Vacation and Business

This past — what, it seems like forever — few weeks, I’ve been in Tulum, MX on vacation and then straight to Leon, MX for a shoot with Pemex.

Vacation.  The word sends images of swaying palm trees, endless white beaches, soft mosquito curtains billowing in the gentle Caribbean breeze.  Plates of fruit for breakfast, house made chicken tacos for lunch (or maybe a plate of seafood), a gently seared steak for dinner. PERFECTION.

And that’s just how it was.  Except for the rain, Matthew declaring he couldn’t sleep because the sound of the ocean was too loud, and some dude pounding on our cabana  door the night before we were to leave demanding another $370.  I’m still not sure who he was.

Long runs on the beaches with sun spilling onto my tan(!) shoulders could only be followed up the next day by long runs on the beaches with rain pouring onto my head.  A visit to the Mayan ruins (the same ones where they did human sacrifices back in the Mayan days) was perfect for my ADHD as we RAN through the grounds while lighting struck the trees in the forest and the rocks just to our south. Rain pelted down so hard rivers formed on the sidewalks, tourists huddled under the thatched cabana roofs, and everyone looked miserable.

Everyone, except us.  I loved it.  This is why they call it RAIN FOREST after all.

But none of that mattered, not one bit.  I write it only to let you know Hollywood’s idea of vacation is stupid.  (With the possible exception of Chevy Chase’s Vacation movies, those strike strangely close to home.)  Even with the rain, even with the too-warm breezes, even with the nervous bride on the plane ready to snap everyone’s head off — vacation was wonderful.


Each day a rhythm to itself, the week sped by and the batteries recharged.  Matthew, who had trouble sleeping the first few nights without air conditioning (or screens), quickly fell into oblivion at 8 pm about three nights into the trip.  I (who love a long, hot bath), suddenly realized how good a cold shower felt in the Mexican heat.  (There was one temperature for the shower: cold.)  It wasn’t until I reached home (after working in Leon) that I realized I hadn’t watched TV for three weeks.  I read 8 books.


All of them vampire novels.

And while I did have to deal with some business matters — things just never stop — I was pretty good at unplugging the iPhone and turning off the wifi on my iPad.  Mainly because the wifi only worked 6′ from the restaurant, and then it was spotty.  So, you see, I had no choice.

In a few days it’ll be Thanksgiving.  There was a chance I’d have to go to Mexico City to cover an event for the US holiday, and that was part of what kept rearing it’s ugly head during vacation.  But in the end, it fell through.  And, you know what?  I’m so happy!  I want to spend the time at home.  I want to curl up in front of my fake fireplace and watch reruns of Boardwalk Empire. I want to eat turkey, and think about the Thanksgiving holidays when I was growing up.

And how my dad got a tree with a living squirrel in it, and almost burned down the house.

OK, that was a movie, but still….
it seems not that far from the truth.

Happy Thanksgiving!