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As our winter (and even spring!) schedule approaches, it’s time to plan your experiential events.  Are you  looking for experiential photo marketing, convention photography, green screen photo booths, in-office corporate headshots, or headshot photo booths at conventions?  National event photographers Matthew Frey and Mike Gatty work with you hand-in-glove, and will help your team plan the perfect photo execution.

Our live event schedule is filling fast, and we’ve kept one great thing in place:  our easy cancellation policies.

Now is the perfect time to take new headshots for your entire team.  Whether you want us to come to one office, or locations across the country, national photographer Mike Gatty will personally handle each in-office headshot photo session. 

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Las Vegas Greenscreen Photo Booth Good Bad and Ugly

Green Screen Photobooths

Rock-star photographers, jaw-dropping artwork, and custom designed photo experiences combine to ignite social media. Live social sharing with custom branded messaging and exclusive after action reports quantify results from all our photo booths. Our booths aren’t the traditional funny sunglasses and mustache-on-a-stick experiences. Fun? Yes. Great photos? Yes. Real photographers? Yes. All combine to use the power of photography to promote your brand at events.

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National convention photographers

National Convention Photographers

Let US Event Photos lead photographer Mike Gatty tell the story of your national convention, conference or trade show through his dynamic and thoughtful photos. 25 years of experience means Mike knows how to capture everything a convention offers — from the morning keynote speaker, to the listening crowds, to the reaction of the lifetime achievement award winner and his family at the gala. Award presentations, breakout sessions, live concerts, celebrity meet and greets — all happen at conventions and Mike will record every single moment.

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experiential photo marketing for NBC at World Cup

Experiential Photo Marketing

Experiential photo marketing coast to coast. Our creative and energized photographers will ignite your brand and engage your participants. Custom designed photo executions add authenticity and create amazing photos on the event floor. Our photographers, photo sets and green screen artwork will create imaging that trumpets your brand on social media.

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National event photography Rachel Platten concert

National Event Photographers

Coast to Coast, LA to…New York City, baby! We know that’s not how the song goes, but we make up our own words. Our client’s brands have no borders, and neither do we. From San Fran to San Jose, from Sun City to Sin City, we go there. We have offices in Las Vegas, Tampa and Washington, but we’re just as likely to be shooting in Seattle, Salt Lake or New Orleans. With coast to coast flat rate pricing, we deliver amazing results nationwide.

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a participant from one of our in-office national corporate photography photo shoots.

In-Office Corporate Headshot Photography

How many headshots have you seen that just blend into the background?  How often do you see images that capture personality and tell a story?  We don’t just create professional headshot photos; we capture corporate headshots that show the personality of the people we photograph.  The personality of your entire team.  Taken individually, each person looks great.  When you look at the photos together in your marketing material, your team looks cohesive.

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Headshot photo booth at conventions

Headshot Photo Booths @ Events

Our Head Shot Photo Booths steal the show at conventions, conferences and trade shows.  Participants flock to have their photos created, and they love we take about 10 photos, touch them up, and email those head shots in high resolution.  All in about 5 minutes.  Our photographers engage participants during their mini-sessions, and know how to capture head shots that reflect the participant’s own style, brand and personality.

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Greenscreen Photo Booths at Events

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Who Are We?

National event photographers providing sophisticated experiential green screen photo booth marketing executions, from niche events to the largest public venues. Our imaging loves social media. Our photographers are hip, rock-star, high energy professionals who engage participants in your brand experience

How Are We Different?

We are Photographers that engage, interact, and excite participants. We design every part of the experience around your needs. We provide over-the-top photo executions with realistic props, off-the-hook artwork, and cutting-edge equipment. Everything is branded to you. And, we are funny. No, I mean FUNNY.

Who Are Our Clients?

Core clients are our key partners, businesses we work with throughout the United States, and (in a few cases) the world. They are HBO, Dish Network, Travel and Adventure Show Series, Allspring Global Financial, NBC, Shell Energy, and CCA Global

Whatz up with us?! Glad you asked. Here's some news.

An Orlando greenscreen photo booth for Dish network. The setup utilized six lights for even coverage.
An Orlando greenscreen photo booth for Dish Network where participants "hang" from a 5G Cell Phone Tower.

