Green Screen Photo Booths. We create exceptional experiences. Whether you are a major sponsor of a large national event, or hosting a convention booth, we have a green screen photo booth customized for you. With setups integrated seamlessly into your space, we work with your requirements, partnering with your design team to make sure our green screen photography solution fits you perfectly.

Our MEGA Green Screen Photo booths were designed in Hollywood, and are clean and polished.  Our artwork is custom designed for your brand, and will ignite social media.  Take a look at some of our green screen images — you can’t tell they aren’t real.  We digitally mimic the lighting and the color tones within the photo so the participant fits in seamlessly. Our off-the-hook creative green screen backgrounds, and rock star green screen photographers combine to give your participant a “WOW” moment. Our unique 360 degree view of leveraging social media will help you maximize your impact on social media through photography execution.  After the event concludes, we’ll provide a detailed report examining social spread — and, in fact — every aspect of the photo execution.  Next, we offer flat rate national pricing, with home offices for green screen photography in Las Vegas, Orlando, Tampa and Washington, DC.

Our photo booths range in size from six feet to 24 feet, and are customized to fit the space you have available.  In fact, we customize everything.  The emails the participants send from the event floor.  The text messages.  Even the branding and logo on the iPads we provide at the photo execution.  Every detail is thought out to immerse the participant within your brand, and to ignite the images we capture on social media.

Our core clients are national brands that use our services over and over and over again.  Who are our core clients?  Brands like HBO, Travel and Adventure, and Globus.  In fact, use the links to see our client resource pages and see exactly what we’ve created for these companies.  Here’s a link to one of our recent MEGA Green Screen Photo Experiences designed for the Arizona Office of Tourism, a high-profile event in Phoenix, showcasing college basketball.