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Mike Gatty: A National Convention Photographer

Recording corporate history through images.

Conventions, Conferences and Trade Shows are about people. Crowds of people. Laughing people. Listening people. Speakers who engage your audience.  Your innovative leaders, your members that are receiving recognition or awards.  Mike is a national convention photographer who sees.  What he sees he has the skills to capture to tell your unique corporate story.

Hand Mike the schedule, give him an idea of what you’d like to highlight, and turn him loose.  He’ll photograph your convention, trade show, or conference and capture your moments. Your history.  His cameras will showcase your diverse and unique attendees, your loyal sponsors, and those moments that define your organization. A convention lasts a few days, but the story it tells can live forever. Make sure the right story is told.

A national conference photographer for 25 years, Mike will capture history being made from the morning keynote to the late-night after party.  Again and again and again the camera will raise to his eye with one goal: capture the history in front of him.  The diverse attendees.  The famous speaker.  The moment when corporate heroes are finally introduced during the meet and greet.  That second when an entire family — both the corporate family and the personal family — come together to celebrate a lifetime of achievement.  The gala that follows.  A nationally recognized act performing on your stage.  The after party.  The breakout sessions the next morning.  Everything.  Photographer Mike Gatty has been photographing national conventions, conferences and trade shows for  25 years.  25 years.  And the years have flown by.  But his passion hasn’t ebbed.

national convention photographers. An attendee laughs at a national convention photography event.
Washington, DC convention photographers -- a speaker consoles a retiring team member.
A speaker consoles a retiring team member during this pivotal convention moment.

National Convention, Conference & Trade Show Photographers

A National Convention Photographer that Delivers Instantly.

In 2005, FAKT News contacted Mike because of a mention by the editor of Wired Magazine.  The editor had paised Mike’s instant turnaround of convention photography, what Mike called “instant image”.  The editor said it was “brilliant”.  FAKT News was a daily from Warsaw, Poland, and they were sponsoring a visit of former Polish president Lech Walesa to Capitol Hill.  They wanted a photographer who could upload photos onto a website, live, as they were taken.  They called Mike.

At the time, the system was a bridge between a plugged in cell phone, a bit of code Mike wrote, and Mike’s ability to “shoot clean”.  Then and now, he captures photos that don’t need hours of Photoshop tweaking.  Back in 2005, after the very long day of shooting, Mike was driving home.  His cell phone pinged, and there was an image of Walesa meeting then Senator Hillary Clinton on the front page.  The paper was being distributed throughout Warsaw.  Mike hadn’t even gotten home.  He was hooked, and had found his calling.

Now, he takes that same passion for “Instant Imaging”, and applies it to national convention photography.  Except, now, it’s a lot easier.  Dropbox, Smugmug, private pass coded galleries — all are ubiquitous today.   Hotspots are reliable.  Venue internet has become inexpensive.  But his ability to shoot clean, to upload ready-to-go conference photography, remains one of his most valuable skills.

You’ll receive photos almost live, as he takes them.  You’ll have access to Mike’s photos while the trade show continues to unfold around you.  Give access to the images to your key teams.  Your social media influencers.  Your show daily staff.  The media crew who produces the morning “smile” video.  Not only will Mike make sure they get the photos they need — he’ll accommodate their deadlines and special requests.  It’s a team effort.  It always has been, and always will be: whether your publishing FAKT News or a conference show daily.

An audience at a Washington, DC convention.
A full audience watches an engaging speaker at a Washington, DC convention.
Tampa convention photographers
Orlando convention photographers two presenters on stage during keynote session.
Washington DC convention photography at National Harbor Reception.
The opening ceremony for a post-COVID convention

National Conference Photographers

When Rockstars Hit Your Stage

You’ve waited a long time.  You are excited.  The keynote speaker you’ve lined up will change your corporate world.  The final band performing at your gala?  You had their posters hanging on your wall when you grew up.  You’re excited.  You’re about to make history.  Let Mike capture and record these brilliant moments.

Here’s a few things unique to Mike:

  • Our experience is deep.  He’s photographed every US President since George W. Bush.  By the way, his mom has photographed every US President since Jimmy Carter.  She founded the business.
  • He’s a national convention photographer.  Hand him the schedule.  Tell him what’s important to you.  Turn him loose.
  • His experience is specific.   Mike’s been a conference photographer for 25 years.  There’s not a lot you can throw at him he can’t photograph.  From laser light shows to liposuction demonstrations, he’s pretty much seen it all.
  • Mike’s National Conference photography streams live to Dropbox, SmugMug, or private password protected galleries.  Clean, edited, images available seconds after he takes them.
  • Gala party?  He’ll capture the spirit of the event and all its nuance.  Your sponsor will be proud.  Here’s an example.
  • Awards dinner?  He’ll keep things moving, whether on stage or off.  Here’s an example.
  • Amazing concert planned?  Our photos rock and roll.  Here’s an example.
A Country music star at the NAB awards in Washington, DC
National convention photography near San Antonio, TX. A member of Florida Georgia Line performs.
A singer from the band Florida Georgia Line performs for the General Mills national convention near San Antonio, TX.
national convention photographers 7
Jon Bon Jovi at the National Association of Broadcaster's Lifetime Achievement Award Dinner
An award winner accepts an award on stage at this national convention.

Awards and Red Carpet Photography

When it's time to celebrate a lifetime of achievement.

Finally, it’s day three and your convention is almost over.  Your feet throb.  Your voice is horse.  But it’s not time to end quite yet.  The final curtain may be the brightest moment.

You’ve decided to honor your best talent.  They’ve given you a lifetime of dedication.  Their family — their personal family not just their corporate family — has all RSVP’d.  But there’s only one problem:  your team rocks, and there are a lot of awards to give.  You are afraid it’ll take two days for everyone to be honored.  You’re afraid the photos — those all important award photos — will just take too long.

Don’t be.  Mike has photographed award presentations for 25 years.  He knows how to keep everything moving.  He knows how important each moment is, even if there are A LOT of those moments.  He’s got your back, and he’ll photograph your awards, red carpet meet and greet, or achievement gala with the same passion he shows the other parts of your convention.  You’ll appreciate he’s funny.   And fast.  Your award winners, celebrities and their families will all be comfortable in front of Mike’s cameras.

It’s worth mentioning again:  Mike is FUNNY.  But don’t take our word for it: Penn and Teller called him funny.  Well, Penn did (he’s the tall one), Teller doesn’t speak.  Green rooms, boardrooms, red carpets — Mike is cool, buttoned down, and easy going.  George W. Bush likes him. Donald Trump likes him. Are we name dropping?  You betcha.  And, yes, she liked him, too.  Someday, when you have time, ask Mike to tell you his Bush family story.  Something about Thanksgiving, a turkey, and Laura Bush.  He’ll have to explain.