National Event Photography and COVID-19

Bringing people together in an event space will happen, and it’s not too soon to talk to us about your future needs.  We are booking events now as our clients look to the future to activate their brand.  Understanding the “new normal”, US Event Photos has updated our best practices to bring our events into a post-COVID-19 reality.  Click HERE to learn all that we’re doing to make sure we’re ready for the “new normal”.

Event Photography and COVID-19
With COVID-19 tearing across the world, US Event Photos is preparing new green screen photo booth guidelines to combat the spread of the virus.

A “new normal”.  Mike’s baseball hat hangs next to medical protective masks.

Turning our faces toward friends and family during COVID-19.

Who Are We?

National event photographers providing sophisticated experiential green screen photo booth marketing executions, from niche events to the largest public venues. Our imaging loves social media. Our photographers are hip, rock-star, high energy professionals who engage participants in your brand experience.

Experiential Photo Marketing

How Are We Different?

We are Photographers that engage, interact, and excite participants. We design every part of the experience around your needs. We provide after action reports that (painstakingly) details social media impact from our photo executions. Everything is branded to you. And, we are funny. No, I mean FUNNY.

Our Team

Who Are Our Clients?

Core clients are our key partners, businesses we work with throughout the United States, and (in a few cases) the world. They are HBO, AT&T, Travel and Adventure Series, Globus Family of Brands / Avalon Cruises, Arizona Office of Tourism, NBC, National / Enterprise Holdings, and Carpet One.

Client Stories

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Las Vegas green screen photo booth with Spock

Green Screen Photobooths

Rock-star photographers, jaw-dropping artwork, and custom designed photo experiences combine to ignite social media. Live social sharing with custom branded messaging and exclusive after action reports quantify results from all our photo booths. Our booths aren’t the traditional funny sunglasses and mustache-on-a-stick experiences. Fun? Yes. Great photos? Yes. Real photographers? Yes. All combine to use the power of photography to promote your brand at events.

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Headshot photo booth at conventions

Headshot Photo Booths

Our Head Shot Photo Booths steal the show at conventions, conferences and trade shows.  Participants flock to have their photos created, and they love we take about 10 photos, touch them up, and email those head shots in high resolution.  All in about 5 minutes.  Our photographers engage participants during their mini-sessions, and know how to capture head shots that reflect the participant’s own style, brand and personality.

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a not-so-traditional corporate headshot photography example

Corporate Headshot Photography

Our corporate headshot photography services are unique.  It’s not just that we instantly touch up (think Photoshop) every headshot as we capture them, and then export all the photos to your team so they have instant access to the headshots we just captured.  It’s not just that we engage participants and help them feel relaxed in front of our headshot camera.  And it’s not just that our LGTBQ national corporate headshot photography team is always on location.  It’s all those things.  And more.

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experiential photo marketing for NBC at World Cup

Experiential Photo Marketing

Experiential photo marketing coast to coast. Our creative and energized photographers will ignite your brand and engage your participants. Custom designed photo executions add authenticity and create amazing photos on the event floor. Our photographers, photo sets and green screen artwork will create imaging that trumpets your brand on social media.

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National event photography Rachel Platten concert

National Event Photographers

Coast to Coast, LA to…New York City, baby! We know that’s not how the song goes, but we make up our own words. Our client’s brands have no borders, and neither do we. From San Fran to San Jose, from Sun City to Sin City, we go there. We have offices in Las Vegas, Tampa and Washington, but we’re just as likely to be shooting in Seattle, Salt Lake or New Orleans. With coast to coast flat rate pricing, we deliver amazing results nationwide.

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Whatz up with us?! Glad you asked. Here's some news.

Washington DC Green screen Photo Booth for the Travel and Adventure Show.

Our flagship green screen photo booth for the Travel and Adventure Series. A 20′ x 20′ booth, about 2,000 participants per day go through our photo experience.

