Interactive Virtual Photo booths that will make you Smile.

With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping events to the virtual space, we developed our Virtual Photo Booths to bring a fresh element to your virtual show.  We thought hard about how to bring our personality and engagement into the virtual space, and like our traditional event photo booths, this virtual photo booth delivers.

We construct a landing page to launch the virtual photo booth.  That landing page can be built into your virtual show site, or you can link to our web space and we’ll design it to mimic your show site.  Either way, it’s a seamless experience for your participant.  An introductory video automatically plays on the virtual photo booth landing page, which gives detailed instructions (in a funny and concise way) to your participant.  The video will take the participant through the experience step by step, and demonstrate how easy the virtual photo booth is to operate.

The participant clicks on the camera to open the virtual photo booth.  They can either upload a photo from their device, or take a photo with their computer’s camera.  Our AI technology automatically drops the background from their photo, and combines that image with the participant’s selected background.  The participant can move themselves around, resize, even rotate so they create a great finished image.

Once the participant has the photo just as they want it, they can email, text message, download, or post to Facebook or Instagram.

Join national brands like the Virtual Travel and Adventure Show that have utilized our virtual photo booth to reach customers during this time of national isolation.

“I thought the addition of the virtual photo booth was a fantastic show feature.”  John Golicz, Virtual Travel and Adventure Show.

Virtual photo booth image for MSC Cruises
Photo from the Virtual Photo Booth at the Virtual Travel and Adventure Show.

Every part of the virtual photo booth is customized to you.

Every part of the virtual photo booth is customized, from the Virtual Photo Booth landing page to the email.  Showcase sponsor logos, travel destinations, and services.  Participants can interact with brands right from their living room, bringing marketing success during this period of national isolation.

  • We brand the virtual photo booth landing page to your event.
  • We can place sponsor logos anywhere on the photo booth landing page.
  • The finished, combined images are branded with sponsor logo and/or custom photo frames.
  • The email is customized to your sponsor, including the header and messaging.
  • You can promote custom hashtags in the email.
Virtual Photobooth customized email
Social Media Icons

Easy sharing to social media.

Participants upload photos from their device, or take photos using their computer’s connected camera.  The participant then uploads their image into the virtual photo booth, and our AI technology automatically drops out the photo’s background.  The participant then selects a new background from the virtual photo booth.  Once the image is combined by our system, the participant can:

  • Download the image directly to their device.
  • Email the photo, with a full HTML email customized to your sponsor.
  • Post to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  • The photo streams live to our gallery of images.

Example of a Virtual Photo Booth Home Page.

Virtual Photo Booth Home Page example
An example of a virtual photo booth home page from the PDS Show.