MEGA Green Screen Photo Booths That Rock!

MEGA Green Screen Photo Booths Customized to You.


We are rock stars. We bring passion, energy and vibrancy to your green screen photo production like you've never seen before. From the first click of the camera's shutter to the very last participant, everyone will walk away feeling like they were models on a runway. If your participants aren't having a blast -- why do it? Why not pull out all the stops? Why not provide a lasting experience.

Why do we say we are rock stars of photography? Simple: we have groupies. People track us down at airports, and say how much fun they had at our photo events. We get Christmas cards from participants. Emails asking where we are next. Why?

  • Photographers who engage, entice, and invigorate. We create exceptional experiences.
  • Equipment that we fit and customize to your space, not the other way around. We create exceptional experiences.
  • Customized branding on everything. We create extraordinary impact.
  • Sophisticated backgrounds that take green screen photo booths into another dimension. We create unique stories.
  • We offer flat rate pricing on green screen photography services nationwide.
  • The best Internet availability for sharing of green screen photos.
  • After green screen photo activation reports that quantify the success of your event.
  • Flat rate pricing across the United States competitive with local photographers. Travel expenses included in our flat rate.

360 Degree Panoramic Green Screen Photo Booth

No Goggles Required.


Go ahead, hang out with Cersei Lannister from HBO's Game of Thrones. We can make that happen. Click. Click. Post. Your social world is amazed and they like you. HBO is just one client, one example; we can create a limitless world for your brand, too. With green screen, your participant engages directly with you -- and your brand. In turn, they post to social media, and engage their friends with your brand. With re-shares and re-tweets, marketing possibilities are limitless. Now the photo is, too.

Our green screen photo booths push the boundaries of what's real, so it's natural for us to think of ways of pushing the border of the photo itself. Post a 360 degree image to Facebook, and the social platform automatically invites you to explore beyond the photo's limits. What do you see? What's just out of view? Move the mouse a little more...and engage. Come create a virtual world with our MEGA green screen photo booth. A world where your brand is central in the expedition. Your participants will engage in a boundary free world. As they share their 360 degree photo from the event floor, their friends will experience the limitless journey on Facebook, and find themselves living in the middle of your brand. To see a sample Facebook album, click HERE. (You may need to login to Facebook.)

Virtual reality and Facebook, perfect marketing.

Visit our 360° Panoramic Photo Gallery

Exclusive Green Screen MEGA Artwork Design. Sophisticated, Creative, Engaging.

Create a unique story.


One reason our green screen photo executions rock is because of our award winning, custom designed green screen backgrounds and artwork. We include these greenscreen design services in your rate, and create unique artwork that participants will want to share on social media.

We'll speak with you, take your existing marketing plans, and integrate those concepts into a greenscreen photo booth that extends your brand and offers an immersion experience for your participants.

Then, during the green screen photo booth experience, we'll engage with your participants to further immerse them into your brand. They'll have fun, and walk away from the green screen photo booth as your brand ambassador rather than a passive participant. They'll trumpet your band on social media. Suddenly, you'll reach unprecedented engagement on social media, all through the green screen photo booth experience.

Washington DC Green Screen Photographers

We Are Different From Other Green Screen Photographers.

Our amped up MEGA green screen photo booths are customized to you.

We customize our green screen photo booths to fit your space, not the other way around. By building a green screen photo experience into your booth, from the beginning, we help ensure a workflow that is smart, engaging and effective. We'll work directly with you, your booth's design team, and the event's staff to make sure your green screen photo booth looks sophisticated, integrated, and slick.

Custom las vegas greenscreen photo booths

We utilize Hollywood produced scrim background for a polished look. Our metal framed scrims pull the green screen tight on all sides, and look like a wall built into your booth, not a pipe and drape construction pulled tight with ugly clamps. These are identical backgrounds used by Hollywood on movie sets, except in sizes to fit your needs, from 4' to 24', so we can build the perfect photo booth to fit your space.

Custom orlando greenscreen photo booths

Our greenscreen photography artwork is off the hook. We'll work directly with you to produce green screen photo results that amaze your participants. People approach us, year in and year out, and say: "That photo you took last year? It sits on the corner of my desk. Everytime I see it, I laugh. Every time I see it, I think of the great time I had." No one offers more lasting results. Great photos stick around.

Orlando greenscreen photo booth image

Our green screen photography technology is off the hook, too. With work flows that are glitch free, back up plans for back up plans -- on top of back up plans -- we'll give you worry free results where you'll say, "they thought of everything." Prints? Blazingly fast. Social upload? Immediate. Last, our photo booths offer something totally unique:


Orlando greenscreen photography image

Our photographers engage & interact with your participant, driving energy & passion into your event. How many boring photographers are out there? Not us. We engage your green screen participants, creating a fun photo booth experience that represents your brand and builds passion with your audience. When green screen participants are engaged? They want to share photos to social media, and photos are just -- well -- great.

Custom las vegas greenscreen photo booths

Off the hook greenscreen photography artwork, sophisticated real-time reporting of social spread on participant social media, photographers who engage, interact and are rock-star fun, technology that lets you sit back and enjoy the moment, and green screen workflow that is seamless and perfected, US Event Photos custom greenscreen photo booths steal the show at any national event, and are the center of attention in a swirl of fun.

Orlando greenscreen photography

Summary: US Event Photos Green Screen Photographers

US Event Photos are green screen photographers who work nationwide, with offices serving Las Vegas for green screen photography, Orlando for green screen photography, Tampa for green screen event photos, Miami green screen photography services, Dallas green screen photographers, Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Nashville, New York green screen photography, Los Angeles green screen photography and Chicago. We offer live Ipad photo upload of green screen photos to social media by participants. Our green screen backgrounds are unique and creative, with award winning green screen artwork -- all included in your rate. Our green screen event photographers engange your audience and build your brand, from the first moment your booth is live until the last minute of your green screen photo execution. We never tire, falter, and stay enthusiastic at our fast paced green screen photo events. Our exclusive after green screen photo activation reports will detail the success of your green screen event. Our green screen technology platforms are sophisticated, with the best provided wi-fi availability. We customize our green screen photo booths to your space, working with your entire team to make sure your green screen photo booth looks as sophisticated as the technology that supports it. Want to make sure you are leveraging social media for your green screen photo booths? Ask us to design a green screen photo social media platform to drive results. We'll listen to your needs, and then create a live photo upload platform that fits your needs, and tracks your results. Our local offices in key event photography cities permit us to cover green screen photo events nationwide without charging travel and other expenses.

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