Here is how We Quantify Results From Our MEGA Photo Booths

Experiential Green Screen Photo Booths

Green Screen Photography Executions Through Experiential Photo Marketing

With our experiential photo booths and photo sets, we'll provide great photos participants will want to share with the world.

The path begins with live participant upload of their photos to their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS Text Messaging and Email using our TEFpic iPads. Even the iPads are branded for you, along with every social media channel:

  • Branded HTML Email, which can link to a...
  • Branded Micro-site, giving an opportunity for additional social reach.
  • Branded wall postings, when the participant posts his or her photo live from our photo execution.
  • Branded Tweet, predetermined by you, to drive your social message.
  • Pre-defined SMS text messages get your message out, live.

Photo 360 takes a complete look at a photo execution. Every step is evaluated, from the participation at the event itself, to real time reporting of social metrics. No other company gives you a complete insight about your execution, quantifying results in hard numbers and reports that demonstrate the effectiveness of our high-energy, faced paced rock star approach to photography and green screen photography. With Photo 360, we brand everything. Every email. Every Facebook posting. Every text message. Every portal. All at a lower cost than our competitors, and with a more sophisticated approach: from our integrated and custom photo set designs, to our creative green screen photography artwork, to our real time social metrics, you'll be impressed.

Detailed After Action Reports

After the green screen photo execution, we'll give you a detailed After Action Report which quantifies the results of your photo booth. Every metric is evaluated. We report total photos taken, and the approximate number of participants that engaged with your brand through your photo booth. We'll report how many photos were emailed, sent by SMS text message, and posted to social media. We'll provide you with the total visits, or views, a given photo has across the social spectrum. We'll detail what the reach and impressions are for these photo postings to social media. We'll even give you a thumbnail of the most shared photo from your experiential photo booth. Every part of the photo execution is evaluated, dissected, analyzed and reported. Would the booth have benefited by different artwork? A larger foot print? An additional photographer? By giving you our candid view -- backed up by hard data -- of the results from your photo booth, we can build for even greater success in the future.

Real Time Reporting in Social Media
Change Health Care Photo Booth

Create a live slideshow presenting all the photos.

Live #hashtag printing.

Our live slide shows of images from the MEGA Green Screen Photo Booth or Red Carpet Photo Experiences update live, as we take them, and can be displayed anywhere. At the booth, across the hall, in another building or even another state -- use our live slide show to drive participants to your MEGA photo execution and create buzz throughout the event world. As part of the Photo 360 experience, the slide show can combine our photos with other photos taken and #hash-tagged at your event. By tapping into user generated media (UGM), and combining that imaging with our MEGA photo booths, you'll push content to social media like never before. You can even offer printing of your participant's UGM at the MEGA photo booth. By tagging their photos with your #hashtag, and posting to social media, that UGM will print within seconds at the MEGA Photo Booth.

With or without #hashtag printing of UGM, leveraging photos captured throughout your event's universe and adding to the live slideshow, you'll put a focus on imaging and social media that will drive results. We'll then track those shares in real time, and include all the data in the After Action Report, completing the circle.

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