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Head Shot Photo Booths with Automatic Touch Up.

Our Head Shot Photo Booths with Automatic Touch Up update your ugly, dated mugshot in seconds.

Head shot photo booths at conventions, conferences and trade shows — and even executive sales meetings — is one of those ideas that seem great until you actually do it.  In our experience, there are two types:  A point and shoot convention photo booth, or a lonely photographer with a portable studio in a break out room.

And both types don’t quite work, do they?

Frustrated at what was available, we decided to reinvent the typical convention head shot photo booth. What we’ve created will amaze you, and your participants.  We’ve re-imagined everything, from the ground up.

Convention head shot photo booths re-imagined.

Our convention head shot photo booths are unique.
  • We take a series of 7 – 10 photos of each participant.
  • All the head shots taken are imported to our system, and automatically touched up.  (Think “Photo-shopped”.)
  • Our photographer customizes each correction filter for the participant, based on the amount of correction the participant wants and other personal factors.
  • After touch up / correction, which takes about 20 seconds, all the photos are exported to the iPads we provide.
  • On the iPads, participants pick the head shots they like, and email, text message or post the photos.
  • Optional, on location printing of head shots is available.
  • All head shot photobooth photos post live to our high resolution gallery for free participant download.
  • High resolution gallery can be password protected for privacy.
  • The backgrounds we use for the head shot photo booths with automatic touch up are clean and modern.
  • The Head Shot Photo Booths with automatic touch up is customized to your space, corporate branding, and more.
houston head shot photo booths
A participant from our head shot photo booth with auto-correct.

More details on our unique touch up software.

Our head shot photo booth software is unique.

US Event Photos is the only national event photography firm with this automatic touch up software.  For years, we did head shot photo booths like other photographers.  Then a client called and asked, “is it possible to touch up the photos automatically?’

Turns out, it is.  Here’s how our software is different.

  • We customize the filters for each participant.  Some participants like a lot of correction.  Others, just a little.  We ask their preference.
  • We customize the filters based on sex  and other factors.  Without that customization, software would over-correct participants.
  • We take a series of photos.  “One and done” just doesn’t work for head shots.
  • Our photographers engage the participants, helping them pose.  We shoot different angles, poses, heights, framing.
  • Generally, we take about 10 photos of a participant.  After correction, the participant chooses the photo(s) they like.
  • Only those photos selected by the participant are emailed or text messaged to the participant.
  • The iPad and email are customized with your brand’s logo.
  • Photos can be emailed in full resolution if requested.
  • We use a complete portable photo studio for the Head Shot Photo Booth.  Resulting photos are indistinguishable from traditional studio portraits.
Orlando head shot photo booth 2
An executive head shot from one of our Orlando head shot photo booths.

Convention Head Shot Photo Booths. Headshots in Seconds.

Our convention head shot photo booths are fast.
  • True, our head shot photographers pose each participant.
  • True, we take about 10 photos for each person.
  • True, we touch up the photos immediately.
  • True, the entire process takes about 3 minutes.
  • True, participants love having a selection of head shots to choose from.
  • True, a line forms for the head shot photo booth.
  • True, your booth will be the busiest on the show floor.
  • Here’s an example. 
Las Vegas Head Shot Photo Booths
A series of photos from our Las Vegas Head Shot Photo Booths (with automatic touch-up!)