• Photographer Mike Gatty, Owner of US Event Photos, photographing in Baltimore during the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Building your event photography business

    Even while stuck at home during COVID-19 The more things change, the more they stay the same.  During this once in a century pandemic, it’s hard not to feel trapped in amber.  Everything. Is. Stopped.  Just as you start to feel normal as you venture out to the big box store, you remember you have […]

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    The Business of Photography Part 2: Giving them what they want.

    In the last blog post, I started a rambling discussion on the business of photography.  While your eyes may have glazed over, there is a method to my madness:  so many photographers are ARTISTS (as in, Ohhhhhh, Mi Cherie!  I am an ARTEEST!”) and not business people.  Then they become frustrated as two things happen: […]

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    Selecting a Style: Part 2 Be the Specialist.

    Please note, for those of you who did not bother to read part 1 of this series, but for whatever reason, you are reading part 2.  Guilt?  By way of explanation, this series is written in two voices.  The first, my corporate brand voice.  The second, designated in parenthesis and italics, is my Tourettes kicking […]

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