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Corporate event photography clients come in all shapes and sizes, but no one has a bigger cool factor than HBO.  HBO originally paired with us in Bluefield, WVA, for a project with Dish Network. They brought the world-famous throne from Game of Thrones to Dish’s local offices to promote sales of HBO premium services among a key sales team. Since then, our relationship has grown, reproducing, and improving on the Throne Experience by designing a 12′ x 16′ green screen set around the throne, and by designing a Choose Your Program and Live It photo set for other events around the county.  This past season, we worked with HBO to promote the new season of the hit series Westworld throughout the United States, providing experiential photo marketing services for major corporate events with AT&T and Comcast.

Arizona Office of Tourism

Phoenix green screen photo booth 1
A family poses in front of the Grand Canyon with the Arizona Office of Tourism.

We met AOT in Chicago through our work with the Travel and Adventure Shows. They sponsored one of the local booths. When they understood we could reproduce that experience at large and small events nationwide, a collaboration was born. Since our original project, we’ve represented AOT at the Final Four in Houston, two PGA golf games, and in a National Park Services tour encompassing five cities from Minneapolis to Seattle.  But perhaps our favorite corporate event photography assignment for AOT was Geek Day at the Arizona Film Festival.  For that shoot, participants could pick their super hero, and then pose against a dozen famous Arizona back grounds.

Globus Family of Brands

Globus green screen photo booth
A Globus participant strolls the streets of an Italian Village as part of the green screen photo booth experience we've developed.

Globus Family of Brands began hiring us in Fort Lauderdale in early 2017.  Now, they’ve grown into one of our corporate event photography core clients, with events throughout the United States and the world.  Globus offers high-end river cruises and other travel experiences, and we’ve developed a photo booth for their events that helps the participant see themselves cruising the world.  From strolling Italian villages to cooking with top chefs (something Globus offers on their cruises), participants live their brands through the photo experience.

We continue to grow the dynamic backgrounds of green screen artwork offered to participants during Globus events.  This year, we added a canoe scene — where participants lazily paddle a canoe as they drift down the river — all from the comfort of the show floor.  We offer luxe props to go with each travel destination, from fancy fur wraps (a must for every Paris visitor!) to glasses of (fake) champagne, the props add realism to the final and create a travel fantasy that mirrors the Globus brand.


Experiential Photo Marketing booth for NBC with Will and Grace
An experiential photo marketing booth for NBC promoting the new season of Will and Grace.

When we received a call from NBC’s marketing company, Clamor, to help promote the series return of Will and Grace, we were excited.  So excited, in fact, we forgot to tell our contact during our sales pitch how important that series was to us.  After all, the principal partners of US Event Photos are two gay men who came to adulthood just as the show originally reached it’s popularity.  Not wanting the moment to pass, we called our contact back and said, “By the way, you want us handling this experiential photo marketing project — after all, ‘JUST JACK! has nothing on “JUST MIKE!”  Despite their eye rolls, we joined the marketing experience in a three city tour of Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco, and then an encore performance at Atlanta Pride.  The experiential photo marketing set was a huge hit wherever it went.  People posed on set with the entire cast, joining them in a sip of champagne while taking a bubble bath.  At Atlanta Pride, a few participants stripped to their shorts — male and female — and jumped in the photo.  We printed photos on site, and people emailed or texted the image for social media upload.  Sharing rates and engagement were off the charts.  Who doesn’t want to join Jack, Karen, Will and Grace in a bubble bath while sipping bubbly?

Enterprise Holdings

Las Vegas Green Screen Photo Booth with Elvis
Las Vegas Green Screen Photo Booth with Elvis

Enterprise Holdings is Enterprise, National, and Alamo Rental Car.  For three years they’ve hired us to provide our MEGA green screen photo booth at select events.  In fact, it was our contact at Enterprise that recommended US Event Photos to Globus Family of Brands — who became another core client.  We’ve even had to turn down Globus for a few events when Enterprise beat them to the punch, booking us for the same show.  While we have the staff to handle two booths, everyone agreed it’d be kinda weird having two different companies providing a similar photography experience.  This year, Enterprise expanded our schedule to include our Head Shot Photo Booth with Automatic Touch Up, and those services are a hit at their events — all of which cater to the travel industry.  Between the green screen photo booths and the head shot booths, Enterprise found a great mix for all their event needs.

Travel and Adventure Series

When Travel Channel decided to launch at 10 Travel and Adventure Shows nationwide (as the main sponsor), they asked us to work with their booth designer, David, to seamlessly integrate a green screen photo booth into their fan experience. The result? A green screen photo activation where participants upload photos live in unprecedented numbers to social media, utilizing a custom designed PURL email platform. In addition to live upload to social media, Travel Channel also displayed the photos in a live slideshow on both sides of the booth. In 2015 the Travel and Adventure Show hired us directly; that photo experience now finishes it’s fifth year..

