Dallas green screen photo booths that rock.  Customized to you and your brand, we’ll drawl people in and they will live your brand.  Dallas green screen photo booths for experiential photo marketing that will amaze your eyes.  You know the images are green screen.  The participants know the photography is green screen.  But the rest of the world doesn’t.

  • Hold on tight.  We bring energy and passion to the shoot.
  • We customize to your space and plan around you.
  • Your brand on everything.  Emails.  Photos.  Social media.
  • Amazing Dallas green screen photography artwork that will drop your jaw.
  • Photo sets and photo booths that are sharp and clean.
  • We provide our own Internet.  Forget expensive venue Internet.
  • Our After Action Reports quantify results.

Our experience defines us.  Expect a glitch free photo booth, where technology works.  With our national experience we’ve seen it all.  Earthquakes.  Tornadoes.  Major storms.  Hurricanes.

  • Internet can (and will) fail.  We have back up.
  • Wind can (and will) knock over a flimsy green screen.  Ours are on metal frames and won’t budge.
  • Sun can (and will) bleach the back of the green screen— making combinations difficult.  We have an ap to show the sun’s path and prevent issues.
  • Photographers can (and will) fatigue, become snappy, and ruin the shoot.  Ours switch on and off and are always fresh.

Our Dallas green screen photo booths draw on our national experience.  When you’ve seen it all, you can conquer all.  When you don’t have to worry about technology failing because your experience lets you know how to fix it, you can focus on what’s important: treating your participants like rock stars.


With everything from small, open Dallas green screen photo booths to 24′ cyclorama green screen photo sets, we have equipment to customize the photo experience to the space you’ve dedicated. Simple, right?. Small booth space? No problem. Creating a green screen experience with a private jet as a prop? No problem.

Amazing green screen photography Artwork.  Don’t trust your lying eyes.

We create amazing moments, and our imagination is only limited by the directions you give us.   Whatever theme you may want for your Dallas green screen photo booth, we’ll run with it.  Draw from the world of sports, history, famous movies, television.  Imagine the power of putting participants right in the middle of amazing artwork.

  • Participants can’t wait to join these scenes.
  • We furnish luxurious props that enhance the photo.
  • Our Dallas green screen photographers act as “directors”, helping participants pose and act for a great photo.
  • We use our experience promoting famous television series for top networks to design and execute these experiences.
  • History, sports, movies, television — we can take any famous scene and use it in our Dallas green screen photo booths.
  • Dallas Green Screen Photo Booths at the next level.  Participants are immersed in an experience and the finished artwork is stunning.
  • Our technology lets us reproduce original artwork to place the participant seamlessly into the green screen photo.  Lighting, color, everything is matched.
  • The green screen photos are produced in minutes.  From start to finish, the process is blazing fast.  But the photos are fantastic.

Jaw Dropping Dallas Green Screen Photography Artwork Will Ignite Social Media.

A participant poses with two Cowboy cheer leaders during this Dallas green screen photo booth
Posing with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders? Yes, though it's green screen and the Cheerleaders are digitally added.
A participant joins the Rock with AT&T during this Dallas green screen photo booths event
A participant in Dallas with AT&T poses in front of the green screen. The final image? She's on the set of HBO's Ballers.
Dallas green screen photography brings the Rat Pack back to life for this participant
A nostalgic booth where the participant (in the hat) joins the Rat Pack in the final green screen photo.

Experiential Photo Marketing HBO and Westworld

When HBO wanted to promote the new season of Westworld at AT&T’s Dealer Revolution, they called us.  The new season of the TV show was just rolling out, and AT&T was on the cusp of purchasing Time Warner, HBO’s parent company.  The stakes couldn’t have been higher!  AT&T’s Dealer Revolution, which we’ve worked with HBO before, is a big deal in network television circles, and a chance for face time with the AT&T team.  HBO wanted an experiential photo marketing set, but also wanted the photos to be sophisticated and polished, transforming participants into characters on Westworld.  Authentic props were provided by HBO, and the lead photographer, Mike Gatty, briefed each participant on the characters before each photo.  The result?  Images that both promoted the new season with key industry leaders, and resulted in social media gold when participants couldn’t wait to share their images.  For past HBO events with AT&T, HBO utilized our Dallas Green Screen Photo Booths to create the “Pick Your Series and live It” marketing campaign.  Those green screen photo booths have been used throughout the country at other partnering events.

A Dallas green screen photo booth for AT&T and HBO at the Gaylord Texan
This is an experiential Dallas green screen photo booth for an event with HBO and AT&T. Both the above "Ballers" photo and the adjacent "Sopranos" image were taken on this set.
A participant joins the cast of the Sopranos during this Dallas green screen photo booth event held at AT&T's downtown corporate offices
A Dallas green screen photo for HBO / AT&T. Only the participant in the hat is real, everything else is added digitally. We provide props to add authenticity to our experiential photo booths.

Dallas Red Carpet Event Photography


 We are Dallas red carpet event photographers and we will help you, your participants, and your sponsor shine.  First, we’ll provide glitch free, instant photo prints.  Next, participants can immediately upload their photo to social media, email their photo, or text message the image.  Right from the red carpet.  These red carpet experiences will be on Facebook before the participant reaches their seats.
  • Dallas Red carpet event photography.  Step and repeat photo opportunities.
  • Meet and greet photography with A-list celebrities.
  • Instant printing of red carpet photos.
  • Instant upload to social media of red carpet moments.
  • Immediate email or text messaging of photos from the red carpet.
  • Former lead red carpet event photographers for the Sprint Cup VIP NASCAR Red Carpet.
  • Former Red carpet event photographers for the Tribeca Film Festival.
A participant wins a broadcasting award during this Dallas red carpet photography celebration
A red carpet presentation of a Life time achievement award.

Our Dallas HeadShot Photo Booth | Dallas HeadShot Photo Lounge

Dallas is FUN.  The sun, the crowds, the barbecue.  But there is one bad side effect: you might not look perfect when it’s time to get your headshot.  You might be a little sun burned.  Or tired.  But don’t worry!  We are the only Dallas convention photographers that offers a headshot photo booth, perfect for conventions, conferences and trade shows — with automatic touch up.  In fact, like our Dallas green screen photo booths, our headshot booths are different than anything you’ve seen.

  • Dallas headshot photo booths with automatic touch up.
  • We shoot a series of photos for each participant.  They pick the ones they like.
  • All photos are freshened up automatically, and our system is customized to help all types of people look their best.
  • Photos are available for instant upload to social media.
  • Everything is customized to fit your needs, from booth design to emails and text messages.
  • Our photographers will engage your participants and get great photos.
Our Dallas head shot photo booths feature automatic touch up of participants
A head shot for Xerox from our Dallas head shot photo booth with auto-correct.

Our Core Clients Define Us.

First, our Core clients are our key partners, businesses we work with throughout the United States, and (in a few cases) the world.

Next, for our Core Clients, we do multiple events throughout the year.  We work with their marketing team to design smart social media campaigns, killer artwork, and sharp photo sets for each event.  Then, as the events unfold, we use our After Action Reports to compare each event, using hard data to build even better future photo experiences.

Last, these clients call us any day of the week, any hour of the day, and bounce ideas around.  The result?  Award winning photo executions that deliver stunning brand message.

A Dallas green screen photo booth at the Travel and Adventure Show held at Market Hall
A Dallas Green Screen Photo Booth at the Travel and Adventure Show