Conventions, Conferences and Trade Shows are about people. Crowds of people. Laughing people. Listening people. Speakers who engage your audience.  Your innovative leaders, your members that are receiving recognition or awards.  Mike is a national convention photographer who sees.  What he sees he has the skills to capture to tell your unique corporate story.

Hand Mike the schedule, give him an idea of what you’d like to highlight, and turn him loose.  He’ll photograph your convention, trade show, or conference and capture your moments. Your history.  His cameras will showcase your diverse and unique attendees, your loyal sponsors, and those moments that define your organization. A convention lasts a few days, but the story it tells can live forever. Make sure the right story is told.

A national conference photographer for 25 years, Mike will capture history being made from the morning keynote to the late-night after party.  Again and again and again the camera will raise to his eye with one goal: capture the history in front of him.  The diverse attendees.  The famous speaker.  The moment when corporate heroes are finally introduced during the meet and greet.  That second when an entire family — both the corporate family and the personal family — come together to celebrate a lifetime of achievement.  The gala that follows.  A nationally recognized act performing on your stage.  The after party.  The breakout sessions the next morning.  Everything.  Photographer Mike Gatty has been photographing national conventions, conferences and trade shows for  25 years.  25 years.  And the years have flown by.  But his passion hasn’t ebbed.