• 04

    Bold Photography and 2016

    I just wrapped shooting a major conference in New York City.  Four long days, the theme of the executive event was simple: Be bold. That’s it.  Be bold.  More than 40 hours of shooting in four days, boiled down to two simple words. But it’s not as easy as you think.  Being bold inherently means […]

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  • 01

    Photography Equipment: What I Pack, Part 1

    I wrote this series six months ago.  Time to show what’s changed in just 6 months…. ****** In the last couple of weeks, I’ve written two series: the first on trends affecting photography and, second, portraits.  I like this format, I admit: if you’ll indulge me, I let my mind mull over a subject, and […]

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  • 05

    Pat tapped her head, "they can't steal this."

    See, I have a friend.  Don’t laugh, we all need a friend.  This one isn’t even imaginary. In fact, this friend is a leading artist, a painter, whose work has been picked up by major stores like Saks 5th Avenue, shown in New York at the famous Gift Show, and is well known among the […]

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