National Event Photography, Greenscreen Photo Booths, Headshot Photography & Convention Photography Post Covid

Greenscreen Photographers Mike Gatty and Matthew Frey
National event and headshot photographers Mike Gatty and Matthew Frey.

As spring approaches, it’s time to plan your experiential events.  Are you  looking for experiential photo marketing, convention photography, green screen photo booths, or headshot photo booths ?  National event photographers Matthew Frey and Mike Gatty work with you hand-in-glove, and will help your team plan the perfect photo execution.

Our live event schedule is filling fast, but one lesson COVID taught us: plans change.  As a result, we still have our easy cancellation policies in place.

Now is the perfect time to take new headshots for your entire team.  Whether you want us to come to one office, or locations across the country, Matthew and Mike personally handle each in-office headshot photo session. 

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Las Vegas Greenscreen Photo Booth Good Bad and Ugly

Green Screen Photobooths

Rock-star photographers, jaw-dropping artwork, and custom designed photo experiences combine to ignite social media. Live social sharing with custom branded messaging and exclusive after action reports quantify results from all our photo booths. Our booths aren’t the traditional funny sunglasses and mustache-on-a-stick experiences. Fun? Yes. Great photos? Yes. Real photographers? Yes. All combine to use the power of photography to promote your brand at events.

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National convention photographers

National Convention Photographers

Let US Event Photos lead photographer Mike Gatty tell the story of your national convention, conference or trade show through his dynamic and thoughtful photos. 25 years of experience means Mike knows how to capture everything a convention offers — from the morning keynote speaker, to the listening crowds, to the reaction of the lifetime achievement award winner and his family at the gala. Award presentations, breakout sessions, live concerts, celebrity meet and greets — all happen at conventions and Mike will record every single moment.

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experiential photo marketing for NBC at World Cup

Experiential Photo Marketing

Experiential photo marketing coast to coast. Our creative and energized photographers will ignite your brand and engage your participants. Custom designed photo executions add authenticity and create amazing photos on the event floor. Our photographers, photo sets and green screen artwork will create imaging that trumpets your brand on social media.

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National event photography Rachel Platten concert

National Event Photographers

Coast to Coast, LA to…New York City, baby! We know that’s not how the song goes, but we make up our own words. Our client’s brands have no borders, and neither do we. From San Fran to San Jose, from Sun City to Sin City, we go there. We have offices in Las Vegas, Tampa and Washington, but we’re just as likely to be shooting in Seattle, Salt Lake or New Orleans. With coast to coast flat rate pricing, we deliver amazing results nationwide.

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a participant from one of our in-office national corporate photography photo shoots.

In-Office Corporate Headshot Photography

How many headshots have you seen that just blend into the background?  How often do you see images that capture personality and tell a story?  We don’t just create professional headshot photos; we capture corporate headshots that show the personality of the people we photograph.  The personality of your entire team.  Taken individually, each person looks great.  When you look at the photos together in your marketing material, your team looks cohesive.

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Headshot photo booth at conventions

Headshot Photo Booths @ Events

Our Head Shot Photo Booths steal the show at conventions, conferences and trade shows.  Participants flock to have their photos created, and they love we take about 10 photos, touch them up, and email those head shots in high resolution.  All in about 5 minutes.  Our photographers engage participants during their mini-sessions, and know how to capture head shots that reflect the participant’s own style, brand and personality.

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Greenscreen Photo Booths at Events

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Who Are We?

National event photographers providing sophisticated experiential green screen photo booth marketing executions, from niche events to the largest public venues. Our imaging loves social media. Our photographers are hip, rock-star, high energy professionals who engage participants in your brand experience

Are We Different?

We are Photographers that engage, interact, and excite participants. We design every part of the experience around your needs. We provide over-the-top photo executions with realistic props, off-the-hook artwork, and cutting-edge equipment. Everything is branded to you. And, we are funny. No, I mean FUNNY.

Who Are Our Clients?

Core clients are our key partners, businesses we work with throughout the United States, and (in a few cases) the world. They are HBO, AT&T, Travel and Adventure Show Series, Arizona Office of Tourism, NBC, Shell Energy, and CCA Global

Whatz up with us?! Glad you asked. Here's some news.

A Las Vegas experiential marketing execution using green screen photography and an on-location lift.
The famous Lunch on a Skyscraper in re-imagined for this Las Vegas green screen photo booth experience.

