Our corporate headshot photography services are unique.  It’s not just that we engage participants and help them feel relaxed in front of our headshot camera.  It’s not even that we bring a sophisticated headshot photo studio right into your office.   And it’s not just that our LGTBQ national corporate headshot photography team, Mike Gatty and Matthew Frey, are always on location.  It’s all those things.  And more.

How many headshots have you seen that just blend into the background?  How often do you see images that capture personality and tell a story?  We don’t just create professional headshot photos; we capture corporate headshots that show the personality of the people we photograph.  The personality of your entire team.  Taken individually, each person looks great.  When you look at the photos together in your marketing material, your team looks cohesive.

Whether we travel to your large corporate office for headshot photography, ore setup our full headshot photography studio at your team event, we’ll capture headshots that support your brand.

What are our sessions like?  First, national event photographer Mike Gatty and/or Matthew Frey are always on site to capture the photos.  Next, we invite each participant in front of our portable, complete, professional headshot studio.  We engage.  Help them relax.  Laugh.  Joke.  When people are relaxed, they’re photogenic.  They’re themselves.  That’s what creates a great photo.  Next, we take a group of images.  About 30 – 50, sometimes more.  It’s a traditional studio experience.  Each participant is captured from multiple angles.  Sometimes we have them change outfits.  In the end, we want you to have plenty of photos to pick from.   The entire process, for each participant, takes about 20 minutes.