Convention Headshots in our Phoenix Headshot Photo Booths

The Phoenix convention headshots we capture at our Phoenix headshot photo booths are unique.  It’s not just that we instantly touch up (think Photoshop) every headshot as we take them, and then export all the photos to participants so they have instant access to the convention headshots we just captured.  It’s not just that we engage our subjects and help them feel relaxed in front of our headshot camera.  And it’s not just that our LGTBQ national photography team is always on location.  It’s all those things.  And more.

How many headshots have you seen that just blend into the background?  How often do you see images that capture personality and tell a story?  We don’t just create professional Phoenix convention headshots;  we capture convention headshots that show the personality of the people we photograph.

Whenever we setup our convention headshots at your convention booth, we create photos that support your brand.

What are our sessions like?  First, national event photographer Mike Gatty and/or Matthew Frey are always on site to capture the photos.  Next, we invite each participant in front of our portable, complete, professional headshot studio.  We engage.  Help them relax.  Laugh.  Joke.  When people are relaxed, they’re photogenic.  They’re themselves.  That’s what creates a great photo.  Next, we take a group of images.  About 10, sometimes more.  All the photos are exported immediately to our proprietary software, which “touches up” every individual photo to be flattering.  Life’s little blemishes are erased.  Every participant, every photo is touched up.  Finally, all the convention headshots are exported to our iPad system, where participants immediately review their photos, select the ones they like (or all of them!) and email the photos directly to themselves.  The entire process takes about three minutes, but while one participant is emailing their photos, the photographer has moved on to the next person.   The result?  We service about 60 people an hour through our portable Phoenix convention headshot photo booths.

Phoenix Headshot Photo Lounge

A participant poses at our Phoenix headshot photo booths designed for Allspring Global Financial at a convention.
A participant poses at our Phoenix headshot photo booths designed for Allspring Global Financial at a convention.

Phoenix Headshot Photo Booths

  • We capture energized traditional and not-so-traditional headshots at our Phoenix headshot lounge.
  • Headshots are automatically touched up by our software.
  • Participants instantly email themselves their photos.
  • We take a series of images; participants pick the ones they like.
  • We tailor the experience to each participant’s personality.
  • Our system doesn’t “over correct” headshots.  You won’t look like Kim Kardashian (unless you want to!)
  • Participant emails are branded to your company.
  • You can include web links, links to social media profiles, and other promotional material within the full HTML email.
  • We can also customize the booth itself to seamlessly integrate into your event.  We have small, compact booths for tight spaces, and large, luxurious studio sets for an impressive display.  We’ll work with your event designers to make sure everything fits perfectly and reflects your brand’s image.
  • You’ll receive all data collected at the Phoenix headshot photo booth.  We can even expand what data is collected to fit your industry specific need.
  • Our national event photographers are your headshot photographers.  We are professional, energized, engaged photographers who know how to run a fast-paced event that will leave you a little breathless.
  • Our company is LGTBQ owned and will help your participants feel at ease from any community.
Our portable Phoenix headshot photo booths set up at any convention for perfect, studio-similar images.

More details on our unique touch up software.

Our Phoenix headshot photo booth software is unique.

US Event Photos is the only national event photography firm with this automatic touch up software.   We developed the software, and the entire process, after a client called one day and asked, “is it possible to touch up convention headshots automatically?’

Yes, it’s possible.  Here’s how our software is different.

  • We customize the filters based on sex  and other factors.  Without that customization, software would over-correct participants.
  • We take a series of photos.  “One and done” just doesn’t work for headshots.
  • Our photographers engage the participants, helping them pose.  We shoot different angles, poses, heights, framing.
  • Generally, we take about 10 photos of a participant.  After correction, the participant chooses the photo(s) they like.
  • Only those photos selected by the participant are emailed or text messaged to the participant.
  • The iPad and email are customized with your brand’s logo.
  • Photos can be emailed in full resolution if requested.
  • We use a complete portable photo studio for the Phoenix Headshot Photo Booths.  Resulting photos are indistinguishable from traditional studio portraits.
Phoenix headshot photo booths. We take a series of photos for each participant, automatically touch them up, and send them all in full resolution from the event floor.
Our Phoenix headshot photo booths take a series of photos for each participant, automatically touch those photos up, and email all of them in full resolution from the event floor.

