Washington, DC Convention, Conference and Trade Show Photography

First, Washington, DC convention photography is about people. Crowds of people. Laughing people. Listening people. Speakers who engage your audience, your innovating leaders, your members that are receiving recognition or awards.

Let us capture your story. Your moment. Your history.  Let our cameras showcase your diverse and unique attendees

Washington DC convention photographers capture a keynote speaker.
A key note presenter at a Washington, DC convention. Photographers Mike and Mary Gatty know how to take your keynote presenters.

, your loyal sponsors, and those moments that define your organization. A convention lasts a few days, your story lives forever. Make sure the right story is told.

Our photographers see. We create. We record. Your story. Our cameras.

Does your conference feature a high profile, celebrity meet and greet for VIP participants?  We’ve got your back.  Did we mention we’ve photographed every US President since Jimmy Carter?  We’ve also been part of the entourage for visiting heads of state.  Penn and Teller called us funny.  Well, Penn did (he’s the tall one), Teller doesn’t speak.  Green rooms, boardrooms, red carpets — we’re cool and buttoned down.  George W. Bush likes us. Donald Trump likes us. Are we name dropping?  You betcha.  And, yes, she liked us, too.

Images instantly delivered.

How long do you normally wait for your photographer to send the photos from your Washington, DC convention?  An hour?  A day?  More?  Owner of US Event Photos, Mike Gatty, is a Washington, DC convention photographer that won’t make you wait for your photos.  Mike delivers Washington, DC convention and conference photography instantly.

  • Access clean, creative, edited photos instantly, almost in real time.
  • We upload Washington, DC convention photography to a variety of cloud platforms to fit your needs.
  • Password protected galleries available.
  • Post photos of your speakers before they leave the stage.


A presenter at a Washington DC convention photography event.

Washington, DC Convention and conference photography is a unique niche, and it’s our specialty.  We know what to take, and how to take it, from laser light shows at the closing concert, to award photos during the dinner.  From keynote to closing, our Washington, DC convention photographers have your back.  Photographer Mary Ann Gatty started our company in 1970.  She became a credentialed US Senate Gallery Press Photographer, White House Photographer, and worked for national news media.  Her son, Mike Gatty, started at the US Senate in 2001.  He expanded US Event Photos to a national footprint in the coming years.

Washington DC convention photography National Harbor
Singer Rachel Platten is the subject of Washington dc conference photography

Rachel Platten performs for a Washington, DC conference. Our photographers captured the singer on stage awash in stage lights.

How we are different.

Energized convention, conference and trade show photography.

Passion.  Getting excited about shooting your Washington, DC area convention is in our DNA.  We’ve been doing this a long time, and every conference brings new challenges.  But when you’ve seen it all, you know how to shoot it all.  Getting great photos, even in the trickiest lighting situations, is what we do.  Our photos don’t look like they’re taken with a flash.  You won’t see any drop shadows.  We know you to use available light, fill in with our special dual flash system, and produce results that are ready to publish right off our cameras.

  • Our experience is deep.  We’ve photographed every US President since Jimmy Carter.
  • We are Washington, DC convention photographers.  Just hand us a schedule; we’ll do the rest.
  • Our experience is specific.  We are convention and conference photographers. It’s all we do.
  • Washington, DC Conference photography streams live to our cloud services.  Clean, edited, images available seconds after we take them.
  • Gala party? We’ll capture the spirit of the event and all its nuance.  Your sponsor will be proud.  Here’s an example.
  • Awards dinner? We’ll keep things moving, whether on stage or off.  Here’s an example.
  • Amazing concert planned?  Our photos rock and roll.  Here’s an example.

Washington, DC Corporate Event Photography: Special Awards Dinners

When the National Association of Broadcasters decided to celebrate their best broadcasters by giving out lifetime achievement awards, they called us. We had worked with them previously in Las Vegas.  They knew from experience we were comfortable with high profile celebrities.  We instantly provide prints for participants and immediately upload photos to participant social media. From the performance to the award ceremony, they knew we would not miss a second. The result?  Photos immediately available for press release.  Great photos.  Instantly.

It’s just one example of a successful event. We’ve worked with companies across the nation, hosting A-list celebrities and high-profile events. We are repeatedly called upon because they know they won’t have to worry about a thing. It’s in our hands. From HBO and Game of Thrones to Starz and Black Sails, we’ve had some interesting evenings. Let our experience work for you.

A participant receives a lifetime achievement award from the National Association of Broadcasters during this Washington, DC awards photography event.

Washington, DC Red Carpet Photography

We are Washington, DC red carpet event photographers and we will run your red carpet event like the Oscars: smooth and fun.  With our experience, we’ll keep things moving right along.  A-list celebrity?  We’ve worked with top talent.  From US Presidents (Carter to Trump), to nationally recognized entertainers (Bon Jovi, Jay Leno, Penn and Teller, Sheryl Crow), we know how to put you, your participants, and even the celebrity at ease.

  • Washington, DC red carpet event photography.  Step and repeat photo opportunities.
  • Meet and greet photography with A-list celebrities.
  • Instant printing of red carpet photos.
  • Instant uploadto social media of red carpet moments.
  • Immediate email or text messaging of photos from the red carpet.
  • Red carpet event photographers for the Sprint Cup VIP NASCAR Red Carpet.
  • Red carpet event photographers for the Tribeca Film Festival.

    Washington dc red carpet photography with the cast of Strikeback
    Participants greet members of the cast from Strikeback on Cinemax during this Washington, DC red carpet experience.

When HBO wanted a red carpet meet and greet that was just a little different, they called us.  First, some background.  The main cast from Cinemax’s Strikeback was in town to meet key team members from AT&T.  HBO didn’t want a typical grip and grin meet and greet.  Instead, they wanted to the AT&T staff to feel like they were hanging out with the cast.    They also wanted a green screen, to feature some not-so-traditional artwork from the series.