The 2023 Travel and Adventure Shows Green Screen Photo Booth

With COVID fading into the background, the 2023 Travel and Adventure Shows promise to be bigger and better than ever.  The Green Screen Photo Experience will again be front and center at the show — a must see destination on the floor for participants.

The booth will again be sponsored by the world’s premier travel destinations, including the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Arizona Office of Tourism, Visit Billings, and others.  There are still extremely limited sponsorship opportunities available in select cities — so don’t hesitate, book the booth now

The T&A Show Green Screen Photo Booth is a 20′ x 20′ experiential green screen photography opportunity.  Participants enter the photo experience, select from 12 different backgrounds of travel destinations, pick props to enhance their photo, and then our engaged photographers expertly pose and capture the shot.  Participants email or text message the image instantly from the booth, and they receive a 4×6 traditional photographic print.  If it’s a family, they are asked how many prints they’d like.   If it’s a group of friends, a copy is printed for each person in the photo.  In this way, one image multiplies and provides tangible take-a-ways from the show floor.

In addition to the prints, the email and text message are customizable to sponsor messaging.  In addition to photos branded with the sponsor’s logo the booth features full color custom headers around it’s wide perimeter, a.  A live slideshow continuously updates at the entrance to the booth, showing participants all the images captured that day, with marketing messaging embedded within the show.

Photographer Mike Gatty or Matthew Frey lead the photography experience — and are known for their engaged, over the top, energized style.  They are national photographers, and have worked for some of the world’s largest companies in the highest profile environments.  They design each experience to highlight a sponsor’s brand, and turn brand users into brand ambassadors.  Clients include HBO, NBC, INC Magazine, Shell Energy, Canon Cameras, Astra Zeneca, and others.

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National Photographers Matthew Frey and Mike Gatty

Benefits of sponsoring a Destination Photo Booth

When you sponsor a Destination Photo Booth, we work to make sure the participant is immersed in your location.

  • We’ll provide fantastic props to add to the photo experience.  Anything you can provide, native to a specific location, is great.
  • The green screen for the photo booth is 12′.  That means families & groups of friends can easily pose.
  • Participants text message or email images right from the booth.
  • Prints are automatically generated, and additional prints can be made free for the participants.
  • Photos are looped on a live slideshow within the booth.
  • We’ll help you create custom artwork for the backgrounds.  You can have up to 12 backgrounds for participants to choose from.
  • Your logo and location name are printed on the photo.
  • Want to know more about experiential marketing?  Watch this video with US Event Photos owner (and lead photographer) Mike Gatty.
Travel and Adventure Show Green Screen Photo Booth

Quick Resource Links

  • Please take a moment to plan your booth.  Our Travel Show Green Screen Guidelines (Dropbox Link of a standard word file) will explain everything necessary to plan the photo backgrounds, branding of photo prints handed out during the show, and participant emails for your sponsored booth.  In the file, we explain:
  • Photos that make a great green screen background.
  • How to name your image files so we can easily identify the photos on the prints.
  • How we add your logo to the photos and what we need.
  • What the email looks like that participants send, and what information we need for that email.

Any questions, contact or call him directly on his cell at 410-845-8083.

props at green screen photo booth

Planning Now!
No, I mean NOW!

Consider reserving your destination Travel and Adventure Show Green Screen Photo Booth Experience sponsorship early.   Contact the Travel and Adventure Show sales team and ask about available in-person and virtual shows that are available for sponsorship.  One note:  many of the organizations sponsoring the photo booth reserve the experience AT LEAST a year in advance.  That means you need to act now and talk to a sales representative about which show — or show season — you are interested in sponsoring.

See Photos from the 2022 Travel and Adventure Shows HERE.

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Denver green screen photo booth
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