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    Miles Immler: Weathering the Storm (Audio)

    The third installment in our three part series on being Transgender in 2021. Join transgender pioneer Miles Immler with US Event Photos lead photographer and podcast host Mike Gatty as they cover what it's like to be transgender today. The recent spike in violence against trans women, how to come out to your romantic partner as a trans person, how to come out as trans at work, what to do if a family member (including your child) comes out...

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  • Miles Immler is a transgender activists near Baltimore, MD

    Miles Immler: The Nicest Guy You’ll Ever Meet (Video)

    Miles Immler, who grew up with Mike just outside of Baltimore, MD, is a transgender pioneer. In his quiet and humorous way, Miles takes Mike through what it means to be transgender in this first of a three part + series. Don’t know what the + stands for? You better watch the series. If you are growing up trans, have a family member who recently told you they were trans, have a friend who is trans, or just want...

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