship booth at the Bassmaster Classic. Incorporating a built pier into the photo, participants were magically transported onto Bassmaster Magazine. They then shared the photo to the world with live social media upload, including a Yamaha branded microsite to amplify further social sharing options. The next year we were invited back. Our encore performance was as successful and energized as the first. What will the future bring? Even bigger fish.

General Mills

Conference Photography at General Mills

For the past three years, General Mills asked us to photograph their national sales meeting -- this year, that coverage expanded to another general sales meeting. With national acts and celebrities appearing at these executive functions, General Mills wanted a photographer that would deliver perfect images in real time. From Spike Lee to Florida Georgia Line, we've covered their events from coast to coast, streaming those photos live to the cloud and giving General Mills unprecedented live access to unique imaging. That kept the egg off all our faces! (I know, you're probably groaning, but go with it.)

Honda jet

Honda Jet Event Green Screen Image

Because of the success of the Indycar photo experience, HondaJet has partnered with your favorite event photographer to produce a similar experience at the Honda Classic / PGA national Golf Game. The photo experience, located directly inside the VIP enterance to the golf tournament, runs for four days, and is one of our highest profile events. Then, because of that success, in 2013 we ran the photo experience at EAA OshKosh, the world's largest airshow. HondaJet kicked off the FAA approval of their new low cost private jet aircraft, and we were there for seven days running a hugely successful photo experience. Then in 2014, we repeated the success of the green screen photo execution, and Honda Jet added a #hashtag photo experience to further leverage sharing to social media. Suddently #OTWEM became a recognized term at OshKosh! 2015 was another smash success, with nearly 10,000 paricipants through the green screen photo booth on this busy week. The photo above is from 2015, a dad with his son. He emailed us, saying "my love for Honda grows." What can we do for your brand?

Carpet One


Carpet One, a leading provider of flooring across the United States, trusts us to shoot their twice a year national sales meeting. The locations hop around the country, but with our convention photography offices in Washington, Orlando, Tampa, and Las Vegas -- and our flat rate pricing in other cities -- it's been a great fit. Carpet One's needs are unique. At one convention, they hosted America's Mayor, Rudi Giuliani, and we provided an extensive red carpet experience. Carpet One even asked us to photograph their new Select-A-Floor display, in such a way the final photo would be projected on stage, reproducing the display as though seen in a Carpet One store. That final photo was created from nearly two dozen images, and used in two different convention key note speeches. Then, in Dallas, our photos were streamed live to the famous HDTV AT&T stadium jumbotron -- including a meet and greet with the world famous Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. This image is one of their store owners kicking a field goal that evening at the stadium. It is untouched by Photoshop, and you see it here just as it appeared, live, on the Jumbotron seconds after capture.

Eagles Cheerleaders


The Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders called us more than six years ago, asking for help with their annual camp. Barbara Zaun, who heads up the Philadelphia Eagle's Cheerleader team, wanted a photographer who could print photos fast. But she needed more than that. She needed photographers who would make both her squad, and the kids, comfortable. As she put it on that faithful day, "we need photographers who aren't ... well....creepy." It's the first time we were specifically hired for not being creepy. But after that first camp, Barbara was hooked. One year she called with the date, and we were booked. After a few tense moments, she said, "what about the following weekend?" "We're free that weekend." "Good," she said, "let's do that." In other words, she moved the date for the event so that we could be the photographers. Now, as soon as she knows the date, she let's us know. And, no matter what, we make sure we can cover her needs.

What people are saying:

AARP: Mike, I am woefully behind in thanking you for the huge impact you made for AARP at the National Book Festival. You drew a constant crowd and people were thrilled to have the chance to appear on a mock cover of AARP The Magazine. Thank you so much for coming, and for adding GREATLY to the levity of the event. Next year's book festival is tentatively slated for SEPTEMBER 24, 2016 and I hope that you will pencil-it-in as we would very much like to have you back!

Jerome Bruice, Association of Goverment Accountants: "Thank you, Mike!  Great job!  Matt was quite busy Wednesday evening.  I only heard great comments from attendees, they loved you! See you next year! July 17-20, 2016, Anaheim, CA."

Scott Raines (in photo above with his son at OshKosh 2015 for HondaJet): "And my love for Honda grows. Thank you for this photo."

Barbara Zaun, Director of Cheerleading, Philadelphia Eagles: "...you are the best, and I couldn't imagine having this event without you...!"

Shane Wakefield, Global Recovery Alliance: "...Global has spent the last three years working with US Event Photos. Their work is superb, everyone has so much fun with the green screen photo booth. We look forward to working with them again, next year."

Brianne Yurek, Account Executive Scout Sport and Entertainment (for Travel Channel): "The green screen was a key element to this programs success, and I look forward to working with you and Matthew again next year!"

Ashley Howard, Experiential Manager RPA (For Honda): "...(US Event Photos and Mike Gatty) is our amazing photographer for Fan Village. (They) have been shooting the two-seater for three years and has een a true asset...Mike is always coming up with new ideas and is very through-put oriented, he understands the need to get as many leads as possible..."

Cheryl Reed, AARP: “The fast, flattering headshots were “ProFRESHional” thanks to our rock star photographer Melanie (and helper Bob).  And the photos were wildly popular with attendees (and vendors alike)!”

Tom Jagger, Viewstream: These headshots were awesome Michael!  I can’t wait to do this again, and I would recommend you guys to anyone."

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