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Denver Green Screen Photo Booths

Fun? Yes. Great Photos? Yes. Real Photographers? Yes.

Denver green screen photo booths that rock.  National experiential photographers Mike Gatty and/or Matthew Frey are ALWAYS on site to lead the Denver green screen photography experience and provide an amazing participant brand interaction. Off the hook green screen photography artwork developed in-house, energized photographers, and exclusive after action reports all come together to amp up your Denver green screen photo booth.  Denver green screen photographers that specialize in photo booths, Denver conventions and conferences, and red carpet photo events.  Hold on tight— our Denver green screen photographers and convention photography will amaze you.

Denver green screen photo booths:

    • Green screen artwork that will make your jaw drop.  You know in your conscious mind these are green screen photos.  But, wow!  The photo looks authentic! While only the participant is “real”, and everything else is added digitally, it’s hard to believe these are created on the event floor.
    • We build our Denver green screen photo booths around your space, not the other way around.
    • We place your corporate brand on everything.  Photos.  Emails.  PURL microsites that host the photos.
    • Participants email, text message and post to social media right from the Denver greenscreen photo booths.
    • Participants are able to print extra photos (at no charge) right at the photo booth.  If they want more than one print?  No problem.  We’ll take care of them.
    • Our clients range from HBO to Globus Family of Brands.  Our national event experience is unique.
A Denver green screen photo booth featuring The Voice, a popular singing contest.
A Denver green screen photo booth featuring The Voice, a popular singing contest.
Photographer Mike Gatty poses participants at this Denver Green Screen Photo Booth
Photographer Mike Gatty poses a group of participants at this Denver green screen photo booth.

Energized Denver Green Screen Photography.

A Denver Green Screen Photo Booth at PCIC 2022 held at the Denver Sheraton downtown.
A Denver Greenscreen Photobooth for Littelfuse at PCIC Denver.
Denver greenscreen photo booth at the 2022 Travel and Adventure Show featuring Visit Billings. Two participants "run" from a bear as he rears up on a scenic river.
A Denver greenscreen photobooth at the 2022 Travel and Adventure Show featuring Visit Billings, MO. Two participants "run" from a "bear" in this engaging greenscreen photography experience.

Denver Greenscreen Photography AMPED UP.

Outside or inside, we know how to set up your Denver green screen photo booth.  We’ve survived hurricanes, floods, earthquakes.  We’ll work with you to plan every detail of your booth, so when we walk in, setup is easy.  We’ll arrive three hours before your event — or, if possible, the night before — so any glitch is worked out.  Tell us your needs, and we’ll deliver.  But if something unexpected happens, we’ll figure that out, too.

We’ve done hundreds — if not thousands of events — and because of an overriding ethos of “set ourselves up for success”, each event is executed seamlessly.  Clients call constantly asking who the photographer will be for the event.  That’s easy.  We do not subcontract work.  Your photographer will be the infamous Mike Gatty, or his husband Matthew Frey.  In each of our cities we have local talent that supports us; but we are the boots on the ground for every shoot.  More, we are the photographers for every experience.

A participant "dives to save the goal" in this Denver experiential photo marketing greenscreen photo booth for NBC.
A participant "saves the goal" in this "diving save" Denver greenscreen photobooth for NBC and Telemundo.

Denver Green Screen Photography:

Green Screen Photobooths to Promote Your Brand

Experiential Photo Marketing

Our Denver green screen photo booths are designed to put a participant in the middle of your brand, with sophisticated artwork and green screen technology. Everyone knows the finished image MUST have been created using green screen – but it looks so real. Vivid. Amazing.

Experiential photo marketing uses photos to promote your brand. Our green screen photo booth experiences capture the imagination of participants, and enables them to create – with the help of our experienced photographers – images they can’t wait to post on social media.  Join brands like HBO, NBC, Avalon River Cruises, AARP and others to immerse participants into your brand through innovative and creative experiential photo marketing.

  • Custom designed photo sets to create an on location brand experience.
  • Photographers that engage participants to create stunning photos that promote your brand.
  • Our Experiential Photo Marketing Events are productions: our team directors and producers on a photo set that is our stage.
  • The artwork we create with your participants will live beyond the event,  will create buzz on social media, and will make brand champions out of your participants.
  • Check out our Denver Green Screen Photo Booths at the Travel and Adventure Show, 2024.

We Tailor our Denver Greenscreen photo booths to your space.

With everything from small, open green screen photo booths to 24′ cyclorama green screen photo sets, we have equipment to customize the photo experience to fit your needs.  Anticipate big families coming to your event, who will want photos together, in the same image?  No problem.  Our 12′ booth is perfect for larger groups.  Tight on space with a standard 10′ booth?  We can design an individual Denver green screen photography experience with artwork that’s over the top to fit your space and dazzle participants in a smaller footprint.

