Our Event Photographers are like no other.


Co-Owner of US Event Photos, photographer Mike Gatty’s passion for creativity is only surpassed by his love of all things technology.

It all began in college, when he worked as the lifestyle’s and photo editor for a gay community newspaper. After graduating from the University of Maryland with a BA in Psychology, he turned toward human resources. But his love of photography kept gnawing, and on September 12, 2001 his dad (who was a national publisher working on an article) called and asked Mike to travel to New York to photograph Ground Zero.

Mike’s work at Ground Zero, however, reached national recognition when his photos were run on the cover of some major news publications. He quit his HR job and joined his mother’s photography business.

A few years later, the team began to explore work in different cities, and US Event Photos was born.

Photographer Mike Gatty "visits" the Arctic in this green screen photo booth for Poseidon Expeditions.
Photographer Mike Gatty "visits" the arctic in this greenscreen photography image.

Mike now acts as CEO, driving new innovation for the company,  maintaining marketing brand, supervising training of new team members, and working with leading companies to develop experiential photo solutions for major events worldwide.

During the COVID shutdown, Mike began a neighborhood podcast and VLOG, The Patterson Park Podcast.  It became a local sensation. Realizing he likes being in front of the camera talking to people as much as he likes being in back of the camera talking to people, that podcast was his lifeline to other creatives around Baltimore.  Then he interviewed Miles Immler, a close friend from high school, about Mile’s journey as a transexual man.  The conversation ignited a spark, and the LGBTQIA+ Playlist was born.  Media creation is fast becoming a cornerstone of US Event Photos.

Mike lives with Matthew in center city Baltimore, MD.

Mike and Matthew in Baltimore at their home.
US Event Photos Lead Photographer Mike and his husband Matthew in Baltimore at their home.

Matthew Frey

national event photographer Matthew Frey
National event photographer Matthew Frey at Airventure.

Matthew joined US Event Photos when Mike needed help with major events. As the need grew for more “muscle and brawn” for events he moved into a more permanent position.   When Matthew was stationed at Shemya Air Force base in the Aleutian Islands he was a staff photographer for the base newspaper.  After his stint in the Air Force he rode his 21 speed bike for 31 days- from Washington State, across Canada and into New York state.  He met Mike during a bike event with Lance Armstrong, and they’ve been together ever since.

In addition, he helped to establish a school for special needs children outside of Washington D.C.  and specialized in services for that community. He and  Mike traveled  to Honduras to provide photos for an orphanage on Christmas Day in the capitol city. Matt brings dynamic energy to every event, with passion that is unrivaled. He also is chief recruiter for those interested in working with our company.

Greenscreen Photographers Mike Gatty and Matthew Frey
Mary Ann Gatty Washington DC Convention Photographer
Photographer Mary Ann Gatty

Mary Ann

Mike’s mom, Mary Ann (who is now retired) founded the business when Mike was in middle school. Her event photography firm, Gatty Communications, became the foundation for US Event Photos, and some of the clients from the earliest days still hire us.

Her experience, passion, and vibrancy is unrivaled — even our competitor’s agree, she was the best.

Mary Ann started photography when Mike’s Dad, Bob, shoved a camera in her hands and asked her to go to the Capitol to take photos of Senator Ted Kennedy. Sound familiar? Those photos became a hit, and everyone wondered how she captured such great images. It was easy — she struck up a conversation with the reporter standing next to her, and the Senator came over to greet him.

The reporter she was talking with? Bob Woodward.  While Mary Ann is technically retired, she makes select appearances at shoots and remains a constant consultant for both her son, and her son in law.  A shoot never goes by where photos aren’t shared with Mary Ann.  She will never retire her love of photography.

Mary Ann’s Profile (A feature story from AARP)

And Now, "The Rest of the Story..."

Our corporate story is unique, and our bios tell a lot about us.  But they don’t tell you everything.  They don’t tell you Matthew loves to jump in mud puddles when it rains.  Or that Mike likes to ride Rodeo Bass — the worlds only Rodeo fish — at Bassmaster’s.  Matthew and Mike love people.  They love events.  They bring passion, energy, and humor with them on every shoot.  Sometimes it leaves clients a little breathless, but everyone — clients, participants, staff — everyone has a blast.

These two videos show as much about who Mike and Matt are as any LinkedIn biography.  We’ll add other embarrassing videos of our team in action as they become available.

The video of Matthew playing in the rain was filmed at Wings Over Houston, when sudden thunderstorms brought a halt to the show.  Everyone took cover in their cars.  You can hear Mike giggling in the front seat as he films Matthew jumping in the puddles.

The video of Mike riding Rodeo Bass was captured at Bassmasters — the world’s largest Bass fishing tournament.  Watch to the end, and you’ll see the fish take it’s revenge on our photographer/ cowboy by whacking him unceremoniously upside the head with it’s huge plastic tail.

The video of Matthew “raising the roof” was filmed for Mike while Mike was setting up downstairs for a Boston green screen photo booth holiday party.  Matthew was up in their hotel room.

The video of Mike at NBC / Telemundo was captured by the client during an experiential photo marketing event in Los Angeles.  They took the video to show their team how we work.