Travel and Adventure Show Green Screen Photo Booth

Travel and Adventure Show

Travel and Adventure Show green screen photo booth 1
Travel and Adventure Show green screen photography 1

Travel the World or Explore a Location

The MEGA Green Screen Photo Booth at the Travel and Adventure Shows is a favorite destination on the exhibit floor. The 20’X 20′ booth features different countries and world wide destinations for participants to explore — all without leaving the convention center at the Travel Show.

There are two types of booths for this show: the World Wide Photo Experience and the Destination Booth.

The World Wide Photo Experience

Participants choose from destinations in twelve countries, select props uniquely tailored to suit each location, and pose for a one of a kind photo experience. The participants receive 4×6 prints, and they email or text messages the photo for an instant digital copy. Links on the email / text encourage participants to post right to Facebook and social media.  Next, both booths feature a live slide show, where participant photos are immediately displayed on a looping display. Last, we create a short video which is immediately uploaded to social media on Saturday, to promote the booth on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Destination Photo Booth

The destination photo booth turns the green screen spotlight onto one area of the world — typically a country or state — and offers participants image choices for that destination. This year, Arizona, Taiwan and Turkey all sponsored the Destination Photo Booth. Using Arizona as an example: in both Los Angeles and Chicago, participants chose from twelve Arizona images (Grand Canyon, Sedna…), posed with Arizona themed props, received their Arizona branded prints, and emailed or text messaged the images — where they retrieved the photos from an Arizona branded PURL web site. The Destination Photo Booth is the perfect way to immerse participants into a specific destination or travel experience, with backgrounds and photo props all tailored to that unique cultural experience.

Benefits of sponsoring a Destination Photo Booth

When you sponsor a Destination Photo Booth, we work to make sure the participant is immersed in your location.

  • We’ll provide fantastic props to add to the photo experience.  Anything you can provide, native to a specific location, is great.
  • The green screen for the photo booth is 12′.  That means families can easily pose.
  • Participants text message or email images right from the booth.
  • Prints are automatically generated, and additional prints can be made free for the participants.
  • Photos are looped on a live slide show near the booth.
  • We’ll help you create custom artwork for the backgrounds.  You can have up to 12 backgrounds for participants to choose from.
  • Your logo and location name are printed on the photo.
Travel and Adventure Show Green Screen Photo Booth

Quick Resource Links

  • Please take a moment to plan your booth.  Our Travel Show Green Screen Guidelines (Dropbox Link of a standard word file) will explain everything necessary to plan the photo backgrounds, branding of photo prints handed out during the show, and participant emails for your sponsored booth.  In the file, we explain:
  • Photos that make a great green screen background.
  • How to name your image files so we can easily identify the photos on the prints.
  • How we add your logo to the photos and what we need.
  • What the email looks like that participants send, and what information we need for that email.

Any questions, contact or call him directly on his cell at 410-845-8083.

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Planning Now for 2021.

Consider reserving your 2021 Travel and Adventure Show Green Screen Photo Booth Experience photobooth sponsorship early.   Contact the Travel and Adventure Show sales team and ask about next year.

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