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    Hotels in 2024: Less for More

    Why are hotel prices so expensive and perks so few? Take an in-depth look at one generic Marriott Hotel stay with US Event Photos lead photographer (and travel host) Mike Gatty. Hotel rates are up 20%, services are down. Fees — like parking — are added on. Restaurants remain limited. In-room amenities are lacking. Why […]

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  • Flying Same Day Change on Southwest Airlines Podcast Episode Cover Image

    Flying Same Day Change on Southwest Airlines

    Join LGBTQ travel guru Mike Gatty on his journey through the LUV Airline -- Southwest Air. This four minute look at flying Same Day Change will make your travel easier -- and save you money. Mike is a road warrior, flying about 70 flights on the airline each year -- he holds both A-list preferred status, and a companion pass. A companion episode to Flying Same Day Standby, don't book your flight without brushing up on...

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    Flying Same Day Standby on Southwest

    Join road warrior Mike Gatty as he explains the ins and outs of Same Day Standby on Southwest Airlines. They've recently updated their policies, so get up to date on their new rules. Use standby to fly better, get to your destination faster, and to hack the four hour rule at TSA. Learn tips and tricks not discussed any where else -- all in under four minutes.

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  • Picking the perfect flight

    Picking the Perfect Flight, Part 1

    Join host Mike Gatty on a quick 4 minute tour on how to pick the perfect flight for your next trip.

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    Airline Lost Luggage: Prevention and What to Do

    Join Mike Gatty as he explores how to prevent -- and what to do if -- the airline mishandles your luggage. Lost luggage is the bane of every traveler, but here are practical tips and tricks you can do to help yourself arrive with your bags. Mike is a travel expert, flying roughly 75 flights a year with 300lbs of equipment in 4 large cases, he knows a thing or two about baggage.

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  • What to do if

    What to Do if Your Flight is Cancelled

    A three minute explanation telling you what to do if your flight is cancelled. Join US Event Photos lead photographer Mike Gatty -- who flies about 75 flights a year -- as he explains the best actions to take if your flight is cancelled.

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  • My Office at 35000 feet introduction

    My Office at 35,000 Feet Introduction

    Join US Event Photos host and lead photographer Mike Gatty as he takes a quick peek at life on the road as an event professional. Mike travels about 80 flights a year, and stays in a hotel about 1/3 of his life. Join him as he shares his best tricks to save money, score better rooms, and travel well.

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  • Covid and Events 5

    IS IT OVER? How COVID Continues to impact events

    With OMICRON infection rates plummeting across the country, US Event Photos Lead Photographer Mike Gatty takes a look at the event industry and travel across the country. Live from Greenville, SC and Bassmasters 2022, Mike explores how COVID continues to impact events and travel as we move into a new phase of the pandemic.

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  • Omicron Testing Alert

    Omicron Testing Alert!

    According to the LA Times, it is possible to be infections with OMICRON before testing positive for the virus. Event planners should not rely solely on negative PCR or Lateral Flow testing to keep attendees safe. Mike also takes a look at isolation periods after testing positive.

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  • Omicron Silver Lining

    Covid and Events: Omicron Silver Lining?

    Host Mike Gatty examines the OMICRON variant, and what less severe illness, lower death rates -- but a more transmissible virus -- might mean for event planning in early 2022.

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