A participant showing off his chosen props at a Denver green screen photography event featuring Artic cruises.
A participant showing off his chosen props at a Denver green screen photography event featuring Artic cruises.
Custom Denver Greenscreen Photo Booths
A custom Denver greenscreen photo booth for Yamaha Outboard. The photo experience integrated a huge dock into the photo experience, and the greenscreen background was designed and built to the experience.
Denver green screen photography for Cspan and Book TV
Denver green screen photo booth for Globus family of brands.

Our Denver Green Screen Photo Booths Explained in 2 Minutes.

A participant poses on the cover of Inc. Magazine at this Denver green screen photo booth experience.

Content born from your ideas at our Denver green screen photo booths.

Our Denver green screen photo booths all start with an idea — your idea.  Maybe it’s a theme.  Maybe it’s a creative concept from your marketing campaign.  Maybe it’s just awesome. 

Our favorite inquiry calls start with, “I’m not sure if it’s possible, but…” That’s how things began with HBO when they rang to ask if it was possible to recreate the throne room set from Game of Thrones around the country.  That’s how it started with Shell Energy, when they wanted participants to appear as though they were diving to save the goal at Houston Dynamo home games.  When Inc. Magazine wanted to reproduce their iconic magazine covers at the Inc. 5000 conference, those images were nearly indistinguishable from actual covers.  

Give us your idea, your theme, your concept and we’ll run with it.  First, we’ll create custom artwork.  Then we’ll pair those creatives with lux props, helping to bring realism to the image — and taking your concept to the next level.  At the event itself, everything comes together.  Our photographers know how to direct a participant –guiding the experience and helping each realize their own personal vision.    In this high-end experience, your ideas, participant’s concepts, our props, direction and execution all unite to create a fun, energized, memorable experience where each image created is unique to both your brand and a participant’s dream. 

You won’t believe how your ideas are given life. You’ve heard the term “content creators”.  Let us show you our take on how Denver green screen photography creates amazing content at events. 


Our Turnkey Rockstar Denver Green Screen Photo Booths

We transform your participants instantly into rock stars!

Over the years, event planners have contacted us to get our ideas for themed green screen photo booths. One theme has stood out, and it’s not specific to a locality: Rock Stars. It got us to thinking: if we invested a bit of time and money into transforming participants into rockstars, creating the illusion they are performing next to their favorite idol, what could we achieve? How fun, over-the-top of an experience could we create? An experience ready at a moment’s notice for event planners. When on the event floor, it would appear to participants like months, if not years, went into planning the green screen photo booth — and they would be right — except we reproduce that experience for different events, customizing it to your specific needs — and keep building this turnkey solution. It’s taken on a life of its own.
The result? Denver green screen photo booths where props and costuming change the experience to be completely unique. Our rock star booth leverages up to ten backgrounds for participants to choose from, ranging from historic classic rock to the latest performers. We’ve bought costuming that fits easily over what a participant’s street clothes; and transforms them instantly into rock stars or backup singers. In addition, we have props that are authentic to the music stage: real instruments like electric guitars and saxophones. Rhinestone microphones. “Rave” sequin and rhinestone hats. Authentic leather vests. Sequined tuxedo coats. Everything to make a participant feel like a star during their green screen photo experience: everything to create a final image that is as breathtaking as a rock concert.
Currently, we’ve developed artwork for: Cher, Prince, B.B. King, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Carrie Underwood, Harry Styles, Rolling Stones, The Voice, Beyonce, Aerosmith, Kiss, Zach Brown Band, Jimmy Hendrix, Luke Combs, Maria Lambert, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Stevie Nicks and Kane Brown. Additional artists for this unique Denver green screen photography experience will be forthcoming based on client feedback!

A participant jams with the artist formerly known as Prince in this Rock Star themed green screen photo booth
A participant rocks out with Bruce Springsteen in this green screen photo booth -- part of our Rock Star Photo Booth collection.

“From start to finish, working with Mike and US Event Photos was great. Not only did his green screen photography DRAW A CROWD at my client’s tradeshow booth, but his energy (and amazing props) helped people feel comfortable in front of the camera, producing great photos that will be prominently displayed on fridges and desks – further promoting my client. If you’re looking for something different for your tradeshow or event – look no further!”  — Nicole Shields,

Denver Green Screen Photography

Sometimes you need green screen photography, but don’t need a “photo booth”.  Our Denver green screen photography studio is completely portable, and is perfect to fulfill many possibilities.  For example, head shots are great — and we offer a specialized head shot photo studio complete with automatic touch up — but did you know our green screen can be used for head shots, too?  A generic office scene can be dropped in, or a Denver landmark, or — well — anything.  Even group shots are great against a green screen — but not how you’re thinking.  Have you had a team photo taken of your entire office, only to have one member hidden behind the tall guy?  Our green screen for group shots solves this problem.  We take each team member, individually, against the green screen, drop out the background, and save their individual image.  Then we bring each person into the final photo, arrange them perfectly, and — viola! — perfect group photo!  We’ve used this technique for holiday cards, award photos, team photos — you name it.

