MEGA HEAD SHOT PHOTO BOOTHS (with auto touch up!)


Our MEGA Head Shot Studio update mugshots in seconds.

Head shot photography at conventions, conferences and trade shows — and even executive sales meetings — always falls short. Usually the photographer is a wedding specialist, sitting in a break out room with a pair of umbrellas and a backdrop that looks oddly like it was stolen from Sears.

Why, you almost expect a little sign saying “class of” perched in the front.

Frustrated at what’s available, we decided to reinvent head shot photography booths at conventions. What we’ve created will amaze you, and your participants.

One is the loneliest number...

First, gone is the misty evening background. And those umbrellas? They’re gone, too. We set up a slick, flat gray background stretched tight on our Hollywood designed scrim. Every skin tone looks good against corporate gray. Second, we light the set with the most sophisticated daylight balanced LED lights available. High-def meets flattering. Don’t like gray? We can customize the background to your taste. Just don’t ask for misty morning.

Next, we don’t just do “one and done”. What are the chances you like the result of a single shot? We shoot a small series of photos with each participant, touch each headshot up, and export all the images to our sharing platform. Then, the PARTICIPANT selects the photos they like, and emails the images to themselves for future sharing. That way, every participant receives head shots they love. The entire process? It takes just a few quick minutes!

LINKEDin recommends you update your headshot every year. When was yours updated last?

When was the last time your LinkedIN photo was updated? 1983?


After we shoot your participant, the portraits are automatically — and blazingly fast — smoothed by our custom built photo retouching platform. Small skin flaws, gone. Dark circles from hitting the casino floor until the wee hours of the morning? Gone. Everyone is polished. Automatically. The result? Fast, flattering, professional head shots right at your booth. Of course, the photo is just the beginning. After capture and automatic touch up, the participants use our TEFpic iPads to make a print, email their image, and upload live to social media. All within a few minutes, all right at your display, and each portrait looking like it took hours to create.

And, after the portrait photo activation, we’ll provide you with our exclusive after—activation reports showing the social spread and providing a CSV file of each participant’s email.

No wonder we’re called “amazing” by industry press! Plus, we’re always a bit fresh.

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