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National Event Experiential Photo Marketing

We are National Event Photographers

National Event Photographers

Your business has no borders, and neither do we.  With offices in Washington, DC, Tampa and Las Vegas, we are as likely to be shooting in Seattle, Denver and Boston as our home towns.  When we first conceived this business, potential clients would ask, “where are you from?”  Our answer was always the same:  the jet way of Southwest Airlines.

Specializing in corporate event photography, you can’t pick one city and ignore the rest.  You have to go where you’re needed — and offer the same sophisticated experiences in both smaller markets and the major cities.

Our photographers are owners and managers in our business, and they travel to each city to work every event.  Our clients partner with our professional photographers.  They get to know each other and a strong relationship is built.

Houston convention photography 1
Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line sings at a private concert for General Mill's Executive Conference.

Core Clients and Our National Service

Our core clients are partners that use our services for multiple events throughout the year.  Those events travel throughout the United States.   We design a photo contract for the entire “tour”.  In other cases, we have partners that hire us once a year, each year for the same event-  that event is almost never held in the same location.  However, they know wherever their event is held, they can team with us at each location to achieve consistent images that tell their story.

We’ve worked with some of these clients for a decade or more.  For a few, they are new to our family.  With each, we’ve developed a deep, personal relationship. Here are a few examples:

  • General Mills:  We’ve photographed their executive conferences, coast to coast, for the past decade.
  • HBO:  Hired originally to produce a “Throne Event” in Bluefield, WVA,  for the past three years we’ve provided experiential photo marketing at their major events.
  • Carpet One:  With two conventions each year, we’ve traveled throughout the United States to capture their executive conferences.
  • Travel and Adventure Show:  We started the show with Travel Channel four years ago.  Now we are hired directly by show management, and the green screen booth has grown into a major attraction  — with additional corporate sponsors.
  • Globus Family of Brands:  We met Globus just a year ago, now we travel throughout the United States (and beyond) representing their brand and providing experiential photo marketing, putting participants on their river cruises and engaging in brand experiences.
  • Arizona Office of Tourism:  We are now a major part of their tour in order to showcase Arizona throughout the world.
Dallas green screen photo booths 12
A green screen photo for HBO / AT&T. Only the participant in the hat is real, everything else is added digitally. We provide props to add authenticity to our experiential photo booths.

``We just tell our partners at US Event Photos when and where. They take care of the rest.``
-- Jamie Daer, Arizona Office of Tourism.

Phoenix red carpet photography 1
A red carpet event for the National Association of Broadcasters with Jon Bon Jovi.

Services Available, Coast to Coast

As your events take you throughout the United States, your needs may change.  As your partner, here is what we can offer you — all at a flat rate price in our event cities.

  • Experiential Photo Marketing and our  Green Screen Photo Booths.  Designing brand immersive photo experiences for your participant.  Hollywood designed photo sets with custom artwork that will rock any event.
  • Head Shot Studio:  event head shot booths with auto-touch up.  Not your typical head shot booth, we offer mini-sessions for participants and a selection of photos for them to choose from.  All photos are automatically touched up — and are indistinguishable from head shots that are taken in a traditional studio.
  • Convention Photography:  We’ll photograph your corporate convention, with photos that tell the story of your executive event.  Coast to coast.  All with instant access to edited and polished images.
  • Red Carpet Photography:  Celebrity meet and greets to major award ceremonies- we will capture your gala event wherever the red carpet unfurls.

No matter what your photography needs, you’ll work directly with one of our team members to make your event perfect.  Multiple events or a single need, we’ll take care of you.  Coast to coast.  At a competitive flat rate.

national green screen event photography

Previous National Event Photomarketing Tours

Examples of Past National Tours

We’ve had some amazing previous national event tours.  Here are a few.

  • Pemex (the national oil and gas company of Mexico) — events throughout small and large Mexican destinations, to bring a brand message to participants about the core values of the oil and gas company.  We traveled to six destinations, large and small.
  • AARP  We’ve worked on various projects with AARP for years, including their national member events.  In fact, it’s been suggested the first ability to post to Facebook (by participants, from the event floor, to the participant’s Facebook account) happened at one of their early member events.  Prior to this event, no one had a system to post to participant Facebook.  We were the first.  Our partnership with AARP continues, including a fun green screen event this past year at Wings Over Houston, a huge air show.
  • Honda Racing:  Honda provided Mario Andretti’s two seat Indycar, and we designed a green screen photo experience around the car.  That evolved into a partnership with Honda Jet, which continues to this day.  For three years, we provided the photo experience at all the domestic Indycar races.  Our Honda Jet partnership continues.  We continue to work with Honda, including a Nascar event this past year.
  • Virtustream:  Virtustream, to showcase the speed of their platform, had us at six events nationwide.  We photographed participants riding a motorcycle through the wilderness of each destination.
green screen event photography 2
A green screen photo booth for the Travel Channel at the Travel and Adventure Shows
green screen event photography 3
A custom green screen photo booth for Honda Jet at Airventure.
green screen event photography washington dc
A custom green screen photo booth in Washington, DC

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