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    How to Create the Perfect Green Screen Photo Booth (Part 1: Selecting a chromakey background)

    Creating the perfect green screen photo booth is difficult.  When you Google suggestions about “how to do green screen photos”, what pops up are suggestions and “rules” that don’t fit a green screen photo booth.  First, the authors say, keep subjects at least 6′ off the green screen background.  Next most important: use an even […]

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    “You don’t think you’ll take the last photo of mom.”

    We’ve photographed every Bassmaster Classic for Yamaha since 2012.  More accurately, we’ve provided a massive, over the top, green screen photo booth for the past 11 years. In March, 2020 it was the very last event we photographed.  When I deplaned from Birmingham at Baltimore Washington International, my phone blew up – every event was […]

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  • A meet and greet with Olympian Lindsey Vonn.

    Are you a Director or a Photographer?

    I was setting up in a hurry for a meet and greet. It was a generic hotel ball room, subdivided into bland breakout rooms.  Airwall to the left, airwall to the right.  Airwall in front. There were a few round tables scattered about, with slightly stained hotel tablecloths hanging a bit askew.  A few chairs […]

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  • A participant at a Dallas area greenscreen photo booth

    A Rural Texas Kid On A Bike

    I don’t know his name, but over the course of the Skeeter Boat Owner’s Tournament, this kid wandered around riding his bike.  The bike looked fierce, and it was clear the kid enjoyed riding it. But at one point I looked up,and he was doing circles in my greenscreen photobooth area.  Hmmm.  Probably not a […]

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    How We Get Great Headshots in 2.4 Minutes

    I call it “instant intimacy”.  My mom calls it “the friendly dog approach.” Whichever. Often we are hired to go to corporate offices, nationwide to photograph the entire team for updated headshots.  And, when it’s a large office, that means shooting about 25 people an hour — or one every 2 minutes 40 seconds. The […]

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    Where Events Stand Now: April, 2022

    I’ve stopped checking the New York Times COVID Tracker every morning. I’ve stopped looking at every little bit of COVID news, and trying to read the tea leaves about how tiny COVID changes might impact events moving forward. The reason why is simple.  At some point last month, there was a fundamental change in people, […]

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    Omicron and Events: Vaccinate, boost, mask & see you at the event.

    Every morning starts the same.  It’s like the loop the robots live in HBO’s Westworld.  Except, my loop is:  wake up.  Feed Kat.  Start coffee.  Back to bed.  Grab iPad.  Open up New York Times COVID tracker.  Then, the CNN news application.  Then the Apple News application.  Then Facebook, LinkedIn, and finally Google My Business.  By […]

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    My Big Fat Hairy Idea 2021

    To understand the Big Fat Hairy Idea that slammed into me at the end of 2021, you have to go back to 2005.  I was sitting in a cab with my dad in Las Vegas, NV, going between the first conferences I’d ever photographed and the second conference I’d ever photographed.  Sitting in that cab, […]

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    COVID and Events: Uh-Oh, Attendance

    Events are coming back.  At least, they are beginning to come back.  For 2022.   2021, not so much. However, just as you thought our international collective nightmare of COVID, DELTA, and all things variant is winding down, and just as search traffic for keywords related to event planning is starting to tick back up, and […]

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    Update on how the Delta surge is impacting events and event photography.

    March, 2020.  I was standing at the baggage carousel at BWI Airport, waiting for my luggage to drop from my Birmingham flight.  I’d just finished the Bassmaster Classic, a green screen experiential photo marketing event we do every year.  I glanced up at the CNN news loop on the flat screen above, and thought, “Wow, […]

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