Our Denver green screen photography flexes with your needs.  If you have a project you’d like to discuss, give us a call at 443-414-4167, or email

Denver green screen photography head shots

Denver Red Carpet Photography

We are Denver red carpet event photographers and we will run your red carpet event like the Oscars: smooth and fun.  With our experience, we’ll keep things moving right along.  A-list celebrity?  We’ve worked with top talent.  From US Presidents (Carter to Trump), to nationally recognized entertainers (Bon Jovi, Jay Leno, Penn and Teller, Sheryl Crow), we know how to put you, your participants, and even the celebrity at ease.

  • Denver red carpet event photography.  Step and repeat photo opportunities.
  • Meet and greet photography with A-list celebrities.
  • Instant printing of red carpet photos.
  • Instant upload to social media of red carpet moments.
  • Immediate email or text messaging of photos from the red carpet.
  • Red carpet event photographers for the Sprint Cup VIP NASCAR Red Carpet.
  • Red carpet event photographers for the Tribeca Film Festival.
Denver red carpet photography with George W. Bush

“Mike and Matt are true pros! We’ve used them in a variety of venues, indoor and outdoor, from small retail store events to festivals with hundreds of thousands of guests. They have a keen understanding of what it takes to make a photo engaging for everyone involved.” — Charlie Frank, for NBC.

Updated Equipment Creates an Even Better Denver Green Screen Photography Experience

We’ve updated our Denver green screen photography sets with new, revolutionary LED edge to edge lighting.  In addition, new “wing lights” illuminate for a truly wrap around lighting effect.  Even better, updated background green screen photography material softly glows under our lighting, eliminating spots where pesky shadows would lurk under typical green screen photo booth lighting and background materials.

The result of these updates?  Recently, Dish Network wanted to create an experiential photo marketing image where participants “hung” off a Dish 4D Cell Phone Tower.  The event took place in their corporate offices in Littleton, CO.  With the wrap around lighting and upgraded background material — plus a foam chromakey floor — we were able to create perfect images without any pesky shadows.  Our new standard 12’ green screen photography backgrounds means more friends, families, and teams can pose together for their photos.  We’ll continue to push boundaries with our over-the-top Denver green screen photography experiences.

First, our Denver green screen photography photo set. Second, the participant poses for the experiential photo marketing image. Last, the final image from the Denver green screen photo booth.
First, our Denver green screen photography photo set. Second, the participant poses for the experiential photo marketing image. Last, the final image from the Denver green screen photo booth.
Our Denver Green Screen Photo Booths feature custom emails and MMS text messaging. Your marketing -- not ours -- is featured on all emails and texts sent from the event floor.
Our Denver Green Screen Photo Booths feature custom emails and MMS text messaging. Your marketing -- not ours -- is featured on all emails and texts sent from the event floor.

Denver Green Screen Photo Booths:

Custom HTML emails and MMS Text Messages

At our Denver Green Screen Photo Booths, we instantly send participants their fantastic green screen photos via email and text.  But one thing sets us apart as an experiential photo marketing company (vs. a traditional green screen photo booth): those emails and texts are customized to your company.  First, the email: from the font used within the email’s body, to the header and footer graphic display, to integrated #hashtags and web links, we completely customize the full HTML email to fit your marketing needs.  Highlight new products, web landing pages, social media accounts, and even at-event raffles.

Next, the text message.  We send MMS text messages, with up to 110 characters within that text to fit your needs.  MMS text messages are graphically beautiful and are a better marketing punch than traditional SMS platforms.  Both the custom html email and the MMS text message set our Denver green screen photo booths apart from traditional platforms.  Creative Denver green screen photography is an amazing sales tool.

Data Collection and our Denver Green Screen Photo Booths

Our Denver green screen photo booths are the perfect vehicle for collecting participant data. What data do we collect? That’s up to you. Whatever you want us to gather, we’ll provide in a simple Excel spreadsheet so you can easily import the information into your systems.
First and last name, email, text phone numbers and images sent are all standard data collected. However, it doesn’t have to stop there. If you have industry specific intel you need to gather, we have your back.
For example, one of our core clients requires the “booking telephone number” of each participant, because that is how they track their clients. So, we customize a field within our system to collect that information. Other clients require billing zip codes, or business phone numbers, or other materials that might not fit the standard fields. No problem. Tell us what you need, and we’ll tweak our platform to gather that information.
Even better, it’s included in our rate.

Our Denver Green Screen Photo Booths are the perfect vehicle to collect participant data. The data collected is customized to your needs.
Our Denver Green Screen Photo Booths are the perfect vehicle to collect participant data. The data collected is customized to your needs.

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