2021 Travel and Adventure Series
Experiential Green Screen Photography

Travel and Adventure Series Core Client

After half of the 2020 Travel and Adventure Show series was cancelled due to COVID-19, plans are underway for 2021.  Those plans will include the infamous US Event Photos experiential green screen photo booth.  How the booth will operate will depending on how things progress with the pandemic in the coming months.  We will follow local and CDC guidelines to make sure the 2021 season is great.  More on our COVID-19 green screen photo booths can be found HERE.

We started our huge Experiential Photo Marketing Green Screen Photo Booth six years ago, with the Travel Channel.  Travel Channel hired us to integrate a 10′ x 10′ photo experience into their 20′ x 20′ overall booth, using green screen photography to showcase travel destinations — and Travel Channel programming — world wide.  The next year, Travel Channel decided to eliminate their booth, and we thought the travel destinations green screen photo experience would fade away.  We were wrong.  The Travel and Adventure Series show management, who were impressed by our approach with participants, decided to hire us directly and we took over the entire 20′ x 20′ footprint.  Now the green screen photo booth is sponsored by various world wide tourism destinations, and features a different world wide experience every week.  In 2021, the show travels to Boston, Chicago, Washington, DC, Dallas, Bay Area (San Francisco), Los Angeles, San Diego, Tampa, Denver and Atlanta.  Instead of all the Travel Shows falling in the first quarter of the year, the 2021 proposed schedule will scatter the events throughout the year.  Once a schedule is finalized, you can find it here.

Yamaha green screen photo booth at Bassmaster Classic in Birmingham
National Event Photographers

Yamaha Green Screen Photo Booth at Bassmaster Classic

National Event Photography

For our fifth year, Yamaha brought us back for the (in)famous Bassmaster Magazine green screen photo booth at the world’s largest fishing contest, the Bassmaster Classic.  Held this year in Birmingham, families stopped by the booth to have their photo captured and placed on the cover of the sport’s magazine.  Many of the participants come back each year, and the green screen photos show how the kids have grown, year in, and year out.  Now a go-to, must see destination on the huge trade show floor, the line never stops.  Over three days, about 3,000 participants flow through the photo experience.  And while lead photographer, Mike Gatty, never stops shooting — each photo is as unique as the individual families.

Yamaha owns Skeeter Boats, and later this year we’ll be at their Owner’s Tournament, held outside Dallas, Texas, to provide another green screen photography experience.  For Skeeter, we reproduce iconic fishing scenes — and help participants picture themselves at the winner’s podium.

Chicago Green Screen Photo Booth
Experiential photography at the Dental Conference.

When  Planmeca OY, a global leader in healthcare technology, decided to do something different at this year’s Chicago dental conference, they called us.  One of their team members, Sid, had worked for another of our partners, Littelfuse, and keeps a greenscreen photo we did of him on his desk.  One of our infamous Startrek images.  Everyday, Sid recalled to us, someone asked where he got the crazy image.   Everyday, he told them about our company and our Chicago green screen photo booths.  Then one day, the Planmeca marketing team decided to reach out to us for their event.

If experiential photo marketing works for us, the photographers, to promote our business, when we’re just the creator of the image, imagine what it can do for your company.  For our green screen photography experiences, your branding is on everything:  the final image, the emails, the text messaging.  When your logo sits in front of a participant, everyday, right on their desk, that’s marketing worth considering. It’s worth noting: the marketing team at Planmeca didn’t think a green screen could be “cool” before seeing Sid’s photo.  It was Sid who convinced them otherwise, and, upon hiring us, they saw for themselves.

Here’s what they said in their Google review of our services: “Absolutely a pleasure to work with! We used Mike and Matthew for a corporate reception event and on the trade show floor for their photo experience expertise. It came at the recommendation of one of my coworkers who had used them at another company, and I was maybe a little skeptical about how cool a photo booth could be. Working with Mike to figure out the backgrounds and props was very easy, and both of them were so engaging on-site that there was no way people were not participating! Will definitely integrate them into future events, highly recommended!”

Chicago greenscreen photo booth for Planmeca at Dental Conference

A participant “inside the mouth” of a dental patient acts as a mini-dentist in this Chicago Greenscreen Photo Booth experience for Planmeca, a leading maker of dental office equipment.

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