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Welcome to US Event Photos Media!  Some background and context.  We’ve always been photographers — first journalists, then green screen, and finally experiential.  Within those categories, we’ve thrived: headshot photo booths, conventions and events nationwide, and experiential photo marketing booths.  But when COVID-19 slammed into us, we decided to start something new.  A podcast.  Not your typical corporate podcast talking about esoteric parts of our business, but one that captured something we stumbled on by accident:  the creative forces in our Baltimore neighborhood.  The artists, entrepreneurs and activists that make our home, home.  Then we continued to notice, and because we were stuck home during COVID, we tackled other topics.  We began livestreaming.  We started asking questions about our own LGBTQIA community.    With that passion to capture a story, to explore people and subjects that aren’t receiving attention on other platforms, we launched US Event Photos Media, the Patterson Park Podcast and our LGBTQIA Original Media.  It’s a passion project.  It’s not to build revenue streams, or to trumpet how great we are as photographers.  Instead, it’s meant to accomplish three things: in our podcast, to learn about creativity and discover what it means to be LGBTQIA+ today.  And, our industry news series, to track how COVID is effecting the event industry.  Our blog tells the story of how our business began, and is a behind the scenes look at life as an event photographer; it is both funny and heartfelt.

My Office at 35000 Feet

US Event Photos Media: Event Industry News

Special Series: My Office at 35,000 Feet

Our special series, My Office at 35,000 Feet, features short episodes on travel with Mike Gatty.  Mike examines how to score upgraded rooms, how to travel well, how to stay connected to your team — even as you jet from Atlanta to Las Vegas.  His unique insight into travel will give you access to tips and tricks you won’t find anywhere else.  And, yes, we’ll still touch on COVID when needed.

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