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Fun? Yes. Great Photos? Yes. Real Photographers? Yes.

Houston green screen photo booths that rock.  National experiential photographers Mike Gatty and/or Matthew Frey are ALWAYS on site to lead the Houston green screen photography experience creating an amazing brand interaction.  Off the hook green screen photography artwork developed in-house.  Exclusive after action reports give detailed results after event conclusion.   Houston green screen photobooths will never be the same.  This is our area of expertise.  This is all we do. We eat, sleep and breath Houston green screen photography, red carpet photo events, and Houston headshots.

Houston green screen photo booths:

  • Jaw dropping Green screen artwork.  You know these are green screen photos.  But they look authentic!
  • Because we build our Houston green screen photo booths around your space, we fit seamlessly to you.
  • We place your corporate brand on everything.  Photos.  Emails.  In-booth branding.
  • Participants email and text message right from the Houston photo booth.
  • Participants print extra photos (at no charge) right at the photo booth.
  • Our clients range from HBO to Globus Family of Brands.  Therefore, our national event experience is unique.
Photographer Mike Gatty poses participants at a Las Vegas green screen photo booth
Photographer Mike Gatty poses a group of participants at this Las Vegas green screen photo booth.


Because we have equipment ranging from 5′ green screen photo booth to 24′ cyclorama set, we have the equipment to customize your photo experience. Simple, right? Small booth space? No problem.  But creating a green screen experience with a private jet as a prop? Also no problem.  Just tell us the space available and we’ll construct a photo booth that fits your needs.

Amazing green screen photography artwork- created in-house.

We create amazing moments, and our imagination is only limited by the directions you give us.   Whatever theme you may want for your green screen photo booth, we’ll run with it.  Draw from the world of sports, history, famous movies, or television.  Here’s our Library of Green Screen Artwork, and  it’s a good place to start.

  • Because of our creative artwork, participants can’t wait to join these scenes.
  • Our Houston green screen photographers act as “directors”.  We help participants pose and act for a great photo.
  • We are experienced promoting famous television series and use that knowledge to create, design and execute your photo booth.
  • History, sports, movies, television.  Take any famous scene and use it in our Houston green screen photo booths.
  • We push green screen photography to the next level.  Because of the immersive experience, the finished artwork is stunning.
  • Our technology produces original, unique images.  We place the participant seamlessly into the green screen photo.
  • The green screen photography takes moments.  From start to finish, our process is blazing fast.


Houston Green Screen photo booth for Budweiser at the Space Center for Apollo 11
A participant poses for a Budweiser green screen photo booth at the Houston Space Center celebrating the anniversary of Apollo 11.
Houston Green Screen Photo Booth for Madico
The Good, Bad, and Ugly comes alive for participants at this over-the-top Western themed Houston green screen photo booth
A participant becomes the captain in this NBCUniversal experiential photo marketing event in Houston.
A participant becomes the capitan in this Houston Experiential Photo Marketing event for NBCUniversal.

Our experience defines us.

Outside or inside, we know how to set up your Houston green screen photo booth.  Because: We’ve survived hurricanes, floods, earthquakes.  We’ll work with you to plan every detail of your booth, so when we walk in, setup is easy.  Because we arrive three hours before your event — or, if possible, the night before — every glitch is worked out.  Tell us your needs, and we’ll deliver.  If something unexpected does happen, we’ll figure that out, too.

Greenscreen Photo Booths to Promote Your Brand

Experiential Photo Marketing

Our Houston green screen photo booths are designed to put a participant in the middle of your brand. Our sophisticated artwork and green screen technology combine to ignite amazing images. Everyone knows the finished image MUST have been created using green screen – but it looks  real. Vivid. Amazing.

Experiential Photo Marketing

Experiential photo marketing uses photos to promote your brand. Our green screen photo booth experiences capture the imagination of participants, and enables them to create – with the help of our experienced photographers – images they can’t wait to post on social media.  Join brands like HBO, Globus Family of Brands, NBC and others to immerse participants into your brand through innovative and creative experiential photo marketing.  Experiential photo marketing can use a Houston green screen photo booth to digitally immerse the participant in your brand OR it can be a traditional photo set.  Even if you use a traditional photo set, we can add other foreground elements digitally; creating amazing, realistic images that marry your band to your participant in creative imaging!

