The Photo IS Important

Today, while researching a service, I came across one comment by a major event software developer that stopped me dead in my tracks.  He said:
“Big companies, hosting big events, don’t care about the photo.  They only care about the fan experience.”  Yes, I’m para phrasing, but that’s the meat of it.
If that’s true, why have a photographer?  Why not just have a push button, automated, technology system that captures images.  Maybe some companies only care about the experience:  but the smart ones should care about the photo.
After all: what good is all the technology in the world if the photo sucks?
Who will post a bad photo to their social media; who will want to look at that crappy photo on someone’s wall?
How does that bad photo reflect on your brand?
Shouldn’t the right event photo experience combine BOTH a great fan experience and end up with a great photo, showcasing the brand?
I love technology. But it should only be viewed as a tool to capture great images, not as a replacement for great images.  I think that’s a major mistake.  What do you think?