DISH Network's 5G Photo Experience:
An Orlando Green Screen Photo Booth Like No Other.

We were in Dish Network’s Corporate Offices in Littleton, CO about 8 years ago with HBO.  For that shoot, HBO brought in the throne from Game of Thrones, we erected a giant green screen in back of it, and reproduced the on-set throne room.  Participants took the throne, and for a brief time, ruled the seven kingdoms.

So when Kelsey Piegat from Dish called about a green screen photo booth in Orlando, we naturally asked if she was calling from Littleton.  When she said she was, we told her about the HBO shoot.

“You’re kidding! You took those photos?” She asked, “people still have them on their desks!”

So Kelsey told us about her new project: at the Dish Summit in Orlando, she wanted it to look like participants were hanging from a 5G Dish Network Cell Tower.

While on the surface “hanging from a tower” green screen photo booth might seem simple enough, the actual set design is tricky.  Any time you need to capture the full body against a green screen, it adds a wrinkle.  After all, the “dangling feet” were important to the final overall image, so everything — feet included– needed captured against green.  Second, lighting is key:  it must be even across the background, green foam floor, and participant.  We achieved that by utilizing six lights:  four lights in the front of the photo set, and two illuminating the background.

The final photobooth design and experience fit seamlessly into the experiential marketing booth Dish set up in the middle of the show floor.   And hanging from a cell phone tower? Turns out that was a huge hit.  Maybe those photos will sit on desks next to the HBO photos?

Introducing Our New Turn-Key Rock Star Booth

We love a theme, and over the years clients have returned to one theme again and again: Rock Star.  And, as time has passed, we’ve accumulated rock ‘n roll artwork that is off-the-hook.  Part of why we have such immersive and creative artwork is we’ve worked with a few stars over the years at events at their own concerts:  Zac Brown Band, for example.  That’s given us access to unique backgrounds, and when coupled with our madly creative team, the Rock Star Booth, well, rocks!

Now designed as a turn-key booth, it will look like you’ve planned and planned for your event — when, in truth, you just pick which rock stars you want your participants to pose with.  We do the rest.  And, because this booth is so popular, we’ve invested in gorgeous props that bring a true stage presence to the photos.  We have everything from sequined and rhinestone costuming, to actual musical instruments — including both a full-sized saxophone and an electric guitar.

We’ve worked with these backgrounds extensively, and will help your participants pick the right props to go with the right background to deliver a green screen photography experience that is unique.  Participants can choose from both old and new bands — classic, rock, heavy metal, folk, country, blues, rap — artists across the musical spectrum.  They’ll find a favorite artist, and “join” them on stage for an image they can’t wait to share to social media.

Rock Star Orlando Green Screen Photo Booths featuring the participant and the infamous Cher.
A Boston corporate headshot photo from our in-office headshot studio.
We visited 6 Allspring Global Financial offices nationwide for in-office corporate headshots.

In-Office Headshots at Seven Corporate Offices for Allspring Global

In-Office Corporate Headshot Photography

When Allspring Global Financial decided they needed updated headshots for key team executives, they reached out to us.  Allspring wanted great headshots — taken in a specific style to be used across their media platforms — in seven offices across the United States.

We brought our in-office corporate headshot photography studio setup to seven cities:  Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Menomonee Falls (Milwaukee), Charlotte, Boston, and St. Louis.  At each office, we set up in a board room a custom white background and four studio lights providing wrap around, soft lighting.  We photographed about 40 team members per day (we spent three days in a few of the offices), touched them up automatically using our proprietary instant touch up software, and exported about 30 photos of each team member to our cloud services for Allspring’s instant access.

The result?  Perfect images that can’t be distinguished from traditional studio headshots.  Well, maybe they can?  In fact, we think they’re better.  Not just because with a traditional studio, each team member would need to travel to the studio — a challenge when offices are scattered coast to coast.  Further, we don’t think this service is better just because with our fully portable studio, we provide photos of each team member that match the style and branding for the entire company.  We think our service is a perfect fit for in-office headshots because we provide a fun, relaxed full studio experience with a photographer, Mike Gatty, who knows how to put people at ease during their quick photo session.  Your team will love both the experience — and their final gallery of images.

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