A participant "dives to save the goal" at this PNC Stadium Houston event for Shell Energy.
A participant saves the goal at this Houston green screen photo booth event for Shell Energy.
A green screen photo booth with Shell Energy at PNC Stadium.
A green screen photo booth with Shell Energy at PNC Stadium.
A participant "heads" the ball while Houston Dynamo legend Sebastian Ferreira drives towards the goal at this Houston Greenscreen Photo Booth.
A participant "heads" the ball while Houston Dynamo legend Sebastian Ferreira drives towards the goal at this Houston Greenscreen Photo Booth.

Houston Green Screen Photo Booths that Bend Reality.

Have you seen the latest videos that have major politicians in trouble?  They’ve taken the news media by storm.

Using artificial intelligence, an artist superimposes and combines an authentic live image with stock footage.  Of course, selectively — so, suddenly, celebrity faces are appearing in adult videos, malicious news videos, and hoaxes.  We’re not suggesting the trend of using technology to fool everyone is a good thing.  At least, not when your intentions are malicious.

But when it’s all in good fun?  Well, all bets are off.  Our green screen photo booths use similar technology.  The “stock footage” is the background image, and we superimpose a participant into that scene.  Unlike regular green screen you see at events, our reality-bending Houston green screen photo booths work to create photos that are difficult to distinguish as fake.  We enhance the superimposed image to mimic the look and feel of the background.  Lighting is altered.  “Grain” — an artifact of film for backgrounds based on artwork prior to 2001 — is added.  Even the color and saturation is changed on the mind-bending image to mimic the authentic background.

We are Houston green screen photographers.  We are digital artists.  Everything we do at our Houston green screen photo booths is to create images that trick the mind into believing what you see in front of you is real.

But it’s not.  And, it’s all in good fun.

Houston green screen photo booth featuring Spock's Mind Meld
A houston green screen photo booth features the famous Mind Meld with Spock from Star Trek.

Our Houston Green Screen Photo Booths Explained in 2 Minutes.

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Houston Green Screen Photography: How we do what we do.

When you think of your typical Houston Green Screen Photo Booth, what comes to mind?  An enclosed booth like you see at the Galleria?  Funny props, and clear written instructions telling the participant what to do?  We love a traditional photo booth, but that’s not what we offer.  When we are hired to provide green screen photography services at events, it’s to ensure two things.  First, participants must have a blast.  Second, the photos must look great.  To achieve both goals, we have a core principal:  great photographers create create images.

National Event Photographers

Our national event photographers, which direct every green screen photo execution, are just that:  directors.  Your participants become actors: creating a scene that centers them into your brand.  But don’t misunderstand: everyone has a great time creating their image. Because we use deluxe props, sophisticated digital layering, and have skilled photographers, we create both great experiential photo marketing AND a fun, over the top experience.

We create green screen photos that mimic reality.  Photos that trick the eye into believing something is “real” when it’s not.   Everything we do is to create a sophisticated photo set, unbelievable immersive artwork , and an energized photo experience .  Because of this, we create a one-of-a-kind experiential photo marketing image that explodes social media.  More on How We Do What We Do.

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Houston Red Carpet Event Photography
Houston Red Carpet Photographers

We are national event photographers, and we’ve run a lot of red carpets.  Gala events from the Tribeca Film Festival for American Express to the NASCAR Red Carpet for the Sprint Cup, we’ve seen it all.  Politicians.  Celebrities.  Athletes.  If you have a special event planned where your participants will be front and center with high profile people — call us.  We’ll help you create a traditional meet and greet, or something a little more over-the-top.

  • Houston Red carpet event photography.  Step and repeat photo opportunities.
  • Meet and greet photography with A-list celebrities.
  • Instant printing of red carpet photos.
  • Instant upload to social media of red carpet moments.
  • Immediate email or text messaging of photos from the red carpet.
  • Lead red carpet event photographers for the Sprint Cup VIP NASCAR Red Carpet.
  • Red carpet event photographers for the Tribeca Film Festival.
A Houston Red Carpet Photographers meet and greet with Florida Georgia Line
At the same private concert for General Mills, participants greet the band Florida Georgia Line back stage.

“There’s unquestionable TLC poured into the work from Mike and Matthew at US Event Photos. Not only are the photo outputs awesome, but they pride in making sure every visitor gets an experience full of fun and positive energy. Definitely recommend this team for your event photography needs!” — Ila Parvaz, HBO

Houston HeadShot Photo Booths

Images Instantly Touched Up

While you have the team together in Houston or the surrounding area – it’s the perfect time to refresh your headshots. Our Houston headshot photo booth is unique in the country – because of HOW we shoot, and our technology.

