Social Media and Video Clips. One word: SUAVE

Did you know Facebook claims 95% of new posts will feature some kind of video within the next year? Photos are great, videos even better. Everyone wants to click on and share videos. Posts with photos generate interest – posts with video generate passion.

But there is a challenge: Green screen video production has always been stumped rendering times.

Rendering is the process where video is exported from software, and because those times are long, it’s prohibited green screen videos from becoming an event staple. Who can wait ten minutes for each video to render?

Animated GIFS tried to fill that niche – but often these snippets come off, well, limited. They can be fun, but not great at creating a luxurious feel. There just hasn’t been a great, sophisticated, higher end video solution for photo marketing.

However, video clips -- now ubiquitous on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other social media --are a little different. Template based, these videos often feature slide shows and sophisticated animations, and when leveraged in an experiential photo booth, these clips will add passion and interest to great social posts. Because they are a photo based process, individual video clips can be rendered faster than traditional videos. They EXPERIENCE like videos, and mirror the high end marketing companies have leveraged on traditional media for years.

From mimicking a season’s “sizzle reel “ to showcasing a travel destination, video clips are the perfect solution for a new take on suave photo marketing.

Here’s a few examples: (click to view)

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