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Mike Gatty Archives - US Event Photos
  • Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors

    The Start of Something New: Part 3

    Since before 2001, I’ve wanted to be a photographer.  After September 11, 2001 — hours after– I went to photograph Ground Zero.  Those photos launched my career.  But careers don’t happen overnight.  Even with some magazine covers under my belt, I had to think hard about how I’d leverage this new found obsession. That’s what […]

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  • 23

    Experiential Photo Marketing vs. Traditional Photo Booths or Starbucks vs. McCafe

    Those who read this blog know it is about the business of photography.  It’s my unfiltered opinion on how to be a successful photographer in today’s changing market place.  My expertise is corporate and event photography; US Event Photos doesn’t handle private events like weddings, but rather partners with leading companies to provide photography solutions […]

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  • 29

    Final Thoughts on Team (From 35,000 feet).

    When you see graphs of successful businesses, the arrows always head one way: up.  But in reality, that’s not how business works.  Like life, business serves ups and downs; a successful business has more ups than downs, and a very successful business has ups and flats. And it’s funny.  I look forward to the time […]

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