Elliott Equipment
"Lift Platform" Creates Historical Sensation.

“Mike, I don’t know if it’s possible, but…”

That was CEO of Elliott Equipment Jim Glazer, asking if a particular photo image would make a good green screen experiential photo marketing final image.  The answer?  The answer was a resounding, “yes!”  Jim dove head first into planning the concepts for the green screen photo booth at CONEXPO 2023 — a massive construction conference that happens every three years in Las Vegas.  We’d get emails from Jim every so often asking about a specific idea.  Often, those emails would make us stop and laugh out loud.

That’s when we knew it would be a great partnership.

His ideas were fantastic, and we used them to create artwork for his booth that was the hit of CONEXPO.  From the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign, to the infamous “Lunch atop a Skyscraper” photo from the construction of the RCA Building in NYC, Jim was able to communicate his vision to us, and we created an experience that brought his dreams to life for hundreds of participants at the mammoth convention.

In all, we put together a range of backgrounds, from the futuristic to the historical.  The final backgrounds included, as mentioned, “Lunch on a Skyscraper” and  the Las Vegas Sign.  In addition, there was the Las Vegas skyline, the building of the MGM Sphere, the International Space Station, the building of a skyscraper, the “old Vegas” (Freemont Street) skyline, the building of the Hoover Dam, the building of the Golden Gate Bridge, heaven with an angel, the Elvis sign at Resorts International, and CONEXPO’s equipment filled parking lot.  By the way, the cranes featured in the parking lot shot?  They were owned by a client of Elliott Equipment.

Large events often call for big ideas to get your brand noticed.  Big ideas don’t need to be complicated: they can be as simple as tying history to your product and showcasing your lifestyle in a fun and creative way.  Building on your ideas, executing your vision, is what makes our job the best in the world.

Shell Energy at Houston Dynamo "Diving Save" Green Screen Photo Booth

Shell Energy wanted something special for three of the Houston Dynamo home games.  A premier partner of the football club, the energy company hoped to make a splash with fans.  They reached out to us, looking for soccer photos that would break through and draw fans into a unique photo experience.

When we suggested the “Diving Save” photos, Shell jumped at the idea and asked us to set up the photo booth up at three games at PNC Stadium.  We also thought fans needed a background choice where they could pose with groups of friends and family, and the energy company was excited to provide a background with soccer legend Sebastian Ferreira.

To say the experiential marketing photo experience was a hit would be an understatement.  Fans lined up to both save the GOOOOOAAAAALLLLL, and to “pose with” the soccer legend.  Some balanced soccer balls on their heads while they hammed it up, others heroically leaped to prevent the score, while still others showed their energy by piling in front of the 10′ green screen decked out in the latest Dynamo gear.

A participant "heads" the ball while Houston Dynamo legend Sebastian Ferreira drives towards the goal at this Houston Greenscreen Photo Booth.
A participant "heads" the ball while Houston Dynamo legend Sebastian Ferreira drives towards the goal at this Houston Greenscreen Photo Booth.
A "participant" at a Houston headshot Photobooth at NextHome 2023. The Headshot photo lounge benefited Canine Companions.
A "participant" at a Houston headshot Photobooth at NextHome 2023. The Headshot photo lounge benefited Canine Companions.
Houston Headshot Photo Booth

NextHome's Unique Headshot Photo Experience

Headshot Photo Lounge at Events

The dog sniffed around the booth, then, once satisfied, did a circle and plopped down.  He was a service dog, one of many Canine Companions has trained to help people needing an extra hand — or paw.  In this case, the dogs were right next to our headshot photo booth at the NextHome 2023 Conference in Houston, Texas.

NextHome hired us directly to provide our headshot photo booth — and then leveraged our photo experience for Canine Companions, who encouraged attendees to make a donation and receive an updated headshot session.  We were worried participants wouldn’t want to make a donation — seldom do we offer our services with any kind of fee attached on the event floor.  However, NextHome assured us it wouldn’t tamp down participation.  And it didn’t.  We knew we were in for a successful event when the first participant plopped a $50 bill into the donation jar before receiving her mini headshot photo session.  When done, she was delighted.  She received about 15 headshots, touched up and ready to go, in about 3 minutes. In total we captured about 2,000 headshots over a two and a half day period.  And it wasn’t just people who received their updated headshot.  The dogs jumped in front of our cameras, too.

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