Nationwide In-Office Corporate Headshot Photography

Our corporate headshot photography services are unique.  It’s not just that we engage participants and help them feel relaxed in front of our headshot camera.  It’s not even that we bring a sophisticated headshot photo studio right into your office.   And it’s not just that our LGTBQ national corporate headshot photography team, Mike Gatty and Matthew Frey, are always on location.  It’s all those things.  And more.

How many headshots have you seen that just blend into the background?  How often do you see images that capture personality and tell a story?  We don’t just create professional headshot photos; we capture corporate headshots that show the personality of the people we photograph.  The personality of your entire team.  Taken individually, each person looks great.  When you look at the photos together in your marketing material, your team looks cohesive.

Whether we travel to your large corporate office for headshot photography, or setup our full headshot photography studio at your team event, we’ll capture headshots that support your brand.

What are our sessions like?  First, national event photographer Mike Gatty and/or Matthew Frey are always on site to capture the photos.  Next, we invite each participant in front of our portable, complete, professional headshot studio.  We engage.  Help them relax.  Laugh.  Joke.  When people are relaxed, they are photogenic.  They are themselves.  That’s what creates a great photo.  Next, we take a group of images.  About 30 – 50, sometimes more.  It’s a traditional studio experience.  Each participant is captured from multiple angles.  Sometimes we have them change outfits.  In the end, we want you to have plenty of photos to pick from.   The entire process, for each participant, takes about 10 minutes.

A participant at an in-office headshot photography shoot for Allspring
A participant at an in-office headshot photography shoot for Allspring
Samples of corporate headshots. Four images from our convention headshot photo lounges.
Our fully portable in-office headshot photography studio. We use four lights for nice, flat even lighting.
Our in-office headshot photography studio setup. We use four lights: Two key lights featuring the latest LED edgelit technology, and two hair lights. The portable studio mimics the best traditional studios, and the results are perfect photos.

In-Office Corporate Headshot Photography

Whether one office location or many, we've got you covered.

Many national companies hire us to come to their offices, set up our head shot photo experience, and spend the day with their team capturing images that are indistinguishable from those created in-studio.  A board room or empty office is the perfect place for us to spend the day, and we’ll do extended sessions with each team member on their schedule.  We’ll work with them, help them relax, and create an environment where they feel welcome and calm.

We comfortably do about 30 team members per day.  Is your office larger?  Let’s schedule multiple days.

Whether you have one home office, or offices around the country, Mike and Matthew will travel to your locations, set up the portable studio, and get to work.  We do not subcontract assignments to local photographers — Mike or Matthew (and sometimes both!), personally handle each studio session.

If you’re looking for headshots captured at your event, click HERE.  Want to see our most recent corporate headshot photography “tour”?  Click HERE (Dropbox link).

Mike Gatty and Matthew Frey on the road.
Mike Gatty and Matthew Frey on the road.

Corporate Headshot Photography

  • Our fully portable corporate headshot photography studio can be setup in a spare office, board room, or even a large hallway.
  • Our national photographers, Mike Gatty and/or Matthew Frey are always on site to run the in-office corporate headshot photography event.
  • We’ll capture traditional and non-traditional headshots; your graphics team will have variety of choice.
  • Green screen headshots drop out the background; final images can be against any background for further graphic flexibility.
  • Your employees email their photos immediately to themselves after their session.
  • You and your team will have access to full resolution photos via our cloud services.  Corporate headshots in the gallery can be searched by name to display only the photos of that team member.
  • The format and style of the photos will be similar across team members, which will help give consistency to your future graphic design projects.
  • Our LGTBQ photographers will help all your team members be at ease.
  • We’ll setup the night prior to your headshot event, if possible.

We’ll work with you to schedule time(s) for the in-office corporate headshot photography event to make it easier to capture your team on their schedule.

National corporate headshot photography

Our software automatically touches up your team.

US Event Photos is the only national event photography firm with this automatic touch up software.   We developed the software, and the entire process, after a client called one day and asked, “is it possible to touch up corporate headshots automatically?’

Yes, it’s possible.  Here’s how our software is different.

  • We customize the filters based on sex  and other factors.  Without that customization, software would over-correct participants.
  • We take a series of photos.  “One and done” just doesn’t work for in office corporate headshots.
  • Our photographers engage the participants, helping them pose.  We shoot different angles, poses, heights, framing. In-office, we sometimes have them change outfits, hairstyles, etc..
  • Our in-office corporate headshot photography services are extended photographic sessions for each participant, and we take between 20 and 50 photos of each team member.
  • All our in-office headshot photos are sorted by office, and then by participant name on our cloud services.  Participants will see only their images, but you’ll have access to your entire team’s headshots about 48 hours after capture.
  • You’ll have access to all photos in full resolution, and can use the images however you’d like.
Corporate headshot photography Nationwide

Greenscreen Photography and headshots

One challenge with a traditional corporate headshot photography is the background.  No matter what background you pick — even our slick corporate grey — you are limited to that one graphic option in the final head shot images.  With our green screen headshot photo booth — sometimes called our green screen headshot photo lounge — that problem is solved.  We have the technology (and the expertise) to capture your participant’s head shot against a green screen, and then export those photos against multiple backgrounds that fit a variety of graphic design choices.  Even better, those photos are automatically touched up and each participant is freshened up, in each scene.  The green screen headshot photo booth / green screen headshot photo lounge is a sophisticated, high-tech solution to your head shot needs and produces on location event head shots that are indistinguishable from traditional studio or outdoor headshot photos.

Our green screen head shot photo booth / green screen headshot photo lounge finished photos are sized so you can crop the photos to fit a variety of graphic design layouts.  Modern headshots are seldom designed for a square layout — even LinkedIn is a round format — and we make sure our images are sized to fit a variety of applications.

greenscreen corporate photography headshots

Corporate Headshot Photography: Our High-end Studio Comes to You.

In-office corporate headshot photography is a challenge.  Space is difficult.  Tall office buildings have specific insurance requirements to permit vendors to enter.  Staff can be like herding cats.  We help smooth the way through all the speed bumps with our corporate headshot photography services.  From the simple things, like an insurance ACORD, to the more difficult challenges, like sun streaming in a board room window.

We travel with a fully portable corporate headshot photography studio.  We bring a complete 8′ background — and the color of that background is customizable to you.  The lighting we use is wrap-around LED, latest generation.  Round soft “moon lights” make skin glow without being harsh.  Background lights ensure an even color in back of the participant, allowing your graphics team to easily drop out the background for different corporate headshot photography uses.

Upon entering your office, and seeing the space, we’ll use a special application to make sure the light coming in the windows will cooperate.  We bring all our own extension cords, portable desks, step stool — everything we need to set up our corporate headshot photography without having to interrupt your day to ask you for equipment.

We can schedule multiple shoot days for larger offices, helping to make sure your entire team gets photographed.  And, most importantly, if something unexpected comes up, we are super flexible in rearranging our shooting schedule.

Together, we’ll take care of your corporate headshot photography needs in an easy, turn key, and fun way.

A corporate headshot photography participant at the Allspring Global Financial national tour of their offices.
A corporate headshot photography participant at the Allspring Global Financial national tour of their offices.