Experiential Photo Marketing: Photo Sets

We provide two types of Experiential photo marketing booths:  photo sets and green screen photo booths.  A photo set is a formal area to capture participant photos, not utilizing a green screen background.  Usually there is a photo background, and often prop elements to the set that help immerse the participants into a photo experience.  We’ll work hand in glove with your designers to create the perfect photo set, and build our systems around the set to create a flawless on site participant event experience.   Photo sets are a great interactive way to engage your participants in your brand, with actual on site  physical elements they can experience at the event.  They can touch and feel your brand, and interact with prop elements to create a final image they love — and can’t wait to share with the world.

Whichever you decide, our experiential photo marketing booths use the power of our photography and energized professional national photographers to promote your brand at events.  Both put your participant in the middle of your brand, interacting and experiencing your product, television show, or destination in a unique, fun, and vibrant way that produce images which live for years beyond the event.

An experiential photo marketing set for NBC and Will and Grace.
Experiential green screen photo marketing set at Bassmaster Classic.
An experiential photo marketing green screen photo booth set at Bassmasters for Yamaha.


Our Experiential Green Screen Photo Booths are similar to our photo sets — except they use a green screen background built into the photo set.  We provide immersive props to help participants engage in your brand, and work with your set designers to build the green screen elements perfectly into your photo booth.  Our photo booths are fast paced and engaged photo experiences, with photographers who know how to create perfect green screen images and who help your participants experience your brand.

Our creative team will design artwork that perfectly integrates your brand into an event experience.  Just tell us what you dream, and we’ll work to create amazing imaging that puts your participant front and center within your brand.  We’ve worked with tourism boards, like Arizona Office of Tourism, broadcast companies, like Starz, HBO, and NBC, even oil companies to bring sophisticated experiential marketing into events large and small — anywhere their brand may need to be represented at an event.  In addition, we’ll collect participant data through the photo experience, handle privacy opt-ins and other data collection, and then share all the data in real time via simple, standard CSV files.

experiential photo marketing for NBC at World Cup
A participant saves the day by diving to catch the goal ball in this experiential photo marketing green screen photo booth for NBC.

Tracking Results of our Experiential Photo Marketing Booths

With our experiential photo marketing booths, we’ll provide great photos participants will want to share with the world.  Our sophisticated real-time tracking lets us compile and quantify the results of the photo booth.  We’ll tell you how the photos from these fast paced, energized, and fun experiential photo marketing experiences spread through social media.

  • We’ll track reach, impressions, and social spread throughout the Internet.
  • We’ll provide you with CSV files of participant data — like emails — from the photo booth.
  • We’ll detail who shared photos on social media, and what the most popular posts were from your event.
  • We’ll track #hashtags from your event, and see how they spread.

Data Colllection and Opt-Ins at our Photo Booths

Our green screen photo booths and experiential photo marketing events are designed to create great images.  Photos people want to share.  Artwork that defies reality.  After all, if you suddenly look like you’re ruling the Seven Kingdoms on the set from HBO’s Game of Thrones, who wouldn’t want to share that image?  During our photo executions, we design opt-ins and participant data collection that is integrated into the photo execution, and tailored to your needs.  At the end of the event, we export everything to you as a simple CSV file:  all participant opt-ins, emails, phone numbers — whatever data you’d like to collect.

  • Our HTML emails offer social sharing from the email.  That means participants won’t need to login to their social accounts from the event floor.
  • Our emails are branded with your logo — you control how the emails look and feel to match your company’s messaging.
  • Our text messaging is customized to you, with links to a full resolution gallery for participant download.
  • Full resolution photo galleries update live from the event floor, in real-time, for immediate participant access.
  • You control opt-ins, privacy policy explanations, everything you need into today’s privacy conscious world to stay on the right side of data privacy.
  • We’ll work with your social media team to determine the right #hashtags for your event.
  • We’ll create artwork people can’t wait to put on social media.
  • All the data flows into our reports.  We’ll share it with you in a comprehensive detailed report.
experiential photo marketing booth
An experiential green screen photo booth for Honda at Indycar. Participants "drove" Mario Andretti's two seat Indycar, and had a choice of famous track backgrounds.


After the green screen photography execution, we’ll give you a detailed After Action Report which quantifies the results of your photo booth. Every metric is evaluated.

  • We report total photos taken
  • The approximate number of participants that engaged with your brand through your photo booth.
  • We’ll report how many photos were emailed, sent by SMS text message, and posted to social media from the event floor.
  • We’ll provide you with the total visits, or views, a given photo has across the social spectrum.
  • We’ll detail what the reach and impressions are for these photo postings to social media. We’ll even give you a thumbnail of the most shared photo from your experiential photo booth.

Every part of the photo execution is evaluated, dissected, analyzed and reported. Would the booth have benefited by different artwork? A larger foot print? An additional photographer? By giving you our candid view — backed up by hard data — of the results from your photo booth, we can build for even greater success in the future.

After action reports experiential photo marketing green screen photo booths
After Action Reports for our experiential photo marketing booths quantify results of social media spread.
Experiential photo marketing, experiential green screen photo booth, green screen photo booth dallas texas
A participant seizes the throne from Game of Thones and Rules the Seven Kingdoms -- at AT&T's corporate offices in Dallas, TX. This photo is one of those captured during the event shown in the adjacent video.

Adjacent to this video, you’ll see one of the images captured with this experiential photo marketing set for HBO, featuring the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones.  Take a second and see the energy in the line as they wait for their photos — a line that stretched around AT&T’s corporate Dallas headquarters.