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Contact Matthew at or call him at 443-414-4167.

Have an idea?  Wanna kick around a project?  We love to brainstorm.  Reach out to Matthew.  Whether it’s a greenscreen photo booth at an event, a headshot photo experience, or experiential photo marketing, Matthew will start the ideas flowing.  US Event Photos is a small, LGBTQIA+ owned company.  You’ll partner with either Mike or Matthew on your project (and sometimes both!)

Mike Gatty and Matthew Frey on the road.
Mike Gatty and Matthew Frey on the road.

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Matthew Frey :

Need to Reach Mike?

Matthew Frey in Baltimore, MD

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Primary Contact:

Matthew Frey : 443-414-4167

Need to reach Mike?

(Mike Gatty:  410-845-8083)

Mike and Matthew in a cafe.
Mike Gatty in Washington, DC
Mike Gatty and Matthew Frey on the road.
Mike Gatty and Matthew in Minneapolis.
Mike Gatty and Matthew Frey at a restauraunt.
Mike and Matthew in Washington, DC.

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New YouTube Video Series: My Office at 35,000 Feet

Join US Event Photos lead photographer Mike Gatty in a series examining life on the road.   He’ll take you through the best travel tips, how to save money, score better hotel rooms and stay connected — all in under four minutes.

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US Event Photos is LGBTQIA+ Owned.