• 29

    Defining your brand and the business of photography. Or, Trump vs.Clinton.

    I spent five days at the happiest place on earth. A sanitized, sugar coated world where, as one parent put it:  “You can eat M&M’s for breakfast!” A perfect world of no XXX stores, barely a bar, never a drunk, and certainly never, ever, EVER the foulest of foul: LITTER. Spending five days in Disneyland […]

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  • 04

    Bold Photography and 2016

    I just wrapped shooting a major conference in New York City.  Four long days, the theme of the executive event was simple: Be bold. That’s it.  Be bold.  More than 40 hours of shooting in four days, boiled down to two simple words. But it’s not as easy as you think.  Being bold inherently means […]

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  • 14

    Cadavers, Cats, and thoughts on Greenscreen Photography

    This week I’ve been on the road.  Bouncing between the iceboxes of Washington, New York City and Chicago, I left my Tampa palace where we ate dinner outside on my patio, every day, since Thanksgiving.  Now, all jets point toward for the tundra that global warming forgot.  Mars the Cat stalks alligators at the palace. […]

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  • 21

    Green Screen Lighting Challenges, a look at different equipment options.

    I spend a lot of time looking at trends and technology.  In fact, every year, we photograph the Society For Information Display (SID) conference — an event I love — because it showcases technology about three years ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show. Three years!  That’s thee decades in doggie time.  It was a this […]

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