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Arizona Office of Tourism green screen photography
A group of participants pose in front of the Grand Canyon. Traditional Green Screen Photo.
Arizona Office oF Tourism green screen photo booth 2
An Interactive green screen photo. The rock faces are two different layers to sandwich the participant into the photo.
arizona green screen photography 4
The photo that served as inspiration for the green screen image above.

Interactive vs. Traditional Green Screen Photo Booths

Experience Arizona wherever you are: within Arizona or across the world.   No matter which type of green screen photo experience a participant selects, we’ll instantly transport them into a unique Arizona experience.  There are two types of green screen backgrounds:

Traditional Green Screen

In a traditional green screen photo booth, participants select from a series of backgrounds — up to a dozen — select their props, and a photo is captured.  The photo is then combined against the background image they selected, exported, printed, emailed and / or text messaged by the participant.

These are fast photos, taken at large events, and offer a wide variety of backgrounds for participants to select.  The substitutions are “simple”: the participant is the foreground and their selected image is the background.  Authenticity relies mainly on props.

  • great for larger groups
  • great to showcase a variety of Arizona destinations.
  • great for moving people in and out of the photo booth, providing large numbers of prints fast and efficiently.
  • less emphasis is on a “real” looking image; more important is the participant having fun, typically with a larger group posing in the photo.

Interactive Green Screen

An interactive green screen experience uses more advanced green screen photography techniques to recreate authentic images.  When these photos are finished, they should look authentic, almost indistinguishable to “real” photos showcasing common Arizona scenes.  Through the use of layers, authentic props, and digitally manipulated lighting, an Interactive green screen will recreate photos that look and feel authentic and immersive.

  • Uses layers within the photo to sandwich the participant into the scene, helping the finished photo look “real”.
  • Lighting is digitally manipulated to reproduce the mood in the original photo, so everything matches.
  • Because these are layered images, usually there is a specific spot for the participant — which means these photos lend themselves to individual vs. group participation.
  • These photos take a little longer to create.  The feel at the photo booth is like a Hollywood production.  The photographer acts as director, and the participant like an actor.
Phoenix green screen photo booths 11
For Geek Day at the Phoenix Film Festival a good example of Interactive backgrounds weve done for AOT In this case participants could pick their super hero which was a layer

Arizona Office of Tourism Photo Marketing

Types of Photo Holders

Different events call for different collateral.  In some cases, you may want to go with the traditional clear photo protectors.  These are always included in our rates, and are our basic photo holder.  The clear holder enables branding printed on the photo to shine through.

Clear Photo Protector:

green screen photo protector
The traditional photo protector 5×7 shown








Photo holder pricing

Clear Photo Protector with Branded Post Card

These are traditional postcards, pre-printed, and inserted into the photo holder.   The front is full color, the back black and white.  It can be a scenic post card featuring a background from Arizona, that a participant can then mail at a later time, or can feature branding and messaging to meet your needs.  The postcards are inserted into the photo holders in advance.  The participant’s photo is then placed in front of the post card.  Small to large print runs are available, making this a great branded alternative to a full bleed, deluxe photo holders.

Folder Holder with a post card inserted Photo will go in back of the postcard shown below

post card photo holder
The participants photo in the holder the post card is in front

Deluxe Full Bleed Photo Holders

Last, deluxe full bleed photo holders are available.  For some of our core clients, we’ve printed several thousand of these with generic branding that can be used at multiple events.  For other clients, they have the holders printed specific for each event.  Because the photo holders are only economical if printed 2,000 or more, it makes sense to use these either at larger events, or at multiple events.

Deluxe full bleed photo holders They are color and printed on all surfaces Photo is inside and held with die cut slits

A deluxe photo holder for Honda Jet We use the same photo holders every year since they arent branded for the event

A fan and a foul ballChicago Experiential Photo marketing event with Arizona Office of Tourism.
Arizona Office of Tourism Green Screen Photogrpahy 3
AOT Green Screen Photo Booth 3
AOT Green Screen Photography 5
green screen photographer Michael Gatty
AOT green screen photography