Adding to the mix, we’ve helped the show management find different sponsors for the 20 x 20 center of show photo booth, promoting a unique travel destination with each show.  Everyone — booth sponsors, show management, and participants — love the photo experience, and it is a destination draw for the event.  In fact, that’s how we started working with the Arizona Office of Tourism — who is now a core client of US Event Photos.

Honda Jet

Honda Jet began working with us at Airventure, the world’s largest Airshow, in 2012.  For the first few years, we designed a custom 24′ green screen to wrap around Mario Andretti’s two seat Indycar.  Which was a similar photo experience we provided for three consecutive years for Honda at all the domestic Indycar races.  This past year, Honda Jet decided to focus on their own brand, and the photo booth changed.  Participants could pick their destination, and pose with that city (and a Honda Jet) in the background.  this unique photo execution was the hit of the airshow!

Yamaha Outboards

Yamaha Outboards invited us to create a photo set in their flagship booth 1500 square foot booth at the Bassmaster Classic. Incorporating a built pier into the photo, participants were magically transported onto Bassmaster Magazine. They then shared the photo to the world with live social media upload, including a Yamaha branded microsite to amplify further social sharing options. The next year we were invited back. Our encore performance was as successful and energized as the first. While we took a break in 2017, 2018 saw a return of the photo experience — with participants posing with the Bassmaster trophy.  For 2019, our fourth year, a reproduction was created of the world’s record breaking large mouth bass, and participants posed with the mammoth catch.  Crowds in 2019 reached an all time high, with thousands posing for photos on our pier, receiving traditional prints, and posting to social media.

General Mills

phoenix convention photography
A presenter at the General Mills Executive Conference in Phoenix.

For the past five years, General Mills asked us to photograph their national sales meeting — this year, that coverage expanded to another general sales meeting. With national acts and celebrities appearing at these executive functions, General Mills wanted a photographer that would deliver perfect images in real time. From Spike Lee to Florida Georgia Line, we’ve covered their events from coast to coast, streaming those photos live to the cloud and giving General Mills unprecedented live access to unique imaging.

Office of Minority Health

atlanta green screen photo booths for OMH
Participants pose for the Office of Minority Health at an Atlanta green screen photo booth.

The Office of Minority Health, a government contract, reaches out to diverse populations at events throughout the United States.  They asked us to partner with them to develop a photo booth concept that would flex to promote different messages in different languages at each event.  The first year OMH brought their messaging to four events, and this year looks to be even busier!  At each event, participants can write their own messaging on pre-printed posters.  They are photographed and placed in an OMH boarder, reinforcing the government sponsored messaging, and the finished images are printed and shared by participants to social media.

Carpet One

dallas convention photography 1
A corporate event for Carpet One at AT&T Stadium.

Carpet One, a leading provider of flooring across the United States, trusts us to shoot their twice a year national sales meeting. The locations hop around the country, but with our convention photography offices in Washington, Orlando, Tampa, and Las Vegas — and our flat rate pricing in other cities — it’s been a great fit. Carpet One’s needs are unique. At one convention, they hosted America’s Mayor, Rudi Giuliani, and we provided an extensive red carpet experience. Carpet One even asked us to photograph their new Select-A-Floor display, in such a way the final photo would be projected on stage, reproducing the display as though seen in a Carpet One store. That final photo was created from nearly two dozen images, and used in two different convention key note speeches. Then, in Dallas, our photos were streamed live to the famous HDTV AT&T stadium jumbotron — including a meet and greet with the world famous Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. This image is one of their store owners kicking a field goal that evening at the stadium. It is untouched by Photoshop, and you see it here just as it appeared, live, on the Jumbotron seconds after capture.

National Association of Broadcasters

a singer performs at the Radio Show Orlando convention photography
A singer from American Idol at NAB 2018 in Orlando.

The National Association of Broadcasters called as two years ago, asking for coverage in Washington, DC of their Lifetime Achievement Awards Red Carpet.  They were presenting an award to Bon Jovi — and were — well — nervous the evening would go without a hitch.  The evening culminates in a fast paced, 30 minute red carpet, featuring the singer and broadcast royalty from around the world.  There is no room for error.  Participants posed with the singer, then emailed or texted their photo for access.

The event was a smash success, and we were invited back this year.  In addition, they asked us to photograph their entire national conference — working in conjunction with the Radio Broadcasters Association.  The event, called the Radio Show, featured national live performers, panel discussions, live pod casts, and a dynamic show floor.  A jam packed shooting schedule made this one of our busiest events of the year!