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Branded TEFpic iPads for participant upload to social media and full HTML emails for branded photo upload and sharing.

Just a few years ago, streaming photos to participant accounts was nearly impossible. Now, participants can easily upload right to their social networking account.

We have a variety of systems available. For major events, we've partnered with RFID companies to create a central registration for participants. Once they have their RFID card or bracelet, they just tap a scanner showing their photo. Done. It's uploaded to their pre-configured social media account.

THE BIG PICTURE: Twitter. Email. Facebook. Instagram. Even SMS text messaging and we'll track the social spread in REAL TIME.

For smaller events, using our TEFpic (Twitter, Email, Facebook) iPads does the trick. Participants select their photo, log into their account, click, click, and done. Using the TEFpic iPads, participants can now upload to the old stand-by's, Twitter, Email, and Facebook, and also Instagram and SMS Text Messaging. Use our full HTML email capabilities to expand social sharing even further, and we'll still track the social spread and provide reports well after the event detailing how your participants leveraged social media.

And, with our sophisticated software, you can control the look and feel of the whole experience — branding everything — and that control extends to the very design of the Facebook wall post, customized Tweet, or preconfigured SMS text message.

Finally, don't forget the back end: sophisticated analytics that provide you CSV files of participant emails, summary of social spread, and basic demographics about your participants. We use multiple platforms to track the impact on social media from your photo execution and compile the data into easy-to-read after activation reports. It's great to upload photos live to social media; it's better to understand the impact that marketing has for your entire marketing strategy. For multi-city event tours, we'll even compare activations across events.

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Personal URL for expanded social media sharing.

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Customized Twitter upload with predefined Tweets.

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