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Baltimore Commercial Photography

Baltimore brand photography

We are Baltimore commercial photographers who specialize in small business.  Let’s face it: big business knows how to brand.  They have libraries of brand photos ready to go: able to be rolled out for social media, web press releases, media campaigns, Tweet storms, TikTok videos, content marketing.  Whatever they need.  At their fingertips.  They have freelance photographers that create brand imaging, they have in-house photographers that capture more photos, graphic design teams, web teams, social networking teams, even branding executives.  All working in unison to promote their big national vision.  Better known as a brand.

Kind of intimidating, isn’t it?  We know how big business brands itself, because for 20 years — at least in the event space — we’ve worked with those companies to help create their messaging.  Their branding.  And we continue to do so.  We’ve helped create social media campaigns, build buzz for television series, capture the imagination for sporting events, promote travel destinations: all through our national experiential photo marketing services.

We’ve worked to create corporate headshots for some of the biggest names in photography.  Yes, in photography.  For example, Adobe — that Adobe — the company that invented Photoshop — hires us at events to capture headshots for their team.  (Honestly, it’s just a little intimidating).  Even Twitter — the company Twitter– has hired us to produce headshots at events for their leadership teams.  They hire us because we come into an event, set up our portable headshot photo booth, and capture great images faster than any traditional photo studio.  We’ve worked with HBO to promote Game of Thrones and Westworld.  (No, not The Wire.)  We’ve worked with NBC to promote the new Will and Grace.  Telemundo and World Cup.  Even C-Span and Book TV.

Right before the pandemic hit, we moved our operations to Baltimore.  Now, it makes sense to expand our local Baltimore commercial photography services to meet the needs of small business right here in Charm City.  We can help develop a library of images — just like the big guys have — for your business.  Photos for websites, social media campaigns, content marketing, press releases, advertisements — whatever your need, we’ve got you covered.  You’ll work directly with lead photographer Mike Gatty to create Baltimore commercial photography images that explode your local marketing.  He’s creative and geeky.  He’s also super easy to work with and not intimidating.  Tell him what your thinking.  Then hold tight because quiet time is over.

Baltimore corporate photography for websites and content marketing.
Baltimore corporate green screen photography for websites and content marketing. An attorney at his desk,

Baltimore Commercial Photographers.  A commercial photography shoot for a local attorney.  On Monday, the attorney’s business manager contacted us to capture photos for his web site.  The manager provided a “shot list” furnished by the team creating the site. We scheduled the shoot in the attorney’s conference room for Thursday.  By Friday we’d sent a gallery of images that fulfilled the requests of the web design team, and added additional images for future use — including this green screen image of the attorney working.  The image suggests an approachable lawyer who is dedicated and hard working.  The courtroom is intentionally vague and could be anywhere in the country.

“It was an incredible photo session with Mike in Baltimore. He captured exactly what we needed for our new website…caught the perfect poses and moods. Mike is as professional as you get…the best equipment, the fastest service and most importantly, the highest quality of results. Mike brings out everyone’s personality at their very best. A+++ can’t recommend him enough!” — Barbara Barbler, Baltimore.

Baltimore photographer for musicians and bands
Author and speaker Shelley Brown in a promotional photo for her website.

Whether you’re an artist or an author, we can capture photos of you to begin building your brand.  We’ve photographed national bands and musicians for years in the corporate event structure, and proudly bring that expertise to Baltimore.  When local author Shelley Brown needed some candid photos of her speaking for her promotional use, we helped her create images to send to publicists.

Baltimore Photos for Websites

Baltimore commercial photographers that deliver photos for your website that fulfill your creative vision.  Creating a brand is tough because it’s personal.  Especially when you are a small business — that brand might be your corporate image, but it might also reflect you, personally.  How do you want to be perceived by your customers?  Tough?  Approachable?  Traditional and strong?  Cutting edge and nimble?

Sending the right message means having a website that supports that brand, a social media campaign that mirrors those themes, content marketing that defines your role as the leading expert in your field.  It all starts with the website: and the first thing you do is hire a web designer.  Who sends you the image requirements.  You look at them.  Read them.  It’s like Greek geek speak.  You read them again.  Star them in your inbox.  There they remain to be deciphered on another day.  Baltimore photos for websites takes creativity and technical skill.  It takes artistry to bring your brand to life; and the knowledge to know how to create that imaging.  Mike’s 20 years of experience in the event space pays off for these photos.  He comes to you, sets up, captures photos for your website, works around all the obstacles on location photography brings — and churns out great images.  For these web photos, he can capture traditional images right in your space — or Baltimore commercial photography greenscreen photos that add flexibility to your messaging.  Best of all, he’ll work with your web designer to get them the images they need, in the specs that they need, without you having to worry about it.  He speaks geek.

While we’re Baltimore commercial photographers, we also are pretty great at web marketing.  After all, the first iteration of the US Event Photos Website was in 2005. So we get it.

