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Travel the World or Explore a Location

The MEGA Green Screen Photo Booth at the Travel and Adventure Shows is a favorite destination on the exhibit floor. We just finished our third year, and every year the booth gets bigger and better, showcasing different countries, world wide destinations for participants to explore -- without leaving the convention center at the Travel Show.

There are two types of booths for this show: the World Wide Photo Experience and the Destination Booth. The World Wide Photo Experience lets participants choose from destinations in twelve countries, select props uniquely tailored to suit each location, and pose for a one of a kind photo experience. The participants receive 4x6 prints, and they email or text messages the photo for an instant digital copy. Links on the email / text encourage participants to post right to Facebook and social media. In addition, participants complete a quick survey when they enter the booth, which entering for door prizes. Next, both booths feature a live slide show, where participant photos are immediately displayed on a looping display. Last, we create a short video which is immediately uploaded to social media on Saturday, to promote the booth on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The second type of booth, the Destination Photo Booth, turns the green screen spotlight onto one area of the world -- typically a country or state -- and offers participants image choices for that destination. This year, Arizona, Taiwan and Turkey all sponsored the Destination Photo Booth. Using Arizona as an example: in both Los Angeles and Chicago, participants chose from twelve images throughout Arizona, posed with Arizona themed props, received their Arizona branded prints, and emailed or text messaged the images -- where they retrieved the photos from an Arizona branded PURL web site. The Destination Photo Booth is the perfect way to immerse participants into a specific destination or travel experience, with backgrounds and photo props all tailored to that unique cultural experience.

Here are the photos from this year's Arizona Destination Photo Booth in Chicago.

Benefits of sponsoring a Destination Photo Booth

When you sponsor a Destination Photo Booth, we work hard to make sure the participant is immersed in your location. We'll help with background design, providing guidelines for creating the perfect art work for participant selections, or you can ask us to design the artwork for you -- just provide your thoughts of what you'd like to see available. We'll help you with prop selections, items the participant can interact with which both compliment the final photo and aid your unique cultural experience. We'll create branding throughout the experience to promote your location, and reinforce your tourism brand. When you sponsor a destination booth, your branding is everywhere, including the booth's headers, the branding on the emails the participants send out, customized text messages, branding on the iPads used to send images at the booth, and branding on the photo itself. The customized emails are full HTML, and link to a PURL web site that hosts the image, which, of course, is branded and customized to you. Click HERE for a Dropbox file containing different helpful tools, including background design hints, that you can download.

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Sponsor part of the World Wide Photo Booth

Now, it's possible to sponsor an individual background for the World Wide Photo Booth. There are twelve background options for the booth, and those selections change each year. When the booth isn't sponsored by a destination, the photo experience is the World Wide Photo Booth, and now, you can have a say in what backgrounds are offered in that experience. Contact and he'll do his best to include your requested background in the World Wide Photo Booth background choices. Backgrounds aren't the only part of the booth that can be sponsored: you can also have your logo included in the email that is sent with each photo, and on the PURL web site that hosts the photo. If you sponsor a Destination Photo Booth, one of those backgrounds will automatically be included in the background choices for the World Wide Photo Booth.

Our guidelines about background design, click HERE. (Dropbox PDF file)

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An Interactive Green Screen Photo Experience

Both the Destination Photo Booth and the World Wide Photo Experience are designed to be a participant destination on the show floor. A live slide show, which updates as photos are created, is displayed on the show floor to draw people into the photo experience. The Interactive Prize Station is located at the booth, where participants enter to win door prizes from the Travel and Adventure Series. Expanded props, designed to compliment each background, are available for participants. These props aren't like what you normally see at your average photo booth! They are amazing! For example, we have colorful veils to go with the Taj Mahol background. Pith helmets for backgrounds of archaeology and Africa. Rock climbing equipment for the mountains. And over-the-top glamorous hats for Paris. Participants pick what props they want, and then our amazing photographers pose them to take a final image like no other. After the photo, the participants receive a traditional print, but they also email or text message the image so they a digital copy. And, last, they are invited to download their image for free from our high - resolution gallery on our web site.

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