Who Are We?

National event photographers providing sophisticated experiential green screen photo executions, from niche events to the largest public venues. Our imaging loves social media. Our photographers are hip, rock-star, high energy professionals who engage participants in your brand experience.

National Event Photographers

How Are We Different?

We are Photographers that engage, interact, and excite participants. We design every part of the experience around your needs. We provide after action reports that (painstakingly) details social media impact from our photo executions. Everything is branded to you. And, we are funny. No, I mean FUNNY.

Our Team

Who Are Our Clients?

Core clients are our key partners, businesses we work with throughout the United States, and (in a few cases) the world. They are HBO, AT&T, Travel and Adventure Series, Globus Family of Brands / Avalon Cruises, Arizona Office of Tourism, Office of Minority Health, Omnilife, Honda Jet, and Carpet One.

Client Stories

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Experiential Photo Marketing

Experiential photo marketing coast to coast. Our creative and energized photographers will ignite your brand and engage your participants. Custom designed photo executions add authenticity and create amazing photos on the event floor. Our photographers, photo sets and green screen artwork will create imaging that trumpets your brand on social media.

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National Event Photographers

Coast to Coast, LA to…New York City, baby! We know that’s not how the song goes, but we make up our own words. Our client’s brands have no borders, and neither do we. From San Fran to San Jose, from Sun City to Sin City, we go there. We have offices in Las Vegas, Tampa and Washington, but we’re just as likely to be shooting in Seattle, Salt Lake or New Orleans. With coast to coast flat rate pricing, we deliver amazing results nationwide.

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Convention Photography

Convention, conference and trade show event photographers that know what to take and how to capture it. We upload photos live for your immediate access. Imagine: clean, edited, creative photos you can instantly use on social media or release to the press.

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Green Screen Photography

Rock-star photographers, jaw-dropping artwork, and custom designed photo experiences combine to ignite social media. Live social sharing with custom branded messaging and exclusive after action reports quantify results from all our photo booths.

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Experiential Photo Marketing
NBC's Will and Grace in Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco.

National Event Photographers

Will and Grace, the Emmy Award winning ground breaking comedy returns to NBC, and we are honored to be asked to help promote the series throughout the country.  With stops planned in Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco, the schedule could expand.  Participants are asked to “jump in” with the cast in a giant bubble bath, sip champagne, and be a (temporary) BFF!  Photographers Mike Gatty and Matthew Frey are handling each experiential photo marketing event, and worked hand in glove with the client to develop a custom photo set around the giant bath tub.  To add realism, a digital overlay is added to the finished photo, preventing the “cardboard” look, a problem which plague most of these types of photo executions.  See all the photos HERE.  They post live, as they are created in each city.

2019 Travel and Adventure Series
Experiential Green Screen Photography

Travel and Adventure Series Core Client

We started our huge Experiential Photo Marketing Green Screen Photo Booth five years ago, with the Travel Channel.  Travel Channel hired us to integrate a 10′ x 10′ photo experience into their 20′ x 20′ overall booth, using green screen photography to showcase travel destinations — and Travel Channel programming — world wide.  The next year, Travel Channel decided to eliminate their booth, and we thought the travel destinations green screen photo experience would fade away.  We were wrong.  The Travel and Adventure Series show management, who were impressed by our approach with participants, decided to hire us directly and we took over the entire 20′ x 20′ footprint.  Now the green screen photo booth is sponsored by various world wide tourism destinations, and features a different world wide experience every week.  The show travels to Boston, Chicago, Washington, DC, Dallas, Bay Area (San Francisco), Los Angeles, San Diego and Philadelphia.

Blog with Mike Gatty
A humorous look at the business of photography.

In the last blog post, I talked about how US Event Photos grew from a local, journalism-based photography firm to a national experiential photo marketing business. In this post, I want to share one of the most important ingredients in our secret sauce.

I warn you, this is highly classified stuff. Like Barbara Waters, I’m going to keep this just between you and me. No one else. After all, if I go telling everyone our little secrets, what’s to prevent the competition from stealing the formula?

Given competitors have taken my name (Michael Gatty) and used it as a registered web site (www.MichaelGatty.com) and then pointed it to their shameless site (which shall remain nameless) in hopes, obviously, of confusing people into thinking they’ve hired US Event Photos and not this nameless desperate competitor, you’d think I’d be shy about sharing secrets. Now, smarty pants, if you are madly typing “MichaelGatty.com” into your browser and not seeing this competitor’s web site, that is because my attorney sent a cease and desist letter forcing the weasel to abandon this tactic.


A fan and a foul ballChicago Experiential Photo marketing event with Arizona Office of Tourism.

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Green Screen Photo Booth in Orlando

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