  • We capture energized traditional and not-so-traditional headshots.
  • Headshots are automatically touched up by our software.
  • Participants instantly email themselves their photos.
  • We take a series of images and participants pick the ones they like.
  • We tailor the experience to each participant’s personality.
  • Our system doesn’t “over correct” headshots.   Therefore, you won’t look like Kim Kardashian (unless you want to!)

Full Customization of options

  • Participant emails are branded to your company.
  • You can include web links, links to social media profiles, and other promotional material within the full HTML email.
  • We can also customize the booth itself to seamlessly integrate into your event.  We have small, compact booths for tight spaces, and large, luxurious studio sets for an impressive display.  We’ll work with your event designers to make sure everything fits perfectly and reflects your brand’s image.
  • You’ll receive all data collected at the Houston headshot photo booth.  We can even expand what data is collected to fit your industry specific need.
  • Our national event photographers are your headshot photographers.  We are professional, energized, engaged photographers who know how to run a fast paced event.  We’ll you a little breathless.
  • Our company is LGTBQ owned and will help your participants feel at ease from any community.

Data Capture and Our Houston Photo Booths

No matter what type of Houston Photo Booth you want: our green screen photo booth, red carpet photo booth, or head shot photo booth, we’ll collect participant data at the event.  Further, we’ll provide that information to you through standard Excel files.  Data capture can be basic: participant email, phone number, what image they sent — or it can be extended.  Tell us what you need, and we’ll take care of it.  Because a photo release form can be part of the data capture experience, we can even satisfy your legal department.

All data capture is included in our rates.  We’ll provide our exclusive After Action Reports, which detail all results of the photo experience.  Every aspect of the event is analyzed:  what worked, what can be improved upon, and spread across social media channels.  Everything is detailed.  Our comprehensive report lets you optimize the photo booth for your next event.

An LGTBQ Company

We'll help all your participants be at ease.
Houston headshot photo booths. We take traditional and non-traditional headshots and automatically touch them up.
Our Houston headshot photo booths take a series of photos for each participant, automatically touch those photos up, and email all of them in full resolution from the event floor.
Houston headshot photo booths at conventions
We can setup our Houston Headshot Photo Booth anywhere. Conventions, conferences, executive meetings -- give us a little space and we'll create the perfect portable studio for capturing flattering headshots which are ready immediately for use.

Houston Corporate Headshot Photography

We were thinking: we can take Houston corporate headshots instantly at events, touch them up, and export them right to the participant.  And, those headshots are indistinguishable from traditional studio photos, so why can’t we travel to larger Houston corporate offices and execute our headshots for entire teams?  Because time restraints are less than an event floor, our Houston Corporate Headshot Photography can offer even more extensive headshot services.  And, if you have a large team, these Houston corporate headshot photography services might be a great fit.

Here’s the details:

  • Mike and Matthew travel to your office or team meeting and setup their fully portable, complete professional Houston corporate headshot photography studio.
  • We are an LGTBQ team and help ALL your employees feel comfortable.
  • We’ll instantly touch up your Houston corporate headshot photography images using our exclusive software. No waiting days for your photos to be processed.
  • Houston Green screen headshots are available. Green screen lets us drop out the green background and export the image to a variety of stylized scenes.
  • We’ll take a mix of traditional and not-so-traditional photos of each participant in each mini-session. We capture photos that reflect the spirit of your team.
  • Taken individually, each photo will look great. Together, the photos work together to create a cohesive marketing image.
  • We’ll take between 10 and 20 headshots of each team member. You’ll have access to all the instantly touched up photos, in real time, through our cloud services.
  • Your team members will email their favorite headshots directly to themselves, so they’ll have instant access to their images.
  • Each Houston corporate headshot photography image will be tagged with the team member’s last name. Just type their name into your team’s headshot gallery, and only their photos will display.
  • The gallery can be password protected.
  • Click HERE for more information.
examples of Houston corporate headshot photography including green screen headshot photos
Examples of traditional and not-so-traditional Houston corporate headshot photography

How many Houston corporate headshots have you seen that don’t show personality?  How often do you see images that capture individual spirit and tell a story?  We don’t just create professional headshot photos; we capture Houston corporate headshots that show both the individuality and the coherence of your entire team.