Amazing Boston Green Screen Photography!

We are rock stars. We bring passion, energy and vibrancy to your Boston green screen photo production like you've never seen before. From the first click of the camera's shutter to the very last participant, everyone will walk away feeling like they were models on a runway. If your participants aren't having a blast —— why do it? Why not pull out all the stops? Why not provide a lasting experience.

Why do we say we are rock stars of photography? Simple: we have groupies. People track us down at airports, and say how much fun they had at our photo events. We get Christmas cards from participants. Emails asking where we are next. Why?

Photographers who engage, entice, and invigorate. We create exceptional experiences.
Equipment that we fit and customize to your space, not the other way around. We create exceptional experiences.
Customized branding on everything. We create extraordinary impact.
Sophisticated backgrounds that take green screen photo booths into another dimension. We create unique stories.
We offer flat rate pricing on green screen photography services throughout the Boston area.
The best platforms for sharing of green screen photos.
After green screen photo activation reports that quantify the success of your event.
Flat rate pricing .

We Tailor our Boston MEGA Greenscreen photo booths to your space.

With everything from small, open green screen photo booths to 24' cyclorama green screen photo sets, we have equipment to customize the photo experience to the space you've dedicated. Simple, right?. Small booth space? No problem. Creating a green screen experience with a private jet as a prop? No problem.

Rock Stars of Boston Green Screen Photography!

Boston greenscreen photography

boston greenscreen photos

Custom Award Winning Boston Green Screen Artwork

There are a lot of Boston green screen photographers. Most have the ability to upload to social media. Some have nice equipment. But none have our ability to integrate your brand into a green screen photo booth through artwork that is off the hook creative. We'll work with you and your marketing team to ensure your Boston green screen photo booth provides an immersion experience for your participants, blurring the lines between what is real and what is fantasy —— between what is marketing and what is actual experience. Our exclusive artwork design and consultation services are included in your rate. Just tell us what you dream, and we'll take it from there. When artwork is as engaging as it is effective? Participants can't wait to post to their social media. Then, those metrics measuring participation rates? Well, they just soar. Boston green screen photography will never be the same.

Boston greenscreen photographers 2

Hollywood Designed Boston Green Screen Photo Booths

Boston Green Screen Photo Booths are a dime a dozen. Heck, you can go on Craigslist and rent a photo booth and cross your fingers. They'll need to be crossed, because what you get isn't so lucky. If you want a kit green screen booth with clip art backgrounds, those photographers might be a good fit. But if you want a higher end, sophisticated approach, talk to us. It's simple. We leverage custom designed artwork, provide rock—star green screen photographers, Hollywood designed green screen photo sets, and in depth After Action Reports detailing social spread and demographics. Our Boston Green Screen Photo booths utilize scrim backgrounds —— like you see on a movie set —— sophisticated LED lighting, iPads with integrated, full size blue tooth keyboards, and we even provide our own modular counter. All you need to provide? Standard electric, nearby. And the date and time you need us. We'll take care of the rest.

Boston Custom greenscreen photo booths

Photo 360: A Complete View of Boston Green Screen Photography

Gone are the days when our photos are the only images generated at an event. Now, every participant is a photographer with their smartphone, and each is uploading to social media. With Photo 360, we'll help you tap into all those images – and further drive your brand and amplify your social message. We take a complete view of photography at events, and help you leverage opportunities and shape your messaging on social media platforms. Call us. We'll design a photo execution that fits your needs —— and drives your brand. We are Boston experiential photographers with a different take on Boston event and green screen photography.

We've Invested in Top Green Screen Technology to Amaze

Technology changes daily, and our team changes with it. Our Boston photo sets and photo booths feature technology our competitors are still dreaming about: from PIC Motion video green screen to our Hash Tag Photo Station, if it's new, and hot, we'll have it. After the activation, our amazing technology continues with analytics reporting of social spread that is detailed and extensive. If you're trying to leverage social media green screen photo marketing in Boston, you should talk to us. Our Boston green screen photography isn't just customized to you at the green screen photo booth level, but also how we leverage social media for your brand —— and how we track the social spread.

One Flat Rate. Nationwide.

We are national experiential event photographers, and we get around. From Boston to Burbank, we have you covered —— all with flat rate pricing that includes our travel and related expenses. Events nationwide? You'll receive a discounted rate on each event when you book us for multiple events throughout the year. Our national contracts include HBO, Arizona Office of Tourism, Virtustream, and the Travel and Adventure Show series. Price is only one part. Isn't it easier (and more consistent) to work with the same photography team nationwide? Plus, we'll even compare events in the exclusive After Action Reports.

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Boston greenscreen photo 3

Summary: Boston Green Screen Photographers

Boston Green Screen Photography through US Event Photos has one low, flat rate that covers all of Boston for Green Screen Photography. One low flat rate, US Event Photos offers sophisticated Boston Green Screen Photography services and Boston Green screen Photo Booths. Boston Green Screen Photography through US Event Photos offers sophisticated Boston Green Screen Photography artwork and we are Boston Green Screen rock stars. We design our Boston Green Screen Photography photo booths to fit your space, rather than expect your space to fit our Boston Green Screen Photography booths.

Here's What Client's Say.

"...with your anticipation of every possible challenge, those “challenges” actually were not challenges at all. I hope we get to work with you again, very soon." "...Michael and his amazing green screen photography team integrated with (our IT service provider) in such a way fans only had to tap a bracelet to have their photo emailed directly to them. How he did it I don't know..." "...I'd recommend you and your team to ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYPLACE. Thank you for making this event a show stopper!..." "...When we are designing a social media green screen photo activation, our team huddles around the table and then asks, 'WWMD'. That's 'what would Mike do..."