We bring passion, energy and vibrancy to our green screen photo booths that will leave you a little breathless. From the first click of the camera’s shutter to the very last participant, everyone will walk away feeling like models on a runway. If your participants aren’t having a blast — why do it? Why not pull out all the stops? Why not provide a lasting experience?

  • Hold on to your hair.  We bring energy and passion to the shoot.
  • We fit to your space and plan around you.
  • Your brand on everything.  Emails.  Photos.  Social media.
  • Artwork that will stop you in your tracks.
  • Photo sets that look great and fit your space seamlessly.
  • We provide our own Internet.  You don’t need to spend money on venue Internet.
  • Our After Action Reports quantify results.
  • Flat rate pricing across the United States.  Stop explaining to local photographers what you need.

National Flat Rate Pricing

Your events take you to Las Vegas, Orlando, Denver, San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, and Baltimore.  Don’t you want to offer the same experience in each of those cities?   We’ve designed our business so you tell us when and where, and we handle the rest.  Our green screen photo booths offer:

  • Flat rate national pricing means no hidden fees for travel expenses.
  • A consistent experience wherever your events take you.
  • We have offices in Las Vegas, Washington, DC and Orlando/ Tampa — however we’re just as likely to be shooting in Denver or Detroit.
  • We’ll assign one of our key partners to your account.  Whenever possible, you’ll work with the same professional, nationwide.
  • We offer package rates for multi-city events.
  • Our After-Action Reports will compare and contrast each event and each market, detailing your return on investment.
A participant at a Las Vegas green screen photo booths event for Globus Family of Brands
A Las Vegas green screen photo booth for Globus Family of Brands.

Your eyes lie.

We create jaw dropping artwork, custom to your brand.  Green screen images, produced on the event floor, in seconds.  Finished images that are so realistic, you’ll look twice.  You know it must be fake.  You know the guy in the blue suit (see below) isn’t really with the cast of HBO’s The Vice Principals.  Or, is he?  Don’t trust your eyes.  Your eyes lie.

  • Jaw-dropping artwork customized to your brand.
  • We furnish authentic props that add to the illusion.
  • Participants are immersed in your brand experience.
  • People love to share these images on social media.
  • We’ll drive traffic to your experience.
  • Our photographers engage, entice and excite participants throughout the experience.
  • Custom sets sized to your available space.
  • Upload live to participant social media, custom HTML emails, and/or text messages.
A participant joins the cast of the Substitutes for this Orlando Green Screen photo booth
A participant (the gentleman in the blue suit) "poses" with the characters of HBO's The Vice Principals. Only the participant is real, everything else is added digitally. Orlando Green Screen Photo Booth.

Green Screen Photobooth Library, organized by theme. Your eyes will lie.



We customize our green screen photo booths to fit your space.

Our solid, metal framed backgrounds are clean and polished.

We customize the artwork to your brand.  It’ll be jaw-dropping.

Expect a glitch-free photo experience.  We make it look easy.

A Dallas green screen photo booth for the Travel Channel at Market Center
A custom green screen photo booth for Honda at Airventure in Wisconsin.
A Las Vegas green screen photo booth featuring a participant posing with James Bond
An Orlando green screen photo booth featuring a participant winning an Olympic race at Centennial Park

Our photographers are funny, energized, and cool.  Get ready.

A las vegas green screen photo booth featuring a woman putting her head in a lion's jaw.

We’ll quantify results with (painstakingly) detailed After Action Reports.

A Las Vegas green screen photo booth featuring a participant posing for a selfie with Johnny Depp

National flat rate pricing.  We go where you go.  Just tell us where and when.

An Orlando green screen photo booth featuring a participant posing with Mickey at the castle

Luxe props to add to the photo experience.  Is it real or green screen?

A Miami green screen photo booth for Globus at a local cruise show

After Action Reports Detail Results

First, we are creative, energetic, passionate photographers.  Second, we are geeks.  Total geeks.  We love numbers.  Data.  We love to quantify results from our green screen photo booths, and use those results to build better future experiences.

  • You’ll receive CSV files of collected participant data from our green screen photo booths — like their email.
  • The After Action Report details social spread; impressions and reach across social media.
  • We look at both what worked, and what we can improve on for future experiential photo marketing booths.
  • For booths that are part of a “tour”, we compare results from each event.  We even compare previous years, when available.
  • For multi-day events, we provide day-end recaps, so each day can be better than the last.
  • See how we’ve worked with our Core Clients to build national photo experiences using this data.  Here’s an example of photos typical from one of our green screen photo booths, this example from a Las Vegas green screen photo booth.