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Cruise Through Adventure with GLOBUS Brands

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A participant "rides" along a European River.

A New Adventure Delivered Daily

For almost 90 years, the Globus family of brands has been providing a variety of vacations that address the needs of today’s diverse traveler with unparalleled vacation experiences, full of discovery and insight. The Globus family offers hundreds of unique itineraries all over Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Africa. Now, by partnering with US Event Photos and the MEGA Green Screen Photo Booth, those unique experiences are brought to the event floor.

The green screen backgrounds are designed to showcase Globus, Cosmos, Monograms and Avalon Waterways brands, and immerse the event participant into a unique world, all without leaving the event floor. Carefully selected props add to the photo, creating unique imaging that’s hard to discern from the actual experience. Participants flock to the booth, lining up to have their moment inside a panoramic suite, take a cooking class with a top chef, visit a historic landmark, or launch a new adventure.

Each aspect of the Globus Family of brands is showcased within the photo experience. Avalon Fresh, the Avalon Suite’s View, Active Discovery, Globus/ Cosmos, and Monograms. Background artwork is continuously created to uniquely showcase each brand.

Contact the Globus family marketing team at at the Globus marketing team for more information on utilizing the MEGA Photo Experience at your consumer or travel agent show, or email for more information. Special pricing packages, tailored to your needs, has been created to make budgeting the photo booth easy within promotional events.

Globus Green Screen Photo Booth Design

Participants enter the GLOBUS Booth, and are first greeted with a monitor showing a live slide show of all the images taken during the event —— and the slide show continuously updates, with the latest photo showing first, as participants watch. As they line up for the photo, each participant sees the people in front of them select their props, pick their background, and then pose, directed by our expert photographers. Within a few seconds the finished image they just saw created, is displayed on the monitor. Before they know it, it’s their turn to be a star.

Details: The scrim (background) is an 8×8 solid frame held up by two small c—stands with low profile feet. Typically, the background is set kitty corner in the back corner of the booth. A prop table is to the right as the participant enter. They pose in front of the screen, and then leave to the left toward the photo printer and iPads. Once their photo starts to print, participants can select to email or text message their photo from the iPads. Once that process is complete, they’re done with the experience and will receive their digital image in seconds, depending on internet speed. For group photos, everyone will receive a 4×6 print.

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Social Media and the GLOBUS Booth

The MEGA Green Screen Photo Booth is designed to immerse the participant within the Globus brand. Branding extends beyond the photo, into the emails the participants send, the text messages, integrated PURL microsites, and event iPads themselves.

Details: 1) Photo prints are branded with GLOBUS Branding to match the experience. 2) Ipads feature GLOBUS branding. 3) Emails are full HTML and are customized for each event. Headers, footers, and content are all customized and branded to GLOBUS. 4) Participants click on their photo within the email and are forwarded to a PURL site, also branded and customized for the event. At the bottom of the PURL are links to post the photo directly to social media. 5) If a participant text messages the email, the text links directly to the PURL.

Every aspect of branding and messaging is customized to each event. However, we’ve made the process easy by creating several forms that efficiently get us the information we need to quickly and easily set up your social media campaign and photo marketing. Click HERE for these client resources.

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After Action Report and Participant Data

The GLOBUS Photo Booth is designed to showcase participants engaged with the brand. But it also effectively collects participant data for future marketing. After the event, you’ll receive a CSV file of participant emails and the phone numbers they used for text messaging the photo. We also collect the travel agency booking telephone number to make it easy to locate that participant within the GLOBUS system.

In addition to the CSV file of participant data, we provide an After Action Report detailing social spread, impressions, reach, posts to social media —— everything you need to know to quantify the results of the photo experience. Within the report, we detail what went right, what might be improved upon, and even compare your photo booth experience with other events, nationwide.

The report is a perfect recap to share with your entire team, quantifying success and building for even better future events.

Cost: We’ve developed special pricing for GLOBUS to easily budget and plan different types of events. Contact or your GLOBUS marketing representative.

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