Phoenix convention headshots automatically touched up.

Phoenix Headshot Photo Booths. Convention headshots in Seconds.

Our Phoenix Headshot Photo booths are fast.
  • True, we will put your participant at ease.
  • True, we capture both traditional and not-so-traditional poses in our Phoenix headshot photo booths.
  • True, we specialize in diversity and women’s events.
  • True, our approach means everyone is photogenic.
  • True, our Phoenix headshot photographers pose each participant.
  • True, our system is tailored to each participant.  We won’t “over correct” a participant.
  • True, we take about 10 photos for each person.  They’ll love at least one.
  • True, we touch up the photos immediately.
  • True, the entire process takes about 3-5 minutes.
  • Click here for examples of past shoots.
An unusual participant poses for this convention headshot at a Phoenix headshot photo booth.
An unusual participant poses for this convention headshot at a Phoenix headshot photo booth.

An LGTBQ Company

We'll help all your participants be at ease.
A Phoenix convention headshots participant poses at the Phoenix headshot photo booths with automatic touch up.
A Phoenix convention headshots participant poses at the Phoenix headshot photo booths with automatic touch up.

FAQ About Our Phoenix Headshot Photo Lounge and Planning Materials

The photo lounge — also called a headshot photo booth — is designed to take great convention headshots at events, and export those images for participant use on social media.  Here are the most common questions about integrating a headshot photo booth into your event space:

How much space is required for the Phoenix Headshot Photo Booths?

The headshot photo booth can fit in a smaller footprint than other photo executions.  By definition, headshots are taken of individuals, one participant at a time.  That means the background can be smaller, since only one participant poses for the photos.  We can use a small, pop-up style background, which takes up about 5′ of background space, or a larger, 8′ scrim style background.  It all depends on the space you have available, and how you’d like the photo booth to look.  From the back wall, we need less than 10′, which means the entire photo experience can fit in a space 5′ wide by less than 10′ deep.  Our studio for Phoenix convention headshots fits into a small space.

Power Requirements for the Phoenix Headshot Photo Lounge:

Power requirements for the Phoenix headshot photo lounge is the same as other photo executions.  A simple 5 amp, standard wall receptacle  is is fine, which is adjacent to the photo area.  We’ll bring standard extension cords to run power, and will tape down all power.  Keep in mind you don’t want to run power across main aisles or traffic paths.

How long do the photos take?  What is the capacity of the booth?

We run our Convention headshots photo lounge a bit differently than other photo companies.  First, we do “mini sessions” of about 6 – 10 photos of each participant.  All the photos we take in that few minute period are immediately imported into the system by the photographer, as the participant moves from in front of the camera to the iPad area.  The photographer selects a touch-up filter that is customized to the participant, applies that filter to all the photos in the mini-session, and exports all the images to the iPads.  The touch-up process takes about 30 seconds.  All the touched-up photos are now available on the iPads, and the photo assistant selects all the images, and emails all the photos to the participant.  That takes another 30 seconds.  While the assistant is helping the participant, the photographer has moved onto the next in line.  Participants actually select the photos they like when they receive the email, not on the event floor.  That keeps an even line flow.

We can photograph about 50 participants per hour, comfortably, with each head shot photo lounge set.  The entire process takes a couple of minutes for each person.  Our Phoenix convention headshots, however, are indistinguishable from traditional headshots captured at a photo studio.

How extensive is the touch-up process?

We customize each touch up based on feed back from the participant.  Some people want extensive correction, others just a little.  We like to tell people the finished photos will just “look like you got a nice, restful sleep.  The touch up process helps refresh you.”  Our process is customized to age, sex, skin type, and other factors that are participant specific and are specified by the photographer at the time of processing.

