• Picking the perfect flight

    Picking the Perfect Flight, Part 1

    Join host Mike Gatty on a quick 4 minute tour on how to pick the perfect flight for your next trip.

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    Airline Lost Luggage: Prevention and What to Do

    Join Mike Gatty as he explores how to prevent -- and what to do if -- the airline mishandles your luggage. Lost luggage is the bane of every traveler, but here are practical tips and tricks you can do to help yourself arrive with your bags. Mike is a travel expert, flying roughly 75 flights a year with 300lbs of equipment in 4 large cases, he knows a thing or two about baggage.

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  • My Office at 35000 feet introduction

    My Office at 35,000 Feet Introduction

    Join US Event Photos host and lead photographer Mike Gatty as he takes a quick peek at life on the road as an event professional. Mike travels about 80 flights a year, and stays in a hotel about 1/3 of his life. Join him as he shares his best tricks to save money, score better rooms, and travel well.

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