Baltimore corporate headshot photogaphy panoramic

Baltimore Corporate Headshots

Baltimore corporate headshots.  Our convention headshot photobooth is the bomb with national companies.  We’ve set up at events and corporate meetings to provide headshots for companies like General Mills, Twitter, Adobe, and Autodesk.  We’ve been hired to provide headshots for national content media producers.  Now, we bring our corporate headshot photography expertise to Baltimore.

Building a library of photos to brand your business starts with a great Baltimore corporate headshot.  What does your headshot say about you?  Does it scream your personality?  Does it show who you are as a professional?  Is it fun and quirky?  Or traditional and solid?  What are you trying to achieve with your headshot?  Do you even want a traditional headshot?  What about a candid instead?  Hmmmm… possibilities.

We’ve asked these questions at events for years.  In fact, we pioneered a concept called “instant intimacy”: a style of taking headshots that is becoming the norm among national and Baltimore headshot photographers.  As headshots change and evolve, as styles of Baltimore corporate messaging morph, having a series of headshots in your image library is imperative.  You may not use the same Baltimore headshot for your business card as for Facebook; it might be different on the brading for your podcast than on your LinkedIN profile.   Having a great relationship with your photographer and feeling comfortable in front of the camera is key.  The best headshots are relaxed.  Outgoing.  Extroverted.  Gregarious.  Helping you get into the groove to portray your spirit to the camera is what we do.  What Mike does.  What his partner, Matthew does.  And, together, we can help you build a great headshot library that shows all your complex sides.

Baltimore corporate headshot photography collage of four headshots.

Baltimore Headshot Photography Right In Your Office

Whether you need five members of your team photographed, or 5,000 — we are Baltimore headshot photographers.  We’ll come right to your office, set up our portable headshot photo studio in a common space, and get to work.  You and your team will receive polished, sophisticated headshots within moments of capture.  Join national brands like Autodesk, Twitter and Adobe in utilizing a unique headshot photo service.  The best part?   National photographers Mike Gatty and Matthew Frey make Baltimore their home.  That means getting your Baltimore headshots done quickly and creatively is easier than ever.

Our own Patterson Park Podcast was born during the pandemic.  We decided it was imperative to keep fresh content on our web pages — but with large events shut down, our normal sources of content vanished.  So we created an East Baltimore podcast, featuring local artists, entrepreneurs and activists.  The podcast exploded our social media and kept people interested in our company.  In fact, it was so successful, that host and lead photographer Mike Gatty is keeping it as part of our corporate brand even as live events return.  In addition, we’ve created special LGBTQIA+ content to celebrate pride month — something part of our business brand and personality.  In addition to the podcast itself, we created a Paterson Park Podcast Facebook Group Page, where we — and the community we’re developing — can talk directly to an audience of superfans.  An audience we are building, creating.  You can build an audience, too.  We can help.  It takes time.  And content.  Content is king.

Photos and Videos for Baltimore Commercial Photography Branding

Baltimore content marketing

Baltimore commercial photographers for content marketing.  Wait, what?  You just got comfortable with taking a new headshot.  You are thinking having a library of photos to promote your brand isn’t a bad idea.  Every morning you wake up and look at Facebook and think, “what do I post today?”  Then multiply that feeling across social media:  what do I tweet now?  What do I put on Instagram this afternoon?  What do I have for YouTube?  What is TikTok and why do I think it’s goofy?

Here’s the thing.  To truly get the most out of social media, you should consider content marketing.  Content marketing is the culmination of social media.  On the most basic level,  Baltimore content marketing develops your social media accounts to give you an audience to speak with, again and again.  It creates super fans for you and your brand.  People who don’t just follow you, but look forward to what you and your business have to say.  When you break past typical social media posts and move into the informational, that’s when you’re tapping content marketing.  It’s a constant creative force.  People are hungry for information.  And the business that delivers relevant information into the consumer’s daily life thrives.

Think about it this way.  If you’re a car mechanic, why not create a series of videos (some might call that a Vlog by the way) on diagnosing common car difficulties?  Things like, “Oh, snap!  The check engine light is on and I hear a TAT TAT TAT TAT TAT!  What do I do?”  Creating that content will help you develop an audience of local people who see you as the expert.  And, the expert’s business stays busy.  It’s not out of reach to create a podcast and become the new Click & Clack of YouTube.  Why did we listen to Car Talk for years?  For one thing, they delivered great information.  For another, they were funny.  Delivering great information is the key.  In geek speak that’s called content.  Content is king.

We can help you produce social media content — content marketing.  We can help you create basic videos for your business — videos you can use and promote on all kinds of social channels.  We can even help you create a podcast / vlog.    And the power of being content king?  Well, suddenly everything from SEO to your social channels take care of themselves.  Besides, it’s a lot of fun.   Who doesn’t want to be Click and Clack?  We can show you how to get started, and then — when you’re comfortable — just be there for support.  You can even use our in-house studio.  It’s not fancy, but it’s turnkey.  Plus, we make great coffee.