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"An Amped—Up Greenscreen Photo Booth for the World's Largest Airshow and HondaJet"

Event Photographer in Washington DC

Event Photographer in Washington DC

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Think about this nation's largest events: some are inside, others, outside. What happens if you want a green screen photo booth, but the photographer you hire simply isn't experienced with big events?

  • Internet can (and will) fail.
  • Wind can (and will) knock over a flimsy green screen.
  • Sun can (and will) bleach the back of the green screen -- making combinations difficult.
  • Photographers can (and will) fatigue, become snappy, and ruin the shoot.

But that's not how we roll. We have Hollywood style photo production equipment, designed for movie sets and to withstand anything. We have a team of photographers that alternates, always keeping a fresh face before the public.

We have multiple dedicated Internet sources, and will work with your event's IT people to make sure Internet is solid.

Our green screen photography and convention event photography teams are rock stars, and will represent your brand with a fast, fun, energized attitude which will leave you a little breathless.

Exclusive off-the-hook green screen artwork designed especially for your brand, or super-immersive greenscreen images that put your participant in a universe of fun (or both!), our green screen photo booths deliver an execution that is off the charts. Great photos stick around, and amazing photos are posted with gusto to social media. Track all that social spread using our exclusive After Action Reports, both for individual greenscreen photo booth events, and across the tour, comparing different cities and events so you know where your marketing is effective.

US Event Photographers

US Event Photographers

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Event Photographer in Washington DC

National Events, National Clients, National Tours

Sometimes, the largest events don't just happen in one place. Sometimes, the really big events occur throughout the year, at different locations around the world. We work hand in glove with the leading marketing companies, national brands, and display firms to design on the road greenscreen photo booth executions which showcase the brands they represent. We work to build the greenscreen photo booth into the display, so the work flow is smooth and sleek, and everything is constructed with an eye to the overall total impression. True, our national, multi-event / multi-day clients receive special package rates; but more importantly, we all work as a team to create an execution as smart in Orlando as it is in Leon, Mexico. Here are a few of our national tour clients.

  • PEMEX, greenscreen photo booths throughout Mexico (participants given a choice of greenscreen artwork placing them on oil platforms throughout Mexico.)

  • Honda Racing: All Indycar races from 2012 - 2015, The Honda Classic, Honda Dealer Shows, green screen photo booths and red carpet photography. (Participants select from a choice of Honda sponsored Indycar tracks and drivers)

  • Honda Jet: multiple green screen photo executions at OshKosh / Airventure 2013 through present. (Participants select from a choice of Honda sponsored Indycar tracks and drivers.)

  • Wells Fargo: multiple red carpet photo events throughout US for special recognition awards, 2013 & 2014

  • Discover Financial: multiple green screen photo booths throughout the US, including Homestead Airshow (Greenscreen images range from riding a moose to flying a Blue Angel's jet.)

  • AARP Member Events and other special national events, greenscreen and red carpet photography since 2010. (Greenscreen images range from NASCAR sponsorship to promoting AARP programming world wide.)

  • Focus on the Family Music Festivals, greenscreen photo booth events nationwide (Custom greenscreen artwork placing participants on their magazine's cover.)

  • Philadelphia Eagles red carpet photography events since 2009

  • Travel Channel Travel and Adventure Shows, 2014 / 2015 (Participants given a choice of 11 locations worldwide for a quick visit.)

  • Progressive Insurance: "Flo-to" Meet and Greents since 2012, throughout the United States, at local independent insurance agents conventions.

  • Glass Door, Multiple green screen photo booths throughout the US, since 2014

  • Carpet One, national conventions and sales meetings nationwide

  • General Mills, national conventions and sales meetings since 2013

  • JobVite, national photo executions nationwide.

  • Medline, national greenscreen photography booths nationwide

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