Rock-star MEGA Green Screen Photo Booths surround your participant in a swirl of fun.

Go beyond traditional green screen photo booths into the realm of the extraordinary. Captivating, unique artwork engages. Energized photographers provide a platform for fun; creating a vibrancy that grabs every participant -- from the first to the last -- and won't let go. We engage, entice, invigorate. Even our custom designed green screen photo sets add to the experience. Sophisticated and sleek, they'll compliment your booth and your brand. When paired with our creative photographers, it's a formula for exceptional experiences. Let us create the moment. Sound to good to be true? Check out our client page. See what those who hire us -- year in, year out -- say about us. See what projects we work on. See what lights our fire. Bring us on board for your photo execution, and see the energy ignite.

  • Green Screen Photography

    custom greenscreen photo booths

    Green Screen Photo Booths. We create exceptional experiences. Whether you are a major sponsor of a large national event, or hosting a convention booth, we have a green screen photo booth customized for you. With setups integrated seamlessly into your space, we work with your requirements, partnering with your design team to make sure our green screen photography solution fits you perfectly. Setups designed in Hollywood, off-the-hook creative green screen backgrounds, and rock star green screen photographers combine to give your participant a "WOW" moment. Our unique 360 degree view of levarging social media will help you maximize your impact on social media from the green screen photography execution. We offer flat rate national pricing, with home offices for green screen photography in Las Vegas, Orlando, Tampa and Washington, DC.

    Green Screen Photographers
  • Convention Photography

    convention Photographers Washington DC

    Conventions & Conferences. Our cameras. Your story. National photographers for conventions, conferences and trade shows offering live access of perfect photos via our cloud. Access photos like never before! We capture booths, crowds and speakers instantly. Tap into our cloud services for photos instantly delivered, or utilize our customized photo galleries for easy photo download, the only thing better than our photos is our unique instant delivery to you. High profile speaker at your convention? We offer discounted convention photography services for meet and greets with on location printing. Multiple simultaneous events? We get you covered with multiple, expert convention photographers. With Convention photography offices in Orlando, Washington, DC, Tampa, Orlando and Las Vegas-- we have your convention needs covered.

    Convention Photographers
  • Major Event Photography

    Orlando convention Photographers

    From Las Vegas to Orlando. We create powerful, unique impact. Our portfolio of working hand in glove with the nation's largest companies is impressive. What's more impressive? Our dedicated team of major event photographers has the experience for the largest scenarios. From the world's largest auto races to legendary air shows, our photo executions are front and center, the star attraction of the industries largest event sponsors. Our green screen photographers rock, and we have the experience to run a major red carpet photography event that will represent your brand and leave your red carpet participant excited to be part of your national event. Don't leave your high-profile photography execution to chance. We are major event photographers that deliver. From Las Vegas to Orlando to Washington, We have your event photography needs covered.

    National Event Photographers
Green Screen Photographer Orlando

Amplify Your Social Message

With Photo 360, drive your social message in Pole Position 1, like Mario Andretti. Let participants upload photos to email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS Text Message! Extend social media sharing by integrating PURL emails, branded micro-sites and more!

Local flat rate Green Screen Photography and convention photography pricing in 17 major cities, nationwide. One flat rate includes travel expenses.

US Event Photos boasts local greenscreen and convention photography offices in Las Vegas, Orlando , Tampa and Washington, DC. Through these hubs, we offer flat rate, local pricing for green screen photography and convention photography to Orlando, Tampa, Las Vegas, and Washington, but also an extended network of cities. That means for Philadelphia green screen photography, Orlando green screen photography, Chicago green screen photography, Nashville green screen photographers, New York City green screen photography, Atlanta green screen photography, Phoenix green screen photographers, Houston green screen photographers, Dallas green screen photography, New Orleans green screen photogrpahy and Miami greenscreen photographers, Los Angeles green screen photographers, we have your needs covered. You'll receive our green screen photography expertise, without paying travel costs. Our three, strategically placed local offices permit our easy access to those cities -- easier access than if we were living in the suburbs. The result? Green screen photography national tours are both cost effective and efficient. You receive the benefits and experience of our national green screen photographers with the cost savings of a local green screen photography supplier. Add to that our strategic partnerships with national travel companies that save us big on travel expenses, and we are truly "free to move about the country". It's a unique approach in greenscreen photography called "genius" by industry press! US Event Photos are green screen photographers with an edge. For Tampa convention photographers, Orlando convention photographers, Washington, DC convention photographers, and Las Vegas convention photographers, our home offices are perfectly placed. But other major convention cities are just a short hop away. We charge our flat rate pricing for convention photography in Nashville, Phoenix, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and San Antonio. No one sees your convention quite like we do. We are extraordinary convention photographers with a passion and drive that takes us from executive event to executive event, nationwide.

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