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Photos we'll capture right from the beginning. Our photographers have the experience and skill to create great images without the safety net of Photoshop. If it's right directly from the camera, why monkey with it? Our images are ready to go. Color balance? Correct. Framing? Perfect. We know how to tell your story as it unfolds. We know what photos to take, and when to stop shooting. From the opening reception, to the major keynote, to the closing gala, our photographers see, and what we see, we record for you.

Your story, our photos. Perfect together


When we click the camera's shutter, the image is created. If it passes our initial look, we hit the magic button. The photo is then marked for upload.

After a few moments, we'll take another look at the images we've selected. Some will remain marked for upload, others will greet an untimely death. Those perfect images we've decided are great photos? Those are streamed to our cloud server.

instant access Convention photography in Orlando Florida

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We have a variety of cloud services to fit your needs. From password protected, private access, to more open platforms, we have a cloud photo access solution that will fit your needs. Love Dropbox? We can use that. Hate Dropbox? We have other options.

Whatever access platform you pick, you'll have unprecedented access to great photos, live, as we take them. What can you do with live access to great images?

That's easy. Rule the social world.

Orlando Convention photography instant access
Orlando Convention photography instant access

miami conventioon photography instant access

Live Upload to a JumboTron, or a Convention Application, or both.

On our Convention Photography page, we talked about a case example of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and Carpet One, where we uploaded photos live to the famous 2.4 million pound, 160' x 72' high-definition JumboTron. Those photos became a big part of the off-the-hook convention event. However, those photos weren't just uploaded, live, to the massive screen. (Did I mention live?) In addition, those photos were also uploaded, live (did I mention live?) to the convention's smart device application.

So, when participants asked how they could access their photo? They expected us to hand them a card, or maybe give them a web link (or maybe ignore them). Instead, we just said, "they are on your ap."

"When?" participants would invariably ask.
"Now," we'd respond.

Because now is so much better than later. Live is so much better than not live. Because not live is another way of saying dead.

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