HBO Photo Experiences


Rule the Seven Kingdoms or Pick A Series and Live It.

HBO Dallas green screen photo booth
The Iron Throne at one of our Rule the Seven Kingdoms photo events.

The Iron Throne. Rule the Seven Kingdoms

We started working with HBO in Bluefield, WVA. Bluefield? Not Los Angeles? Or New York? Bluefield?

The reason: they required an experienced photo company to travel to Bluefield, erect a green screen large enough to accommodate the Iron Throne from the HBO hit series, Game of Thrones, provide prints to the call center’s sales team, and post those photos live to social media. HBO wasn’t sure it could be done in a rural town like Bluefield. They knew a local photographer wouldn’t have the expertise in this area, so they reached out to us.


That was the start of a great relationship. Since then, we’ve traveled throughout the United States, erecting the massive green screen in back of the giant throne, and posing participants for a one of a kind photo experience. Here’s some details about the photo set:

We use a hard frame scrim for the background; a similar structure to Hollywood studio green screens. That’s important, because it adds to the authenticity of the shoot. The main concept is to provide a realistic, high quality, high profile participant experience —— and that starts with the massive green screen. And, of course, the authentic throne.

HBO provides the throne, and arranges the shipment to and from the venue. It is just over 8 feet tall, but sits on a two tier stage, bringing the entire height to about 10′. The stage is an 8′ circle.

We furnish props for the photos to add to the experience. Some are authentic Game of Thrones (GOT) memorabilia, others are stylized items that enhance the photos.

We take a few minutes to pose each participant, immersing them into an experience where they feel like a cast member.

After the photo is captured, we combine the image against a background used by HBO in promotional material for the series. Once completed, we print a 4×6 photo on a high speed photo printer. As the photo is printing, the participant emails or text messages the image so they have a digital copy.

Here’s a link to photos from the last Iron Throne photo experience.

Pick Your Series and Live It! Green Screen Photo Experience

The Pick Your Series and Live It! Green Screen Photo Experience is perfect for smaller spaces, where you want to showcase HBO’s most popular series —— but don’t have space for the Iron Throne.

The MEGA Green Screen Photo Set is designed to fit smaller to medium sized spaces, and we utilize a green screen ranging from 8′ — 12′. A scrim style frame similar to the GOT Iron Throne green screen, it is a Hollywood designed background that helps add to the magic of living an authentic HBO experience.

In collaboration with HBO, we’ve developed backgrounds for the Sopranos, Last Week Tonight, Game of Thrones, Vice Principals, Veep, Ballers, and Westworld, Divorce, and Cinemax’s Strike Back.

While these are the existing designs, new artwork is always in development, so watch this space.

For the Pick Your Series and Live It! Photo Experience, props are carefully selected to fit seamlessly into the artwork. The final image blends the participant into a famous scene —— and often it’s difficult for the casual observer to recognize the participant from the real cast members. We spend a few minutes posing each participant, directing them into the scene, and creating an experience where they become part of the series. Like the Iron Throne experience, prints are generated immediately after combination, and the participant receives both a print and the opportunity to share the image on social media by email or text message.

Here’s a link to a gallery of photos from one of these events.

HBO green screen photo booth
A participant (in the hat) "poses" with the cast of HBO's The Sopranos.

More than engage. Immerse.

Both the Iron Throne Photo Experience and the Pick Your Series and Live It! green screen photo booth are designed to go beyond promoting a brand. These experiences were built to immerse participants within the series. To give people a moment to rule the Seven Kingdoms, or to hang with Tony Soprano.

Our photographers aren’t typical photo booth technicians. They are directors. They are photographers. They know how to engage the participant. They direct like they’re on a movie set. The end result are photos that look and feel real.



These are photos that are joyously shared to social media. These are images that are framed, put on desks, hung on refrigerators, emailed to wives, husbands, partners, and families.

These photos go beyond promoting brands to living brands; to turn participants into brand ambassadors. Brand trumpeters. People who don’t just watch HBO.

Participants who live HBO. Love their photo, and love their event experience.

All the photo experiences include both traditional photo prints, generated immediately after the photo is captured and combined, and live participant upload to email and text message. The emails and texts are fully branded, and include links to post directly to social media.

Dallas green screen photo booth 2
The green screen photo booth for HBO's "Pick Your Series and Live It" photo experience.

New Concepts Under Development

HBO is boundary free television. The network blurs the line between television and movie. They invented the genre of television shows that feel like movies, with high production values, mega stars, and progressive plots. The history of HBO is a history of breaking new ground.

It’s our honor to be associated with the network, and we passionately hold ourselves to the standards and ideals the brand represents. With that in mind, we’re developing new imaging for events that further immerse participants into the world of HBO.

Panoramic, 360 degree photos that have no edge. Taking the Iron Throne experience to a new level, these photos post to Facebook as 360 degree images — inviting users to explore beyond the edge of the photo and discover hidden secrets in within the image.

Video Clips are modeled after the seasonal “sizzle reel” HBO produces, and takes a series of images, superimposing those into a video clip, that is then exported to the participant for upload to social media.

Both Panoramic 360 Images and Video Clips are under final production, however, if you are interested in either of these services, please contact either your HBO representative or

Last, we’re always looking for new background ideas for Pick Your Series and Live It. If there is a series you’d like to see included in our library of offerings, please reach out to Mike and he’ll work on design.

HBO green screen photo booths 1
A participant "admires" John Oliver's kitten. HBO's "Pick Your Series and Live It" green screen photo booth.
Houston green screen photo booth 2
Houston green screen photo booth 3
Houston green screen photo booth 4
HBO green screen photo booth
Houston green screen photo booth 5