Are the convention headshots printed at the Phoenix headshot photo lounge?

Typically, no, the convention headshots aren’t printed on location like at other types of photo executions.  If you’d like prints available, let us know, and we can provide that service — but it isn’t typically wanted for head shots.

What resolution are the Phoenix convention headshots sent?

We send large file sizes to the participant — 1800 pixels — from our Phoenix headshot photo booths.  There is a link on the email/ text message for the participant to download complimentary full resolution files from our gallery.  Sometimes we send the full file sizes out with the email, and eliminate the need for a gallery.  However, if internet is slow, that can cause the emails to arrive after the event conclusion (instead of immediately from the event floor).

Are the Phoenix convention headshots public?

Usually.  However, they don’t have to be.  They can be password protected.  Also, images CAN be tagged with participant names and made searchable (so the participant can bring up just their photos) — however, that does add a few minutes to the work flow on the event floor.  Most participants like the link to be private — password protected — but don’t care if other participants see their photos, so tagging with their names is usually not needed.

Can you customize the background for the Phoenix convention headshots?

Short answer — yes.  We do suggest the logo be off to one side of the background, and not across the top.  Top placement doesn’t work well.  However, we do have a customization service to brand the background.  Production takes about three weeks.

Headshots at Conventions Guidelines:  Our Suggestions for Great Phoenix Convention Headshots (Dropbox Link)

Phoenix convention headshots that show personality of the participant.
Phoenix convention headshots that show personality of the participant.
A deluxe phoenix head shot photo booth with an 8' grey background
An Phoenix Headshot Photo Booth for Autodesk. These back to back headshot stations permit two participants at once, doubling our capacity.
A Phoenix convention headshot at a conference for podcasters and influencers.
A Phoenix convention headshot at a conference for podcasters and influencers.

Phoenix Headshot Photo Booths: Emails & Texts

Phoenix Convention Headshots Sent Instantly with Custom Emails & Texts

At our Phoenix headshot photo booths, participants can email and/or text message their photos right from the Phoenix convention headshots photo experience.  Those emails are branded with your branding and are full HTML.  We’ll help you customize the email with an easy-to-use worksheet, providing you with a template that makes it easy create the email just how you want it.  The header is customized with your graphics; include hashtags within the body of the email, links to web pages you want to highlight, anything you’d like to communicate to the participant.  Or, if your sponsor is supporting the booth, we’ll work directly with that sponsor to create the email exactly how’d they’d like it.

Phoenix convention headshots are also text messaged directly to the participant from the event floor.  The text is an MMS text message, which is “geek speak” for it looks really good.  The Phoenix convention headshots are instantly touched up and sent immediately from the event floor.  The result?  Phoenix convention headshots participants – and sponsors – and you—love.

Data Collection and Our Phoenix Headshot Photo Lounge

Our Phoenix headshot photo booths are the perfect vehicle for collecting participant data. What data do we collect? That’s up to you. Whatever you want us to gather, we’ll provide in a simple Excel spreadsheet so you can easily import the information into your systems.
Our standard data collection includes participant text phone numbers, email address, and their first and last name.  However, we can also collect customized participant data specific to your needs.
For example, one of our core clients requires the “booking telephone number” of each participant, because that is how they track their clients. So, we customize a field within our system to collect that information. Other clients require billing zip codes, or business phone numbers, or other materials that might not fit the standard fields. No problem. Tell us what you need, and we’ll tweak our platform to gather that information.
Even better, it’s included in our rate.

The email sent with our Phoenix convention headshots is fully customizable with your logo, web links, hashtags, and anything else you'd like to communicate.
The email sent with our Phoenix convention headshots is fully customizable with your logo, web links, hashtags, and anything else you'd like to communicate.
Our Phoenix convention headshots are emailed right from the event floor using our provided iPads.
Our Phoenix convention headshots are emailed right from the event floor using our provided iPads.