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Atlanta green screen photo booths that rock and roll.  Off the hook artwork, passionate photographers, and exclusive after action reports all combine to ignite your Atlanta experiential photography booth.  Atlanta corporate event photographers that specialize in photo booths, corporate conventions, and red carpet photo events.  Hold on to your hat — our green screen photography will amaze you.

Atlanta green screen photo booths:

  • Amazing off the hook green screen artwork will make your jaw drop.  You know these are green screen photos.  The participant knows these are green screen photography images.  But no one else does.  Not for sure.  See how social media responds.
  • We build our Atlanta green screen photo booths around your space, not the other way around.
  • We’ll put your corporate brand on everything.  Photos.  Emails.  Everything.
  • Participants email, text message and post to social media right from the photo booth.
  • Our photo booths are clean, neat and sophisticated.
  • Participants can make extra prints (at no charge) right at the photo booth.
  • Our props are deluxe, and add to the photo experience.
  • Our clients range from HBO to Globus Family of BrandsOur national event experience is unique.

Our photo booth experience defines us.

  • Outside or inside, we’ll design our Atlanta green screen photo booths to fit your event perfectly.
  • We’ve survived floods, hurricanes, even earthquakes.   We know how to execute an outdoor photo booth!
  • Our out door photo booth equipment is designed to withstand wind.
  • We’ll consult with you on photo booth placement to minimize headache.
  • Our photographers rotate during long schedules to always be fresh for the public.

Rock Stars of Atlanta Green Screen Photography!

Atlanta Green Screen Photo Booth background with Varsity Diner artwork
Participants pose at the "Varsity Diner", an Atlanta landmark, in this Atlanta green screen photo booth image.
A participant poses in nearby Atlanta peach orchard in this green screen photography photo.
A participant poses "in" a peach orchard nearby Atlanta.

We Tailor our Atlanta green screen photo booths to your space.

With everything from small, open green screen photo booths to 24′ cyclorama green screen photo sets, we have equipment to customize the photo experience to the space you’ve dedicated. Simple, right?. Small booth space? No problem. Creating a green screen experience with a private jet as a prop? No problem.

When you call us for a green screen photo activation, one of the first things we’ll ask you about is the available space.  If you have a booth designer you’re working with to design an Atlanta Green Screen Photo Booth into your convention booth, we’ll work with them to integrate the green screen.  If you have special needs, we’ll figure out solutions to create a participant experience that is seamless.  Clients have called with all types of needs.  Yamaha wanted to design everything around a custom built fishing pier.  HBO wanted a green screen to wrap around the infamous Iron Throne from Game of Thrones.  C-Span wanted to reproduce their Book TV studio, integrating actual furniture from the Book TV photo set into the green screen.  Whatever your needs, we’ll create a solution that works.

A large experiential photo marketing booth at Bassmasters near Atlanta.
A very large experiential photo marketing green screen photo booth designed for Yamaha. A 12' green screen is in back of the "dock". We helped Yamaha design this set years ago; we are still utilizing it today.

Atlanta Green Screen Photography

We approach Atlanta green screen photography differently. We work to seamlessly blend your participant with the background artwork, producing a final image that is indistinguishable from reality. We are green screen photography experts, and can provide our fully portable, sophisticated green screen photography studio anywhere there is space. Your office. Your board room. Your home.
Our Atlanta green screen photo booths are our core service, but we provide other green screen photography services, too. For example, if you have a large group you’d like in a final, perfect group shot; green screen is the answer. We take each person separately in front of the green screen, and then combine all those images into a final amazing collage. It’s a great service for the perfect group shot because each person can be moved around in the final image, so they are positioned perfectly. In addition, the background you select can match your corporate branding — from a custom shot of your offices, to an iconic Atlanta landmark.
Even headshots can use a green screen makeover. Our Atlanta headshot photo booths all come with automatic touch up — meaning your entire staff is photographed in one afternoon, touched up, and the images available immediately for your use — but you can also utilize our green screen to put the head shot against a background that matches your branding.

A corporate head shot from our portable Atlanta Green Screen Photography studio.

Atlanta Red Carpet Photography at Corporate Events

We are Atlanta red carpet event photographers and we will run the red carpet like the Oscars: smooth and fun.  With our experience, we’ll keep things moving right along.  A-list celebrity?  We’ve worked with the A-listyest.  (Ok, so that’s not a word.   But it should be.)  From US Presidents to nationally recognized entertainers, we know how to put you, your participants, and even the celebrity at ease.

  • Atlanta red carpet event photography.  Step and repeat photo opportunities.
  • Meet and greet photography with A-list celebrities.
  • Instant printing of red carpet photos.
  • Instant upload to social media of red carpet moments.
  • Immediate email or text messaging of photos from the red carpet.
  • Former lead red carpet event photographers for the Sprint Cup VIP NASCAR Red Carpet.
  • Former Red carpet event photographers for the Tribeca Film Festival.
Recipients win a lifetime achievement award during this Atlanta red carpet photography event.
A Lifetime Achievement Award is presented on an Atlanta Red Carpet.

Atlanta Red Carpet Event Photography:
Award dinners, Galas, Meet and Greets

When the National Association of Broadcasters decided to give Bon Jovi a lifetime achievement award, they called us. They knew from experience we were comfortable with high profile celebrities. They knew we could instantly provide prints for participants, immediately upload photos to participant social media. They knew we could photograph the performance, the ceremony, and not miss a second. They knew the photos would be immediately available for press release. They knew those photos would be great.

It’s just one example of a successful event. We’ve worked with companies across the nation, hosting A-list celebrities and high-profile events. They repeatedly call us because they know they won’t have to worry about a thing. It’s in our hands. From HBO and Game of Thrones to Starz and Black Sails, we’ve had some interesting evenings. Let that experience work for you.

Our Core Clients Define Us.

Our core clients define us.  These are our national partners that book us again and again.  In some cases, we’ve developed special green screen photo booths for their national and international events.

  • Honda Jet
  • Carpet One

Our Atlanta HeadShot Photo Booth (With Auto-Correct!)

While you have the team together in Altanta, Buckhead, or the surrounding area – it’s the perfect time to refresh your headshots. Our Atlanta headshot photo booth is unique in the country – both because of HOW we shoot, and our technology.

  • We’ve created a fully contained, portable head shot booth.
  • Headshots are automatically touched up by our software.
  • Participants instantly email themselves their photos.
  • We take a series of images, participants pick the ones they like.
  • Our system doesn’t “over correct” head shots.  You won’t look like Kim Kardashian (unless you want to!)
  • Here’s more information.
An award is presented during this Atlanta convention photography session.
An off stage red carpet Awards Presentation at an Atlanta event.
A participant at the APHA 2017 Atlanta Green Screen Photo Booth for OMH.
A participant at the APHA 2017 Atlanta Green Screen Photo Booth for OMH.

Here's What Clients Say.

“…with your anticipation of every possible challenge, those “challenges” actually were not challenges at all. I hope we get to work with you again, very soon.” “…Michael and his amazing green screen photography team integrated with (our IT service provider) in such a way fans only had to tap a bracelet to have their photo emailed directly to them. How he did it I don’t know…” “…I’d recommend you and your team to ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYPLACE. Thank you for making this event a show stopper!…” “…When we are designing a social media green screen photo activation, our team huddles around the table and then asks, ‘WWMD’. That’s ‘what would Mike do…”